NCAA Golf Swings Into the Riviera Country Club

It’s golf season – the best “off season” sport around.  Golf legend Arnold Palmer said it best, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented”.  And Arnold, you’ll be happy to know that golf is prime time right now in the world of college sports.

The NCAA men’s Division 1 golf championship is underway at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. This internationally renowned course, designed by George C. Thomas, has had legends scoring birdies and eagles since 1927.  It’s a difficult course — the 18th hole has an elevated fairway that leads to a narrow green and surrounded by hazards. I am a scratch golfer; this course would definitely give me trouble. The hole I would be totally afraid of is number 17– the par 5 hole is all up hill, requiring a long second shot.

The beautiful Riviera Country Club.

The Riviera is the perfect course to host the tournament. Most of the players talk about how the majority of the holes are played into the wind, making the easy shots hard, and the hard shots twice as difficult.  With the multiple challenging holes strategically placed, the college players will really have to show true skill.

Want to catch the tournament?  Here’s a brief look at the schedule:

May 29-31– Three rounds played by each team with the top eight teams advancing.

June 1–3—Single elimination rounds

After the first round ESPN reported the best score belongs to UCLA Anton Arboleda. He scored a 67, 4-under par, and is followed closely by Tyler McCumber of Florida and Corey Conners of Kent State by a single stroke. Anton is keeping his team tied for fourth place currently and is expected to play just as hot as he did yesterday.

This is a very important tournament for each individual player since PGA tour officials will be there every day watching – watching and potentially making these students true PGA professionals.  Being in the top of this tournament will help their chances of becoming a member of the PGA.

When it comes to team performance, Alabama has a 3 shot lead. The key to Alabama’s success so far has been their low number of bogeys. They have had only 18 bogeys with 17 Birdies and one eagle to give them a top score. They are in front of their rivals Auburn and Florida, both not too far behind (so it looks like it’s going to be an intense couple of days for the golf community!).  I will keep you updated as the tournament proceeds!

Written by Guest Blogger, Stephen Brooks


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X-Factor: New Season, New Judges, New Drama!

I can’t believe that the X-factor is almost here! The past few months, there were so many rumors as to who would replace Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.  We heard Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Fergie were all in the running, but Simon Cowell has kept mum on the issue (he just loves messing with the media!).


This month, X-factor and Simon Cowell reported that the ultimate pop diva, Britney Spears, is officially a judge and so is teen pop star Demi Lovato! Brit Brit reportedly signed a $15 million deal (yes, really!) and I totally support Simon’s picks!

Let’s be honest – Britney is a world famous pop icon who will bring in viewers and high ratings, while teen star, Demi Lavoto, will attract a younger group of viewers to the show.   Simon’s strategy for publicizing this show was very smart, too. All of the mystery surrounding the status of the judges made the X-factor a seemingly permanent hot topic of conversation.

The new buzz is that Britney has been very nervous and anxious about the show. Us Weekly reported that Britney is very fragile and very emotional, having non-stop crying bouts on and off throughout the day. TMZ even surfaced photos of her biting her nails until they bleed. It’s easy to understand why she is nervous.  It’s her chance to show the world what she can do by helping inspiring musicians take their talent and craft to the next level. Although it seems easy watching from the couch in your living room, it can be a grueling, stressful task. Hopefully she’ll do as well judging as she does performing!

This show is going to be great exposure for Demi Lovato, too. This could really help her career take off even more. She will gain more fans quicker than ever because she really is an American sweetheart. Plus, the publicity for any new music she releases during the show will be invaluable for her career.  She has dealt with a lot this past year, battling depression and other illnesses., but taking on this gig shows she can defeat anything.  Hopefully, she will bring a bright side to the judge’s table.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the judges do a great job! What’s not to love about the new season: a new panel, new talent….and the same old Simon!?

Tell us, do you think Britney and Demi will be great judges?  Will you be tuning in?  Leave your comments below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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The Roommate Diaries – Making a Good Impression

When getting ready for college my biggest concern wasn’t being away from home or the classes I had to take, it was who my roommate was going to be. After all, the size of my dorm room was about half the size of my room at home AND I had to share it with someone. I’ve never shared a room before…. I knew I was in for a bit of culture shock.

I remember finding out who she was. I added her on Facebook and patiently waited for her to accept my friend request. When she accepted she didn’t know we were roommates until I posted “Hey Roomie!” on her wall!

As I’m sure everyone does when they become friends with their roommates on Facebook they creep on everything from pictures to wall posts! My poor roommate was at work when I wrote it (shout out to Marabella’s Family Restaurant!)  so she and her sister were trying to “stalk” me through a little screen on her smart phone.

We talked on and off throughout the summer about who was bringing the TV and the refrigerator and other random things that every dorm room needs. This is a conversation that every group of roommates needs to have – so don’t avoid it!

