Tailgating Necessities

Tailgating Necessities

Food, fun and friends are the recipe for the perfect tailgate, but you’ll need a few other essentials to ensure a good time. Check-off all the items on our list and your tailgate will be nothing short of amazing!

  1. Stay cool in the shade with a tailgate-perfect tent. You can find out if your campus bookstore has one for your school here.
  2. Bring a grill and take turns cooking burgers, hot dogs, chicken or veggies. Get even more creative with your food selection by cooking chili ahead of time, and then use the grill to warm it up before the game.
  3. Have a cooler stocked with ice, water and soda for hot game days.  It will also keep all of your food cool before you cook it.
  4. Activities are sometimes the best part of a tailgate! Get ideas for great ways to spend your time here.
  5. Speakers for your iPod or MP3 player will keep you from draining your car’s battery to play music. Create a playlist ahead of time with your friends and pack extra batteries so you’ll never be without tunes.

What do you think is an essential part of your tailgating experience? Share what you won’t leave home without in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Tailgating Necessities

  1. Cole

    My Tailgater of course, it’s so far been the life of the parking lot and I can’t wait to take it tailgating with me snowboarding this season. I just got it from my job at DISH Network and I can watch games in 1080i resolution. It’s a portable HDTV system that self-adjusts to find proper orbital locations so it makes watching the game as easy as watching it at home. It’s a great piece of work that they designed to be small, light-weight and easy enough for travel. http://goo.gl/vd4M4

    • tamarabn

      Very cool! We’ll have to look into that, too Cole. If you have photos of your extreme tailgate, be sure to send them to us!

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