Freaky Friday: New Mexico State University

Ghostly rumors float through the many campuses of New Mexico State University. One of the most popular places we came across for freaky tales was Goddard Hall. It is believed that the building’s namesake, who was electrocuted by faulty wiring in its basement, is the cause of unidentified footsteps and mysterious noises. The building’s bell tower is off-limits to students and faculty and said to be home to bats – though we can’t be sure there is nothing else dwelling there.

Hair-raising stories aside, we have reason to believe that the students at NMSU ‘ain’t afraid of no ghosts’. See what we mean in this funny video below.

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Go Hoosiers!!

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Playlist: Get Up Off Your Butt and Dance

Another 8tracks find, a playlist that will get you movin’ in between study sessions…It’s also a great playlist to get ready to before a fun Friday night out with friends.  Enjoy!

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How To: Get the Most Out Of Your Classes

Sure, the “College Years” are an important time to make friends and to be social, but at the root of it all, college is really a place to get an education. Getting the most out of your classes is a whole lot easier once you understand how to use all of the resources your college provides for you, namely your professors! Below is a list of tips and tricks to help you really get the most out of your educational experience:

  1. Go to class – Though this concept sounds really obvious, the truth is a lot students don’t actually attend class. Every once in a while you might have a legitimate reason to skip but, for the most part, do your best to show up to every class session. You’ll feel better knowing you didn’t miss any scheduling changes or other minor details!
  2. Make friends in your classes – Class is much more bearable when you have someone to share the experience with. In addition, making friends gives you someone to study with, to clarify material, and maybe even hang out with outside of class.
  3. Participate –Participation helps clarify things you might be unsure of and shows professors that you take their material seriously. Because you are not zoning out or watching the clock, it also helps class fly by much more quickly!
  4. Attend office hours when you can –By the time exams roll around, you will be steps ahead of your classmates because you will already have asked the questions they’ll  be saving up all semester. Most professors are eager to help and are one of the most valuable resources you can find.
  5. Be polite – Think manners are unrelated to succeeding in school? Think again. I once had a fellow student talk during an entire 45-minute presentation of mine. When he finally stopped talking, he started texting. Appalled, it took all of my remaining energy to not publicly call him out for being so rude. The experience, however, got me thinking: this must be exactly how professors feel when students talk and text during class! Whether or not you believe it, professors notice…and appreciate…good classroom manners. How can you expect them to take you seriously when you don’t afford them the same courtesy? Think about it next time you start playing Words with Friends during a lecture.

~ Guest Blogger, Sandra Webb, The College of New Jersey, ’11

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Introducing: CollegeFest!

CollegeFest, the nation’s largest back-to-school festival, is taking Boston by storm! Drawing in 20,000+ students from around New England, CollegeFest is a celebration of everything college. Featuring college dance teams, student organizations, local bands, and national-touring performers, CollegeFest 2011 is taking place October 1st and 2nd at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston.

This year’s line-up is one of the best yet! Catch We The Kings, Chris Webby, Hoodie Allen, The Dean’s List, Kap Slap, Mike Stud, E-Marce, Moufy, Dutch ReBelle, and more…tearing up the stage!

You'll walk away with a ton of Free Stuff from CollegeFest

Beyond the music, over 100+ brands (including your very own Barnes & Noble College) will be there giving out sweet prizes and back-to-school swag all weekend long! Expect to walk out of CollegeFest with huge bags full of FREE STUFF. In fact, bring a back-pack to fit all the extra goodies that don’t fit in the “Swag Bag” you’ll get at the door.

Join the CollegeFest community of 187,000+ students at to win FREE tickets and sweet prizes all day, every day.

Best of all, find the @CollegeFest CREW on your campus over the next two weeks and they’ll be sure to hook you up!

To get your party on in advance, check out these jams! If you’re in the Boston area, we hope to see you there!

