Freaky Friday: Washington State University

Freaky Friday: Washington State University

While researching the ghost stories of various campuses around the country, I have found that many stories are a result of a mysterious death. And Washington State University is no exception.  Here are some spooky tales from WSU.

Stevens Hall

Residents of Stevens Hall are said to hear spooky sounds, including unidentified screams and doors opening on their own. Given the building’s history of disappearances and unexplained deaths, it should not come as a surprise that many believe the building to be haunted.

The Black Cat

Back in the early 1900s, students had a tradition of reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” on Halloween. Rumors circulated around the tradition, saying that a black cat roamed the halls on the holiday, bringing misfortune with every step.

One year, the women of Stevens Hall found a black cat outside their house mother’s door. Thinking it was a prank being played by the men’s hall, they ignored the cat until later that night, when they went to find the house mother.  They found her dead.   Though doctors said natural causes were to blame, many still believe the the real cause of death was owed to the black cat.

WSU has many other ghostly tales, which can be found on their magazine’s website. Do you have a ghostly story from Washington State or another school? Share your story with us and yours could be featured here next week!

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