Style That Gives Back: Tagua Flower Cuffs

As part of our ongoing series, Style that Gives Back, we’re featuring Global Handmade Hope’s Tagua Flower Cuffs. These vibrant, handmade bracelets come to us all the way from Colombia. Though a beautiful country, parts of Colombia are all too familiar with the violence and fear that accompany the prevailing drug traffic industry. This uncertain and dangerous environment often lacks a safe haven for many children of Colombia to grow up in and their poverty-stricken lifestyles make them easy targets for gangs.

This is why the purchase and support of Fair Trade items is so important. They offer these children and their families safe working environments, away from the corruption that often lurks throughout other parts of the country. By working with Global Handmade Hope, these children are kept off the often gang-ridden streets.

These flowered cuffs are made specifically by a women’s group whose goal is to show their children how to incorporate their culture into all of their future business practices. They also promote sustainability and act as role models for the younger generation.

These accessories are as beautiful as what they represent – a brighter, safer future for Colombian children.

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Historic NBA Draft Busts

The NBA Draft will be televised at 7:30 PM ET on ESPN tonight.  We’ve decided to includ a list of former NBA draft picks that haven’t quite lived up to expectations.

The Portland Trailblazers have been historically unlucky on the receiving end, picking injury prone players and busts.

Sam Bowie: picked 2nd overall by the Portland Trailblazers in the 1984 draft.  In the same year, Michael Jordan was selected 3rd by the Chicago Bulls and Charles Barkley was selected 5th by the 76’ers.

LaRue Martin: was picked number 1 by the Portland Trailblazers in the 1972 draft ahead of Julius Erving and future Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo.

Hasheem Thabeet: picked 2nd overall in 2009 by the Memphis Grizzlies.  His start to the league has been atrocious departing in and out of the NBA Development league and has career averages of 2.2 points per game.  Some phenomenal players that were drafted after Thabeet were: James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, and Stephen Curry.

Greg Oden: once again selected by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2007 draft and was selected number one overall.  He has been lingered with injuries playing in only 82 games during his whole NBA career.  To make matters worse, Kevin Durant was picked right after him.

Adam Morrison: selected 3rd overall by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2006 draft.  He was a superstar in college playing for Gonzaga.  A couple years after he signed with the NBA he suffered a horrible knee injury, which caused him to miss the next season.  Since then, Adam has not been able to shoot at a high percentage and fell out of the league in 2010.

Darko Milicic: Picked by the Pistons 2nd overall in the 2003 draft.  This year was considered to be one of the best draft years.  LeBron James, NBA MVP and Finals MVP of last years season was selected number one overall.  In addition, all stars such as: Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, David West, and Chris Bosh were picked after Darko.

Please leave a comment if you remember any player(s) that have disappointed you after receiving such high expectations!

Written By Guest Blogger, Matt Goldberg

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Summer Job Series: Preparing for an Interview

You did it! You finally landed that interview you’ve been hoping for and…now what? Once you’re done reveling in the excitement, it’s time to start getting prepared. If you’re well prepped for your interview, chances are, it will go more smoothly. How exactly should you get ready? We’ve got just the advice you need!

Do Your Research

– Browse the company’s website. Check out their mission, their products, their employees…whatever you can find. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to connect.
– Check the news. Find out what’s going on with the company externally. This can help you formulate some questions and show your interest in the company.
– Research the industry. Find out trends and changes that are taking place within the industry you hope to enter.

Prepare Some Answers

– Look up common interview questions and have your answers prepared. Expand upon your resume and determine how you’ll present your skills and abilities as an asset to the company. Have examples ready!

Pull Together a Few Questions

– Nearly EVERY interview ends with the usual “Do you have any questions?” Make sure you have some prepared (and feel free that ask any that come to mind during the interview).
– Feel free to ask about the company or the industry. Both will show that you’re interested and serious. Need further clarification on an aspect of the job? Don’t hesitate to ask (avoid asking about benefits and compensation until you’ve been hired, however).

Confirm the Details

– The day of the interview is not the time to just “wing it.” Make sure you know ALL of the following:
1) Date/Time
2) Directions
3) Location within the building (floor, office number, etc)
4) Name of the Interviewer and their phone number (just in case)

Pick an Outfit

– Have everything picked out, cleaned, ironed, and ready to go the night before your interview. Don’t risk a possible wardrobe hiccup!
– Need help deciding on an ensemble? Check out our Interview Attire article! We’ve got you covered.