As a junior in college, I have decided that I should help the incoming freshman class deal with their new experiences on campus. For this reason, I’m bringing plenty of advice on how to talk to your roommate before you actually meet.

Here is a picture of us moving in on the first day! So exhausted but oh so excited to start a new chapter of our lives, together!

  1. First and most importantly, be you! Yes, you need to know who is bringing certain things, but you also need to find out what you have in common. After all, you’ll be living with this person for the next year, in very close quarters.
  2. Some good conversation starters?  Talk about your summer plans, sports played in high school, relationships, friends, graduation, siblings, basically everything. Both of you need to realize how important this friendship is to your happiness and success at college.   Street Directory also has a great list of conversation starters for you and your roommate to talk about.
  3. Not only can you talk about what you’re bringing, but coordinate the look of your dorm, too!  Coordinate your comforter colors, the posters for your walls, etc.  The room has to match, doesn’t it? J
  4. Before you even move in, you also need to create a safe communication zone. This way when there is a problem with your living situation you feel comfortable enough to say something and not sit back and be miserable.
  5. 5. Also talk about when you are moving in. My roommate and I didn’t so we wound up, both years (because we lived together twice), moving all of our stuff in together. It was very crowded to say the least. Between the people and the amount of stuff there was not much room.
  6. After you move in you have to talk about sleeping habits, studying habits, and how you feel about friends sleeping over. Also things like the temperature of the room, how often you’ll clean, and if you can use each other’s stuff.

Overall, my message to all of you is to be open, be honest, and be caring. Most importantly, do not judge a book by its cover! Basing my opinion on my roommates Facebook, I was unsure how close we would be. However, after getting to know her before school, we have become best friends two years later and I could not have asked for a better roommate!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata

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Ultimate Frisbee – More than Just “Catch”

Frisbee has gone extreme, growing into a phenomenon of competitive sports.  Ultimate Frisbee is now considered a nationwide team sport that is gaining recognition by both the NCAA and the Olympics.  The first time I heard about the sport was from my older sister when she was a freshman in college. I laughed at her and said, “Hey, don’t get hurt playing catch.”  I was so wrong about the “playing catch” part. When I went to see her play against Pitt University, I was astonished.  It was so much more than just “catch.”

Ultimate Frisbee is generally played on a football, soccer, or open field.  Two, seven-player teams play against each other to score points in the end zone.  The object of the game is to move the disc (Frisbee) to the opposing team’s end of the field without it touching the ground, getting intercepted by the opposing team, or going out of bounds.  You have to anchor one foot at all times when you are holding the disc as well (there is a more specific list of rules here).

The games I’ve seen have had as much intensity as any other collegiate sport.  However, one thing that I thought showed true sportsmanship, was that there are no referees.  The opposing team will call a penalty and be able to argue if it is a fair call or not.  When it comes to scoring points, and out of bounds calls, other players will help split the decision.  In the games I watched, no matter how intense the rivalry, there were very few calls.  And that’s no surprise, really.  The official rules state, “The integrity of Ultimate depends on each player’s responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should remain paramount.”

The rise in popularity has mostly happened in the past five or six years.  It has gone from a casual activity to a serious collegiate team sport, a recreation-run league, and now you can easily find pick up games at local parks.  At the collegiate Ultimate level, it has been spreading like wildfire.  The Syracuse Men’s and Women’s club teams (named Doom and Fox Force Seven, respectively), have been competing for 8 years.  They travel and compete in tournaments down in Georgia, Wildwood, NJ, and even Montreal.

I tried my hand at Ultimate.  I thought, as an athlete competing at a college level, I would be up for the task.  I embarrassed myself the first time out.  These players could catch and throw like magic.  Not to mention, they would dive for any disc traveling in a 10-foot radius.  The atmosphere around the game was competitive, but at the same time laid back.  Sure when a team lost they got upset, but then you sit around with other teams afterward and have a great time.

In the college divisions, they hold an annual Championship Tournament for the Title.  It was held in Colorado this year and was televised.  It was definitely more than just a casual tournament.  Ironically, it was one big party, too.  The Tournament in the Men’s D1 bracket had 19 teams in it.  The Championship game was between Pittsburgh and Wisconsin, with Pitt coming out on top for their first title in their history.  The Women’s D1 bracket consisted of 19 teams also.  The Champions were Washington beating Oregon in an epic game.

The NCAA has been asked to consider Ultimate Frisbee as a sport and I certainly believe it should be!  What do you think?

Check out this website ( to search and find local leagues or games in your area!!

Written by Guest Blogger, Stephen Brooks

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Summer Job Series: Where to Look

Now that the school year has come to a close, it’s time to start searching for that perfect summer job.   It may seem difficult to choose the job best suited for you, but we’ve got some great options to keep you busy – and fill your wallet – during the summertime.

