Download Worthy: Springpad

Meet your new Personal Assistant!

Want a personal assistant? With this app, you can have one! Springpad is the ultimate organizational app.  It not only lets you quickly save ideas and other bits of information you want to remember but it automatically categorizes it and supplements it with useful links and other enhancements. It enables you to share your notes and set reminders as well as receive alerts to related news, offers, and deals. It’s compatible with most phones and tablets and is absolutely free! Want to get started or learn more? Watch this short instructional video and you’ll be set.

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January is “Get Organized Month” – Closet Edition

I once had a floor-mate who was a neat freak’s nightmare.  When it came to clothes,  her sweaters and blouses littered the floor and her jeans and coats were draped over any inanimate object in the room (I once found pairs of socks lining her bookshelf!). To call her dorm room a DISASTER would be a complete understatement. Despite all of this, she insisted that she knew where everything was and that she liked her room a complete mess. Still, I had my reservations about the “method” of her madness. I found myself chuckling quietly every time I saw her scrambling hurriedly on her way to class only to find that all of her clothes were either completely wrinkled or simply nowhere to be found. Perhaps I feel a little guilty for finding amusement in her confusion or maybe it’s just that I can’t resist providing you with one final installment to the January is “Get Organized Month” series, but today I am bringing you what will be your Go-To guide for organizing that closet of yours. Get your hangers ready!

Think Big, Start Small - Before you dive right in, take a good look at all the storage that can be used for clothes. Are you particularly pressed for space and should consider getting rid of some clothes? Do you have plenty of drawer space but are limited in terms of what can go on hangers? Take these issues into account and then tackle them one section at a time.

Divide and Conquer - This might take some time, but will pay off in the long run. Divide all of the clothes that you want grouped together into categories and then divide them even more specifically. For example, group together all of your pairs of pants and then divide them into pants that should go on hangers and pants that can be folded. You only have limited space to hang up your clothes and limited drawer space so you’ll want to determine which clothes can go where.  From there, make the groups even smaller – shorts, capris, leggings, jeans, etc. Placing similar pieces together will save you a great deal of time in the end because you’ll already know where to look.

It's time to get your closet in tip-top shape!

Personalize your Methods – When hanging up your clothes, consider placing your smaller categories under three “umbrella categories” – Work/Dress Clothes, Casual Clothes, Going Out Clothes. For me, this makes it easier to locate particular items. But, find out what works for you and organize accordingly!

Timing is Everything – Being able to quickly locate wrinkle-free clothing will be a huge time saver in college.  When hanging your clothes, place them neatly one after the other so they are all pressed flat. Jamming them in your closet will just tangle the hangers and mess up the clothes. The same goes for clothes that will not be hung.  Neatly fold and place them within their categories in your drawers/shelves. Not only does this look less overwhelming, you won’t run the risk of needing an iron at the last minute! After you do a load of laundry, re-fold the clothes and place them back how they originally were.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed by the task in front of you, think how refreshed you’ll feel once everything is in order. Organizing your closet might seem overly meticulous and time-consuming, but the time saved in the long-run will be well worth it! Plus, you don’t really want people stepping or sitting on your favorite outfit, do you?

Don’t limit your newly discovered organizational skills to the month of January – use them year round! You’ll be amazed to find how much time and energy you’ll save by staying organized as best you can. Looking for more tips or just want to share an idea? Post a comment below!

If you missed an edition of “Get Organized Month,” check them out here:

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Freaky Friday: Boston University

This week’s hunt for ghosts at Boston University has left me convinced I must be missing out on the real hair-raising campus stories. Given the city of Boston’s rich history and ties to the Revolutionary War, my expectations were sky-high for some truly spine-tingling tales to share with you. What I found, instead, has me convinced that further investigation is necessary. Take a look at this video of an allegedly haunted dorm at BU and answer this question for me: is this the best ghost story on campus? Share your tales of other-worldly encounters at Boston University in the comments below!

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The IT List: Interview Attire

There is a time and a place to show off your wildest and most fashionable attire – a birthday party or New Year’s Eve, for instance. However, a typical job interview is not exactly where you want to kick off your career as a fashion maven. It is important to find an outfit that you feel comfortable in but, unless you’re auditioning for an LMFAO music video, leave anything neon or animal print at home. You want your ensemble to be inconspicuous and put together, not distracting or overwhelming. After all, the interview is about keeping the interviewer focused on YOU and what you have to offer as an employee. We have a few Interview-Ready suggestions as well as a few choices to avoid – so keep reading!

The Go-For-IT List:

This tie from Express is subtle, yet polished.

