Freaky Friday: East Tennessee State University

Freaky Friday: East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is no stranger to ghost stories. Newspaper articles, books, and their own school website, which describes more than 15 campus myths, all contribute to the belief that ETSU is not just haunted, but crawling with the super natural. Keep reading if you don’t believe me.

 Gilbreath Hall

Lights turning off unexpectedly, doors slamming and windows closing are just some of the spooky occurrences in Gilbreath Hall. Named for the school’s first president Sidney Gilbreath, many believe it is his spirit that remains in the building. He is said to be lurking behind keeping an eye on his building and enforcing the strict rules he was known for.

 The building also houses the Bud Frank Theatre, where the spookiness continues. As the story goes on ETSU’s website:

“Sudden appearance of light from an unknown source, strange sounds, and operation of theatre equipment are strange occurrences reported in the Bud Frank Theatre in Gilbreath Hall-but no one is there! Could it be Sidney Gilbreath, the building’s namesake, who is sometimes observed in the audience during rehearsals?”


 Clement Hall

Clement Hall is a residence hall at ETSU yet not all residents are of this world. The building is allegedly home to two different ghosts, neither of whom means any harm. Marble Boy is believed to be the ghost of a young boy who was playing with his marbles when he fell down the elevator. The young boy apparently never left – or stopped his game – as people in the building still hear the sound of rolling marbles. It is unclear where the legend of Sink Girl began, but reports of faucets being mysteriously turned on have led to this ghost’s name.

ETSU has several other ghost stories on their website and an entire chapter in author Daniel W. Barefoot’s book Haunted Halls of Ivy. Do you have any ghost stories from ETSU? Share your encounters with the campus ghosts in the comments below!

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