Restaurants: Local restaurants are always willing to hire students for summer jobs, whether it be waitressing, delivering, or hostessing. Be sure to check out all the local hot spots and see who’s taking applications. Make sure to smile and stay upbeat (you’ll get better tips!).

Retail: We all love going to the mall, so why not work there? Think of this as your opportunity to be the personal stylist to all of your friends. Stop by your favorite stores and see if they are hiring (and if you can get a discount!).

Earn some cash and gain great experience this summer!

Lifeguard: While you do need to be CPR certified, life guarding is a great way to make some cash while also getting a great tan. Your local pool is a great place to start if it’s your first time and beaches are great for those who already have experience.

Create your own job: If you’re feeling ambitious and are confident in your organizational skills, then why not create your own job? You can open your own store selling trinkets and homemade goods on websites like Etsy or eBay. Not into selling online? You can babysit, walk dogs, and mow lawns as a more informal business. If you’re really leaning towards your entrepreneurial side then find something you love and pursue it as a business! Next week, we’ll have an interview with a 22-year old entrepreneur who makes jewelry for major celebrities!  Be sure to check back in with us for the full interview.

Internships: Internships are a great way to dive into the corporate world and learn about working in an office environment. You’ll get great experience and work towards another great item to add to your resume. Visit your college’s Career Center to help you scope out internships. You can also use websites such as to find internships in your area! I’m currently interning for Barnes and Noble College in the Consumer Marketing division and it’s been a great experience so far, I definitely recommend internships if it’s possible.

Do you have any suggestions for summer jobs? Post a comment below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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John Mayer: “Born and Raised” Album Review

Find out more about the Born and Raised album at!

John Mayer has redeemed himself with his new album.  Let’s be honest, we all know he’s talented and well – he knows he’s talented.  However, Born and Raised wipes away arrogance and shows a simple, more humble side of the star singer.

With the bluegrass/country sound and strong lyrics, Mayer’s new album is number one on the iTunes album chart.  It’s no surprise why – Mayer escaped the city and the public eye to write his album so he could truly concentrate on his lyrics and compositions.  The lyrics in this album are moving and expose a vulnerable side of Mayer.

The first single on the album that I listen to was “Queen of California.” This song reminded me of James Taylor’s work.  The song is very simple and over all light and airy. The arrangement of the song is great, too! It sticks in your head because it’s so laid back. This really was a great opening track for his album because it sets the bar for the other songs.

“Shadow Days” is another great track about new beginnings. He really shows off his guitar skills in this song and the melody is full of soul.

This album to me is by far the best he has ever done. We all have very high standards for Mayer and he has really pulled through with “Born and Raised”.  Have you listened to the album?  What do you think of it?

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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May Madness Comes to a Close

Did you miss this weekend’s madness in the Lacrosse arena? We’ve got a full recap for you!

Women’s Lacrosse

Northwestern stormed past Syracuse University for their 7th NCAA Championship title in only eight years.  It was a close game right up to the finish with a final score of 8-6. On Sunday night, Taylor Thoron of Northwestern had her dream come true by scoring the game-winning goal. However, no one could have been played more impressively than Shannon Smith, a senior from Long Island, New York. Smith said she was more than happy she was able to begin her career on Long Island and finish it there as well, according to ESPN.  In the Semi finals game against Maryland, Shannon racked up four goals.  Not slowing down a bit, she scored 2 more goals and had 2 assists against Syracuse in the finals.  Now, to go along with her 3rd NCAA national championship trophy, Shannon was also awarded her second straight Most Outstanding Player award.   It is such a great thing to see Women’s Collegiate sports become so competitive and fun to follow. Thanks to all the great female athletes who bring sports to a new level.  Congratulations on your win and thanks for keeping it interesting!

Men’s Lacrosse

Memorial Day Weekend was full of hits, goals, and excitement for the Men’s NCAA Championship game.  #1 ranked Loyola took on the University of Maryland on Memorial Day for the Championship.  Loyola of Maryland came out on top with their first ever NCAA National Championship victory!  In the pre season, Loyola was not even ranked and it had been speculated that they would not reach the tournament.  Little did the naysayers realize they would finish the season ranked first and win the tournament. Unfortunately for Maryland, it was their second straight loss in the final game. The score was 9-3 with the fewest goals allowed in a game by Loyola’s goaltender Jack Runkel, ESPN reported. Loyola scored 7 goals beginning with the first quarter.  It wasn’t so much a domination by Loyola, as it was a lack of communication and confusion experienced by the Maryland defense.  Eric Lusby, a graduate student of Loyola, was able to score five goals in the semi final game against Notre Dame.  He also was able to secure the victory by scoring the final three goals in the Championship Game.  Even more impressive than his goal streaks, was when he was interviewed by ESPN, he gave credit to his teammates and the offensive unit, rather than himself… classy!  Congratulations and have a great off-season, you deserve it.  Remember, don’t throw off that lacrosse swing with too much Golf this summer!

