Freaky Friday: Point Park

This week’s ghostly journey takes us to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania– home to Point Park University. Though it proved difficult to find spooky stories at Point Park, we have more than enough reasons to believe they exist.

On forum College Confidential, one incoming student was curious (like us) about the existence of the ghosts on campus:

“I requested to live in Lawrence Hall for my first year as opposed to the other freshman dorm…In my research on Point Park’s website and on other forums, I have recently heard of a ghost named the ‘Lawrence Hall Shuffler’ that haunts this residence hall.”

In the replies to this post, it seems strange occurrences have happened in the resident hall. One forum member said there were instances of “shuffling outside and light tapping on your doors at night…”

That sounds like the work of the super-natural to me!

If this tale wasn’t enough to convince us, consider this: the Office of Campus Life added a ‘Paranormal Activity’ option to their Living and Learning Communities in 2010. Students interested in learning more about the paranormal world can choose to live in a community that will allow them to investigate Pittsburgh’s ghost stories, including the ‘Lawrence Hall Shuffler and to visit Penn State’s Parapsychology Department to learn how to properly ghost hunt.   

In case you’re not convinced yet, we suggest you head to the website for Haunted Pittsburgh. This company offers area tours that combine history with haunting tales. If you plan to visit Pittsburgh, take time out to learn more about the ghosts around town!

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Poll: Students Prefer College Over Life Of Royalty

Friday morning made history– It also made the beginning of a beautiful love story for one young couple. As we all were glued to our televisions (or live streams) we watched the poise and grace of the newly named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The nuptials went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and all those watching were filled with hope. Kate has now turned every little girl’s dream into a reality– to become a princess. But is that really the life we all wish to lead? A life of royalty?

The marriage of William and Kate made us think: Would we rather marry into a life of fame and royalty or choose the life of a college student, able to determine one’s own future? We took to our Fan Page on Facebook to see what current college students would choose.

The royal wedding captured our hearts Friday morning.

“Royalty. Duh!” was Hamilton College’s Nicolas’ reaction. And hey, when you marry into a life of royalty, there are perks– “I could only imagine her wardrobe!”, Meighan at Penn State Worthington-Scranton said.

But, overwhelmingly it seemed the response from students was “no”, they do not want to marry into royalty but choose their own fate.

Sharon at Urbana University “would rather do ANYTHING than be a Royal. All the rules and restrictions. That is no way to live.”

Lee at the Culinary Institute truly values his hard work in order to attain his goals.  By working with determination he has “more of an appreciation for it, and I know that I have ‘earned’ it, rather than by the silver spoon.”

Still, some wouldn’t mind being famous, but they would rather be famous for their passions and efforts.  Kenya at USF Tampa said, “I dont want to be famous because I married into royalty. I want to be noticed and praised because of something I personally did to better the world in one way or another….”

Although every little girl dreams of being a princess or many want fame and fortune, it looks like most students out there are content with what their future has in store for them– because they will choose it.

So tell us: What would you choose?  To pave your own way with your college degree or marry into fame and fortune?

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Karaoke Week: Sing Your Hearts Out

It’s National Karaoke Week.  So, to celebrate the occasion, take a look at this fabulous rendition of “Mony Mony”.  I’m loving the glasses and the dance moves of these karaoke kings. 

Have a karaoke performance to share?  Send us a video at thecollegejuice [at] gmail dot com.

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Travel Tuesday: Bucknell

Today’s Travel Tuesday takes us to Lewisburg, PA– Home to Bucknell University

Established in 1846, Bucknell boasts a 450 acre campus with more than 100 facilities.  From poetry readings to student art exhibits, there is always plenty of activity on campus.

From outdoor activities to indoor entertainment, Bucknell has everything to offer a weekender.

Lewisburg also has plenty to do for the weekender touring the town (especially now that the weather is getting warm!).  What should be on your agenda for a weekend trip?  Here you go:


Start the day with a cup of coffee and a beautiful, scenic walk around campus.  Be sure to stop by the 18-hole golf course, too!

Then, spend the afternoon on a paddle boat tour on the Susquehanna River.