Tailored Suit: Nowadays, it’s important to look sharp and put together and a suit does just that! For men, a traditional suit, tie (like the one pictured, from Express), and button down works best and for women a fitted pantsuit or jacket-and-skirt combo (with stockings!) is professional. T he most important part is that it fits properly, so get it tailored if necessary!

Appropriate Dress Shoes: Be sure to wear shoes that are fairly conservative but are still current with today’s trends. Make sure they have been cleaned and shined – you want them to look their best!

Minimum Jewelry: When used appropriately, a simple necklace or watch can make an outfit seem very put-together. However, use the glitz and glam sparingly. Both men and women should avoid any facial jewelry, a s well as anything too flashy or distracting. Leave the excess bling behind.

Groomed Hair and Face: You can have the best outfit in the world, but if your hair is messy or your make-up is too heavy, it’s not going to matter. Hair should be clean, combed, and out of your face and women should stick with conservative makeup that appropriately enhances their features – think more “serious” than “Snooki.”

The Avoid-IT List:

These glittery nail polishes are more "Party" than "Professional."

  • Conspicuous bag or briefcase (should not be bright and printed or tattered and worn)
  • Wild nail polish or otherwise un-groomed nails
  • Ill-fitting pants/skirt (too tight, too short, too baggy
  • Distracting colors or patterns
  • Anything outdated or worn
  • Inappropriate shoes (platforms, backless, scuffed)
  • Heavy perfume or cologne
We hope we’ve provided some useful tips for making a professional style impression. As a general rule, lean towards the conservative side when dressing for an interview. Keep the focus on what a stellar employee you will be! For more insight into what to avoid in an interview, check out the Monster article, 10 Interview Fashion Blunders!
We’d love to hear any questions or suggestions you might have, so feel free to leave us a comment!
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DIY Dorm: Easy Wall Decor

It’s up to you to spice up your dorm room!  Showcase your favorite photos or just add some texture to an otherwise drab wall with our easy and inexpensive wall decor.

What You’ll Need:

– 12×12 Cork board wall squares (you can usually get a pack of 4 for under $10)
– Wrapping paper
– Tape or glue
– Scissors
– Ribbon

What You’ll Do:

The extra length of ribbon makes gluing easier.

1) Use the paper to wrap the cork board in the typical fashion. If the tape does not stick as much as you’d like, you can dot the edges of the paper with glue.

2) Snip the ribbon to be about an inch or so longer than the cork board at each end (as pictured). Place a dot of glue on the underside edge of the ribbon, drape the end of the ribbon over the edge of the board and press in place. Continue to glue the rest of the ribbon along the front of the board like you did with the DIY Lamp. Do so along as many edges as you’d like to create a border.

Who says DIY projects have to be difficult?

3) Add photos, stickers, or other mementos (Scotch tape works fine). Avoid adding anything too heavy as this will make it difficult to hang the board. Make sure your board comes with adhesives – these are very sticky but don’t leave marks on the walls.

You can make only one square or form a grid with all four! The best part about DIY projects like this one is that you can tailor it to your own preference. Let us know how yours turned out by dropping us a comment.

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Places to Visit: US Edition Part II

Two weeks ago we brought you our first installment of “Places to Visit: US Edition” in order to help you get started planning a spring break to remember. This week we’re back with the follow-up to that post and we’re bringing you another awesome list of places across the United States. From tropical travels in the Florida Keys to nature excursions in Yellowstone, you’ll be itching to pack your bags and get going!

Key West, FL - The spectacular thing about the Florida Keys, is the complete abundance of activities available in one spot. As the southernmost place in the continental United States, Key West has something for everyone, from eco-tourism and underwater adventures to relaxing beach days and shopping trips. There’s a reason the Beach Boys sang about this paradise!

New Orleans, LA – Perhaps the most interesting part of this southern city is the range of cultures from which it draws its influences – Caribbean, African, American and European. So whether you come to help rebuild in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to experience the music and jazz-filled nightlife, or take part in the wild Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday celebrations, you’ll be sure to remember your trip for years to come!

Ever gone Llama Packing? You'll have to head to Yellowstone!

Yellowstone National Park - As the ultimate haven for any nature lover, Yellowstone sits in the pristine wilderness of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Bicycling, boating, hiking – even llama-packing are possible activities for those who venture out. Don’t forget your camera, you won’t want to miss a shot of Old Faithful or any other exciting points of interest!

Columbus Zoo, Columbus OH -  Rated the Top Zoo in America by the USA Travel Guide, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio features over 7,000 animals and has recently grown to include a water and amusement park and golf resort. With reasonable admission rates and tons to see and do, any animal lover will be more than satisfied with all the zoo has to offer!