Written by Guest Blogger, Stephen Brooks

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Home for the Summer – How to Make it Work

All student think that by the time they get home from college, their parents will be anxiously  awaiting their arrival with new rules, curfews, and chores. I know that I am always excited to go home until I remember how – dare I say, persistent? – my parents can be about cleaning my room, walking the dog, and keeping a constant eye on where I am and who I’m with. With that being said, have we ever thought of our parents’ point of view and how they actually feel? Probably not. Perhaps it is time we put things in perspective and start seeing why they do the things they do.

Cabrini College posted advice on how to ease into living at home. Their number one thing to do was to simply pitch in. Is it really that difficult to clean up your own mess, take out the garbage, and do your laundry? We do it for ourselves at college, so why can’t we do it at home?

They also make a point to not forget about respecting your parents.  You may talk to your friends differently than you do your parents, so keep this in mind. When I asked my mom what bothers her the most when I come home from school she said, “You’re home with your parents, not your friends.  Adjust how you speak and speak with respect. It usually takes you a few weeks, but I guess you could be a lot worse…” I can’t deny this—it’s true.  Definitely something I could work on!

It can be a tough adjustment.  We all come home after months of complete freedom — no curfew, no nagging.  However, we need to realize and accept that there are rules when we come home. If we don’t agree with those rules, we should calmly talk to our parents.  I wasn’t happy about one thing – my curfew – so I made it a point to have that conversation in my house. The reasonable negotiation? “Call when you are going to be home late so we aren’t worried,” my parents said.  That’s not so bad!

I think my friend’s mom put it the best way.  I asked my friends’ parents on Facebook what we could do to be better college kids and here’s what Dawn had to say (well said):

What can we take out of all of this? Be respectful, help out a little, and spend time with your parents — they love you!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata

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Dress for Success…for Less!

We’ve all heard the expression “dress for success” and when it comes to the workplace, that is exactly what you must do. Of course when you have the budget of a college student, this may seem like a difficult task to accomplish. Fear not! I am going to give you tips and tricks to build your work wardrobe on a budget and still look the part.

Staples – The biggest part of your outfits are the basic staple pieces (i.e. pants, skirts, shirts) These will be your black and neutral colors that allow you to mix and match between different outfits. These are important because you can acquire these pieces in almost any store you choose, so you don’t have to settle for expensive “work” pieces. Simple slacks and solid shirts are a base point that allow you to create multiple styles. Opt for black pants and pencil skirts, white shirts, and neutral/black cardigans.

Dresses- When in doubt, dress it out! Dresses are a great piece for work because you can dress them up or dress them down. Throw on a cardigan and some cute ballet flats and you are the definition of business casual (and you look super cute too!) You can find cute affordable dresses from stores like Target that will build both your work wardrobe and your everyday wardrobe! Of course, you must be sure that you dress is work appropriate: no low-cut, tight, short, revealing clothing.

Statement Pieces- It’s important to incorporate your own personal style when dressing for work (don’t lose your voice in the office!) A great way to do this in the appropriate way is to use statement pieces such a jewelry to add a little flare to your outfit. It’s best to stay away from large earrings and dangling bracelets that will create distraction and noise. Wearing bold colors and statement necklaces are a great way to grab attention without creating distraction or being disruptive. The great thing about this is that you can get these things for low prices from stores like Forever 21.

Shoes- Practical shoes are the cornerstone to a good outfit. Comfort and functionality are the most important things to look for when shoe shopping. No one wants to come home from work with big blisters on their feet! You can do anything from a simple flat to a wedge, just make sure that you keep it appropriate for the office (no sky-high heels, distracting straps, etc). Black pumps are always a great shoe for work, simple yet stylish and easy to mix and match!

Do you have any wardrobe items that you find perfect for the workplace? Share them in the comments below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach


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Remembering our Heroes on Memorial Days

When most of us think about Memorial Day, we envision parades, barbeques, and the official start of summer. But as we chow down on hot dogs and burgers, we have to remember the true meaning of the holiday.

Memorial Day, previously known as Decoration Day, became a federal holiday in 1967, according to the US Department of Veteran Affairs. The official birthplace of Memorial Day is Waterloo, NY because it was the location of the first formal remembrance ever held for fallen veterans in 1866.

Held on the last Monday of May each year, Memorial Day is a time to honor our nation’s fallen soldiers.   Current celebrations on Memorial Day include memorial services, visiting federal cemeteries, and parades.  You’ll also see during the day, the flag will wave at half-staff until noon and will then slowly return to full staff.

Of course we all can’t wait to enjoy our barbeques and relax during our day off, but we need to keep our  fallen heroes in our minds. After all, this day is all about them. Remember to thank all those in the military on this very important day!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata

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