You’re all ready for your big interview. Have any more advice you want us to share? Post a comment below!

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Makeup Meltdown? We’re Here to Help.

The summertime brings many exciting things. Warmer weather. Days in the sun. Trips to the beach. While all of these might be good for your mood, they don’t always mean great things for your makeup. How do you keep your face looking fresh despite the heat? We’ve got the scoop:

Invest in a good primer – Apply a good eyelid primer (like the one pictured, from e.l.f.) to your lid in order to keep your shadow in place and crease-free. Despite climbing temperatures, your primer will act as a base that will help your eyeshadow stay put. Pair with an e.l.f. Mineral Eye Shadow for color that won’t budge.

Opt for cream instead of powder – Rising temperatures tend to have a negative effect on powdered makeup. When your sweat mixes with the powder it clumps and appears “cakey.” Avoid the mess by simply switching to a cream formula. Whether it’s on your face or your eyes, cream makeup is more likely to stay in place and look fresh.

Use lighter products – You don’t wear heavy clothes in the summer, so why wear heavy makeup? Allure Magazine recommends looking for silicone-based products, especially foundations. The silicone acts as a barrier that stops makeup from melting. Unless you’re going for a Joker-inspired look, smeared-all-over makeup is something to avoid.

Go for Waterproof Mascara – The best way to avoid smeared mascara? Choose a waterproof formula! COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara is a great choice. It prevents smudgy black marks around your eyes while giving your lashes a big boost.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our tips for putting your best face forward – despite the heat! Do you have any of your own helpful hints to share? Post a comment!

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Last Pinta Island Tortoise, Lonesome George, Dies at 100

A snapshot of the Wikipedia page ft. Lonesome George.

Lonesome George, who was residing at Ecuador’s Galápagos National Park, passed away Sunday morning from natural causes at the age of 100. After multiple failed attempts to mate him with female partners, he had become the last known tortoise of his kind. The Pinta Island Tortoise now joins the the Dodo bird on the extinct list. (They even changed the Wikipedia page to extinct, as shown left) What a sad day for tortoises everywhere.

What effect do you think Lonesome George’s passing will have? Comment below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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An Inspiring Story…

What do young boys normally want to do? Probably play baseball, basketball, or football. However, decisions are not that simple for everyone…

At the age of 2 Riley was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and had to amputate his arm. Now, at age 6, Riley wants to fit in with the rest of the kids his age. His is determined to play baseball while only having one arm.

Check out the video from Huffington Post about his struggle and how he has learned to play:


Riley shows us that anything is possibly, with hard work, dedication, and courage you can accomplish anything you want. I think that many people should learn a lesson from this little boy!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata

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Glamour’s Top 10 College Women 2012

The amazing winners of Glamour Magazine’s 55th Annual Top 10 College Women competition have seemingly done it all. They’ve founded charities, performed in front of grand audiences, and even broken records. We’re here to give you a glimpse of the kind of inspiring young women we’re talking about.


Age: 20

Major: Geographic Information Systems

Kaylee created Tunes 4 the Troops, which brought entertainment to troops all over the world. Aside from shipping more than 1 million to discs the soldiers all over the globe, she also cares for her family, especially her mother who was recently diagnosed with lupus. Kaylee says her grandfather has always been her role model. He was a Marine major and she says that “The way he treated people and served his country – I want to do that too.” We have a feeling she will!

Future goal: To be the first female Secretary of Defense


Age: 21

Major: Social Anthropology

Not only has Annie helped rally student volunteers to install water-purifying units in the Dominican Republic, she also has helped created a service to aid Indian women in receiving prenatal care. This Minnesota native is stopping there, however. She also hopes to stock US groceries with jackfruit which will help generate income for farmers in rural India. She isn’t fazed by the growing magnitude of her projects, though. “I do all these things because I love them,” she says.

Future goal: To receive her M.D. and M.B.A. and shape global health policy with the World Health Organization


Age: 21

Major: Government and Politics

In the fifth grade, Ola was diagnosed with both a heart defect and kidney failure. Because of this, she had to receive transplants of both major organs. Recently, she was diagnosed with a form of post-transplant cancer. Did you think this all slowed her down? Not a chance.