The exercise from boating will definitely make you hungry, so be sure to grab dinner at Elizabeth’s: An American Bistro.  We hear the Bourbon BBQ Chicken is delicious!

Finish off the night with a flick at The Campus Theatre, the 1940’s art deco movie palace.


Before heading out of town, Sunday is the perfect day to roam the Lewisburg farmer’s market.  This will be the perfect place to pick up some munchies for the trip home.

Did we miss some fantastic hot spots in Lewisburg?  Let us know in the comments below!

More On Travel Tuesday:

Travel Tuesday: Coppin State University

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Rebecca Black “Friday”: IUPUI Style

Wow. We’re liking this remix of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” way better than the original. What do you think of this version? :)

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T-Shirts: Not Just For Wearing

If I learned anything from “Toy Story 3″, it was that new toys are not necessarily better than old toys. Similarly, as your college t-shirt collection grows, it can be easy to neglect your old favorites. Select bookstores have rolled tees on sale for a limited time. So, before you toss the oldies in an effort to make room for these affordable newbies, here are some great new uses for your old shirts.   


Starting at $149 each, these blankets are personal and practical-- a great way to remember your years in school.


Nap-Time Gets Spirited

It’s not only comfy to wear your worn-in tees, but cozy to wrap yourself in, too!  Turning your old t-shirts into a blanket is super easy thanks to uBlanket. To get started, uBlanket will ship you a Welcome Kit and a prepaid mail bag for the shirts you want to use.  Then, choose between 10 to 20 shirts to be included in the blanket.  uBlanket will then take pictures of your shirts and build a personalized website where you design the look!  You choose a fleece color and how the shirts will be cut and laid out so the final outcome is exactly what you envisioned. Once the design is finalized, they get to work on creating your blanket, keeping you in the loop with an email when your blanket is shipped.   

Not only will you have a new blanket full of wonderful memories, you can feel good about your purchase – the extra material from the shirts is used to make blankets for homeless children, which are distributed in partnership with Project Night Night.

And while you’re at it, why not create a throw pillow to match? has step-by-step instructions for turning your favorite tee into a pillow. These make great personalized gifts as well, as long as you have consent to cut up a friend’s shirt!

A Yearbook You Can Wear

Instead of the typical yearbook, here is a fun way to make a statement and create memories– take your school t-shirt and have all of your friends sign that instead! This project is as easy as grabbing a permanent marker; just be sure to choose a color that will stand out against the color of your shirt. Seeing the signatures of the friends you spent time with throughout the year is sure to make you smile. You can keep the shirt circulating in your wardrobe or have it framed for display in your room.

Shop For Tees With a T-Shirt Bag

Want to go green, but don’t want to spend money on a reusable tote?  Make a tote bag with an old t-shirt!  Just cut off the sleeves, sew the bottom shut and voila!– a shopping bag (the holes in the sleeves are the handles!).

Old Shirts Are New Again

To you, they’re old t-shirts laying wrinkled in your closet.  They probably rarely see the light of day.  But for those in need, those t-shirts are necessities.  Take all of those shirts you haven’t worn in a few months, and most likely never will, and donate them to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross or a local homeless shelter.  Those tees will bring hope to those in times of need.

What ideas do you have for making your assortment of t-shirts last beyond their wearable days? If you have tried any of these ideas, share your tips in the comments below or tweet us some pics @BNcollege!

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Don’t Just Study, NOOKstudy

Carrying around a heavy backpack filled with textbooks can really bring you down.   With classes that require you to bring your books to class, plus everything else you need to stay prepared (like notebooks, folders, pens, and highlighters), that bulging bag certainly adds extra strain to your back.  You’ll also get a massive headache in the event you leave something you need at home!  

*Sigh* What is a student to do? 

The solution to this decade-old problem is simple – NOOKstudy

NOOKstudy is a free computer application through which you can purchase e-textbooks. Say good-bye to days of worrying about dry pens and losing notes and handouts.   With NOOKstudy, all you need to succeed is your computer. 

