Dish It: Chicken Soup

Dish It: Chicken Soup

The college student’s shortcut to Chicken Soup.

A college staple


1 Cup Noodles (Chicken flavor)
Hot Water


1. Open Cup Noodles
2. Pour hot water up to the line at the top of the cup
3. Let it “cook” (stand) for 3 minutes with the lid closed
4. Enjoy

 Perhaps it’s not as nutritious as mom’s version, but we do what we gotta do.

Now, I can’t help but wonder–  Do you eat your Cup Noodles with a spoon or a fork?  Discuss.

 Send us your cooking shortcuts!  Nom nom.

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3 Responses to Dish It: Chicken Soup

  1. 02.26.11

    I eat mine with a spoon because its a soup, and soups are eaten with spoons.

    • tamarabn

      Ha!! Two friends of mine eat it with a fork. To each his own!

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