Chicago, IL - The Windy City is home to some of the most exciting things to do in America! Release your inner shopper on the Magnificent Mile or check out some art and architecture in Millenium Park. From the Skydeck to Wrigley Field, TripAdvisor touts Chicago as “everyone’s kind of town.” Don’t miss it!

We hope you’re ready to start planning your ultimate trip now that you’ve checked out our list! As always, we love hearing your input so post a comment below with any suggestions or destinations you think we’ve missed. Safe travels!

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Download Worthy: Epicurious

Ever wish that instead of finding ingredients to match a recipe, you found a recipe to match the ingredients you already have? With the Epicurious App, your problem is solved! The app allows you to search through more than 30,000 recipes as well as create and access shopping lists. The best part? You can see the number of people who have made the recipe and would be willing to try again! It’s compatible with both Apple and Android phones in addition to your NOOK Color. Happy Cooking!

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10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy

Renting just makes "cents" (pardon the pun!).

We know college students are on a budget and cutting costs is important!  So when we came across the Yahoo! Finance article, 10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy, we knew we had to share.  Since we offer textbook rentals, we understand that renting, rather than buying, presents an opportunity to save money.  Want a stunning dress to wear to a formal coming up? Planning a weekend camping trip but aren’t too happy about the growing costs? If you haven’t considered renting before, this article just might change your mind! We’ve highlighted a few items here but check out the full article for even more ideas.

Designer Dresses
Last January we blogged about renting all sorts of items (check it out here if you missed it!). A year later, we stand by all of our assertions, including getting all of your fashion needs for a fraction of the usual cost. Sites likes Wear Today Gone Tomorrow and Rent the Runway lend out dresses and accessories for up to 90% (yes, NINETY!) off their retail prices. Why shell out stacks of money for a dress you’ll wear once, when you can pinch pennies without sacrificing style?

Renting textbooks can save you OVER 50%!

College is expensive, but that doesn’t mean your textbooks have to be! Unless you plan to become very attached to that Advanced Cell Biology book (we won’t judge!), renting your textbooks is definitely an option to consider. Many Campus Bookstores offer textbook rentals that can help you save over 50%! During the semester, you get all the perks of buying a textbook without the financial commitment of doing so.

Camping Gear
Adding in financial responsibility doesn’t have to mean subtracting fun from your life! Fun weekend trips, like camping, don’t have to break the bank – especially when you can rent most of your gear! Sporting goods store, REI, offers a four-person tent for $55 for a weekend (that’s only $13.75 per person!). For those who camp only a few times a year, renting equipment is probably the best option.

For more items to rent instead of buy, check out the full article here! Is there anything that you prefer to rent? Post a comment and we’ll check it out!

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Dish It: Peanut Butter and Banana Popsicles

While on my never-ending quest to find foods that are both delicious AND healthy, I was downright ecstatic when I stumbled upon this mouth-watering treat on the Livestrong website. With January 24th being National Peanut Butter Day, it is only appropriate that today’s Dish It feature this high-protein spread.

What You’ll Need

1 Banana
2 Cups of creamy peanut butter
2 Popsicle sticks
1 Cup of your choice chopped nuts or shredded coconut

makes two Popsicles

What You’ll Do:

1) Peel the banana and cut it in half, width-wise. Slide one Popsicle stick in the bottom of each half.

2) Spread a layer of peanut butter over each banana.

3) Roll each Popsicle in either the chopped nuts or shredded coconut.

4) Freeze each for a few hours.

Enjoy the delicious, guilt-free concoction you’ve just put together, and share one with a friend. The nuts and peanut butter are high sources of protein while the banana has you covered on potassium! Now THAT is something to enjoy!

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National Handwriting Day!


Celebrate today by finding out what your handwriting says about you!

Upon discovering that today is National Handwriting Day, I became curious as to what exactly experts say handwriting indicates about a person. In my research, I found that the study and analysis of handwriting is actually referred to as “graphology” and that the way in which a person constructs letters can indicate thousands of different characteristics and personality traits. Real Simple has some great examples of different indicators and how to look for them in your own writing. We’ve included one below to get you started!

Everyone is first asked to write the sentence “She sells seashells by the seashore” in cursive and then proceed from there. The first thing observed is the slant of your penmanship. Kathi McKnight, a graphologist and contributing writer asserts in the article that if your handwriting slants: 

Which way does your handwriting slant?

You are open to the world around you and like to socialize with other people.

You generally like to work alone or behind the scenes. If you are right-handed and your handwriting slants to the left, you may be expressing rebellion.

Doesn’t slant:
You tend to be logical and practical. You are guarded with your emotions. 

Try it out for yourself and see what you uncover! Find the full article by Amanda Armstrong here and learn about other indicators of different personality traits. Enjoy National Handwriting Day!

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