Designed with students in mind (since it was designed by students themselves), NOOKstudy has features that make reading your text on the computer comparable to having the book in-hand. Highlighting in different colors and taking notes directly in the e-book help you stay organized.  Adding tags to your ebooks allows you to quickly go back to a section when needed, too. The platform also allows you to utilize websites and search engines to look up definitions or formulas when you need more clarification.

And there’s more!!

With the Import function, you can add your course syllabus, handouts and any other notes to the program, so everything you need for class is in one place. And when you do need them in-hand?  You can print your notes to bring to class or share with friends by exporting to a Word or Text file.

As if the convenient user features weren’t enough, another benefit of using NOOKstudy is the savings eTextbooks cost up to 60% less than traditional textbooks! Students and professors alike are embracing the digital age with NOOKstudy. See what students have to say about the advantages of NOOKstudy and let us know your thoughts below!

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Earth Day 2011

It’s time for us all to do our part in saving the environment. Even the little things matter. View this video and get inspired to do better for our planet each day.

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Freaky Friday: The University of the South

This week, we travel to Sewanee, Tennessee, home to The University of the South, also known as “Sewanee.” Ghost stories seem abundant in the state of Tennessee, and Sewanee is no exception– There are even Facebook groups dedicated to the hauntings.

One group, created by Annie Armour, shares many hauntings about the campus.  As an employee of the duPont Library, Annie began collecting stories from the group’s members on Facebook for a book about Sewanee ghosts. Here is one spooky tale 

“I was studying on the 3rd floor of Walsh-Ellet one night and heard footsteps in the stairwell, I thought it was a friend coming to visit. I waited as the steps got closer & then nothing appeared in the hallway…I heard the steps pass by and then go down the other stairwell. I flipped & grabbed my stuff and ran home…. Also, have one from when I lived in Courts my junior year.  My suitemate saw a man enter our adjoining suite (my room) in a big 1920s fur coat all dressed up and she went in to confront the guy & he vanished. Our suite was on the 2nd floor in Courts facing the lake. My roommate & I would have our stereos & alarm clock turned off too, when we KNEW they were set properly!” — Victoria L.


Still, the most popular story is that of the ghostly form of a former student that wanders through buildings on campus. Nicknamed “Phantom Gownsman”, for the dark robes he wears, it is widely believed that the ghost was once a member of the campus group the Order of the Gownsman. The spirit is also headless, which is thought to have been the result of a tragic car accident.

Do you have stories about the “Phantom Gownsman” or other ghostly friends of Sewanee? We’d love to hear them – share with us in the comments below!

Check out more ghostly stories:

Freaky Friday: Franklin & Marshall

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Take the STRESS Out Of Finals

No one particularly enjoys taking final exams, especially at this time of year when the weather is nice and you would rather spend quality time with your friends.   The pressure surrounding exam week is enough to turn anyone into a lunatic. I for one used to turn into one short-tempered and high-strung person, which is unusual for my personality.

With finals happening at many schools around the country, it’s no wonder this week has been deemed Stress Awareness Week.  So, this week, we’re trying to put you at ease as you head into your exams.

Defining stress is complicated. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress is “a subjective sensation associated with varied symptoms that differ for each of us.” In other words, what leads you to a nervous breakdown might have little or no affect on another person. It’s not because you are weaker than another person (that’s just a stress myth)– It just depends on how you react in certain situations.

That being said, our tips for dealing with stress are subjective, as well.  They may not work for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.  Plus, leave your suggestions in the comments below!   

Sleep. It is tempting to pull an all-nighter in the library, but getting rest will help you focus. 

Take a hike. Fresh air and some time outdoors can help clear your head. 

Read. Turning your attention to a book (not school related) or magazine allows your mind to escape reality for just a bit.

Exercise. Consider taking a group class or running solo on the treadmill, whichever you prefer.  In the words of Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde”, working out releases endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy!

Snack well. Grabbing candy from the vending machine may be a quick and easy fix, but making the effort to choose healthy snacks will benefit you in the long run.

Set up weekend plans. Give yourself something to look forward to for when finals are over and concentrate on that when you are hard at work all week.

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