U4U: Facebook Wall of Fame

U4U: Facebook Wall of Fame

These days, Facebook is many students’ number one news source.  By “news”, we don’t necessarily mean world events, but also local, personal stories and happenings.  Not only do we first hear of friends’ engagements, break-ups and more, but we learn of embarrassing moments, if she got the job, and reviews on the new gadget he just purchased.

From my time perusing Facebook, I have definitely come across status updates that have made me laugh out loud, made me cry, made me cringe and more.  That’s why, we want to hear about the updates that have really caught your eye on our Wall of Fame.

We’re looking for the funniest status updates, the most “newsworthy”, the most creative, most embarrassing and most commented status update you’ve ever posted.  Submit a screenshot or re-type your story below for consideration.  We will then choose our favorite submissions to hang on our Wall of Fame in the next issue of U4U Magazine!

Post away!

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8 Responses to U4U: Facebook Wall of Fame

  1. 05.20.11

    Thank you Jimmy for the John. Now trying to go to a spring/summer and alearn how only 3% younger students attend bc the other % are older people coming back to school with a degree already and trying to take out spotmolight smh well listen sir thats not going to happen lol

  2. Lauren

    Osama bin laden: confirmed dead on the anniversary of the battle of hogwarts. Coincidence? I think not. How do you do it Harry?

  3. Laura

    where do we send it?

    • tamarabn

      You can post it right here in the comments!

  4. David

    @Tierra-sometimes the older students are just trying to better their careers and not trying to take your spot light. I took a 10 year break from school and it has helped me be a better student, as is evidenced by my increased GPA over my last try at school. You might also learn something from their experiences in life. Just a couple of thoughts for you.

    • tamarabn

      Very true, David.

  5. 06.20.11

    Jen Beck
    anyone want to come do my class work for me?
    June 3 at 9:24pm · Privacy: · Like ·

    • tamarabn

      As long as it’s not math or science related, I’m in! hahaha

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