Ola decided to create the Sacred Hearts Foundation and Project Ascend. Sacred Hearts advocates for organ donation and provides children with illnesses with stuffed animals while Project Ascend funds a summer camp for low-income teens in Maryland. Ojewumi has been quoted saying, “While this condition is taking my life slowly, it’s giving me life too.” Powerful.

Future Goal: To become a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, fighting for international women’s rights


Age: 21

Major: Nursing

Though Yali has been in remission for 11 years now, she was once a child leukemia patient. She made her first handbag out of bandanas given to her by hospital nurses when she was only 10. All these years later, she’s still making bags featuring the paisley design – she even collaborated with Kate Spade through the Make-A-Wish foundation! In total, she’s sold about 2,000 bags and has donated all of the proceeds to an arts facility at the hospital she went to as a child.

Future Goal: To become a pediatric nurse practitioner and continue using art to help children with illnesses


Age: 21

Major: Bioengineering

Despite being only 21 years old, Colleen has earned 171 medals and 47 trophies throughout her athletic career. This all-star has participated in track, soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse and currently is a starting player on her NCAA Division I field hockey team. However, she is also ranked sixth in the nation for female cyclists and is the only woman ever to medal in a men’s cycling race. As if all of these athletic achievements weren’t enough, she was also the youngster person recruited by UMD’s honors program at 16.

Future Goal: To win an Olympic gold for track and cycling and to work as an orthopedic surgeon

Want to see who else made this inspiring list? Check out the full article here.

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“Wives” Stop by B&N DePaul: Teresa Giudice and Leah DeSimone

One might think that an event featuring a Real Housewife of New Jersey and a Chicago Mob Wife is sure to be drama filled, but Teresa Giudice and Leah Desimone were nothing but friendly and fun at Teresa’s recent DePaul book signing.

Her new book, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit, was released in May and contains more than 60 low-calorie Italian recipes. It showcases dishes featuring veggies and grilled meats as well as rules for what to cut out of your diet. However, the book is not about depriving yourself – it’s about replacing your old choices with healthier options!

About 215 enthusiastic fans attended the event as well special guest, Leah Desimone from Mob Wives Chicago. Afterwards, Teresa tweeted:





Did you or anyone you know attend the event? What did you think?

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Dish It: PB&J S’mores

Every campfire needs a tasty treat. Sometimes, though, you need a break from the same old S’more recipe and this twist on the classic treat will have you begging for more! Betty Crocker’s PB&J s’more may sound a bit strange, but it’s delicious and super easy to make. Keep reading to learn how to whip up these sweet and savory snacks…

What You’ll Need:

Large Marshmallow

Peanut butter

Strawberry jam

Nature Valley dark chocolate granola thins

What You’ll Do:

1. Spear 1 large marshmallow on Long-handled fork; toast over campfire coals or over grill on low heat.

2. For each s’more, place toasted marshmallow on chocolate side of 1 granola thin. Meanwhile, top chocolate side of 1 additional granola thin with 1-teaspoon peanut butter and 1 teaspoon strawberry jam. Press marshmallow and jelly sides together; hold a few second to melt chocolate.

I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering! Will you be trying this recipe out?

What are your other favorite summer campfire snacks? Let us know!

Written  by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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Wimbledon Championships – Who is Your Pick?

The Big Three: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are all more than ready for the prestigious Wimbledon Championship. Each player is hoping to add another grand slam title to his history.  These three great players have dominated the Tennis game over the last few years.  Over the last 30 grand slam titles, dating back to the 2005 Australian Open, there have only been two winners besides “the big three.”  However, this year’s Wimbledon Championship may offer some star players their last chance to make a run at the title.

Andy Roddick has not won a grand slam since his 2003 U.S. Open title. However, he’s been playing very well as of late, coming off with a win at the AEGON International championship on Saturday (which is a practice tournament for Wimbledon.)

Furthermore, Andy Murray, seeded 4th, is trying to win his first grand slam after losing a previous three.  Recently, he hired Ivan Lendl as his new coach (once ranked number one in the world in 1983 and winner of eight grand slam championships).  Andy will be the fan favorite going into the tournament and will represent Great Britain by playing singles in the Summer Olympics.  On the other hand, Novak Djokovic will be the player to beat since he won the championship a year ago.  He also might be fueled by his grudge that came after losing the 2012 French Open Championship in the finals a mere month ago to Rafael Nadal.

Check out the live action here!

Who is your pick? Post a comment!

Written by Guest Blogger, Matt Goldberg

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