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Extreme Tailgating

Homecoming and rivalry games take school spirit—and your tailgate– to a new level. Both ESPN’s Road Warriors and Bleacher Report have their own list of the top 10 college tailgates around the country, taking into account everything from the food to the crowds. Read on for lessons in Tailgating 101 from the apparent pros.

Penn State

Nearly 100,000 fans turn the Happy Valley into the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania on tailgate days. The Joe Pa faithful are dedicated to their team and show the same support no matter how the game turns out.

Louisiana State

For those that think the food makes the tailgate, making a trip to LSU is definitely worthwhile. Road Warriors mentioned the Cajun-style cuisine while Bleacher Report commented on the abundance of barbecue. LSU tailgaters certainly know how to chow down.

University of Mississippi

Both lists tout the Grove of Ole Miss as an experience and according to Bleacher Report, it begins on Friday nights. Formal attire, a sea of Rebels red and a speed limit reflecting the jersey number of a former player help solidify Ole Miss its deserved place on these extreme tailgating lists.

Do you think your school deserves a spot on these lists? Tell us why your tailgates rock in the comments below.

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Give Numbers On the Scale a Backseat

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, most women obsess over numbers on a scale, calories on a package, and nutrients measured in grams.

Newsflash: numbers don’t define a healthy lifestyle. There’s no denying that aspiring to a place on a scale makes reaching our goals that much more tangible; yet, in focusing just on our weight, it’s easy to overlook the other factors that make for a healthy lifestyle, like fitness and eating well.  Read on and take the LUNA® Challenge.

Here’s a challenge for you– Forget about the numbers, the scale, the weight, and focus on the things that make your body and mind feel alive. Maybe it’s a dose of fresh air, a serving of whole grains, good company, biting into a tree-ripened plum, or running a personal record.

Eating well and being well go hand in hand: put the right nutrients in your body and you’ll be able to reach that euphoric-type-place while you exercise. So often we let ourselves get overwhelmed with numbers like weight, calories, and grams of nutrients. We need to let it go!

Give those numbers a backseat and bring eating with variety, moderation, proportion, and intention to the forefront of your mind. Have confidence that the nutrients will follow and the healthy weight will come almost as an afterthought.

Wholesome nourishment and delicious indulgence, LUNA bars are made with 70% organic ingredients.

Here are a few nutrition pointers that’ll help you realize healthy lifestyle today:

Eat a variety

  • Increase the color quotient on your plate; make it colorful
  • Be adventurous and try new foods
  • Eat foods of various textures and tastes; eat foods raw and cooked

Eat moderately

  • Make no food forbidden
  • If it’s higher in fat or calories eat less of it, less often
  • Choose plant-based fats like avocado, unsalted nuts, olive oil, or ground flaxseed

Eat proportionately

  • Find the combination of whole grains, lean meats & beans, fruits, dairy, and vegetables that’s just right for you
  • Work with a registered dietitian to assist you in meeting your goals (Check out to find a dietitian in your area)

Eat with intention

  • Pay attention to ambiance and savor each bite
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Plan for healthy snacking
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand to hold you over between meals (for example: a string cheese, a handful of trail mix, slices of fruit with almond butter, a LUNA® Protein or a LUNA® Mini)

All in all, allow yourself to exercise because it feels good, eat right because you enjoy it and indulge every once in a while. Most importantly, respect yourself and celebrate you! Find your balance, enjoy the exercise of your choice, nourish your body…

~ Guest Blogger Tara DelloIacono Thies, LUNA’s in-house R.D.

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Another Quote To Scribble

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Darth Has Never Looked This Cute

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Enter To Win Up To $500!

It’s a new school year, so it’s important to start off on the right foot.  And Barnes & Noble College wants to help you do just that!  Enter the Class of 2015 Sweepstakes and one first year student will win $500.  Not a first year?  No worries– $250 is also up for grabs.  So, like Barnes & Noble College on Facebook and enter for the chance to win.  Good luck!

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