The Roommate Diaries: Keeping the Peace

Even if you’re blessed with a great roommate, there is still a chance you two will hit some bumps in the road. When you’re living in a tight space with another person, it’s only natural to hit some rocky patches. The trick is to prevent slight disagreements from exploding into unnecessary battles. Preventing a blow up will save you both time and energy.

1. Take a step back. Before you get worked up over something, relax for a minute. Are you really that angry that your roommate left the window open or are you actually stressed about your upcoming Finance midterm? Make sure your anger isn’t misdirected before you bring it up to your roommate.

2. Pick your battles. Just because you like to have your closet perfectly organized, doesn’t mean your roommate operates the same way. Unless his or her clothes are overflowing onto your things, chalk it up to accepting your differences. It’s not your job to pick at everything he or she is doing. Focus on the bigger picture.

3. Communicate effectively. If something really is bothering you and the time has come to speak up, pick your words (and tone) carefully. If you launch into an issue in attack mode, your roommate is going to respond in the same manner. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill – be honest, but calm. Rather than sit back and criticize, offer a solution to the problem.

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How do you keep the peace with a roommate? Post your advice below!

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Karmin: From Covers on YouTube to the Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’

Here at The College Juice, we love a good Social Media success story and right now, no one is a better example than Karmin. This musical duo, made up of Berklee College of Music alums, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, blew up the social media universe when they posted their cover of “Look at Me Now” on YouTube. Since then, they scored a record deal, an SNL performance, and two singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. For the engaged couple, however, the best is yet to come.

Recently, they were announced the winners of Garnier Fructis and Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock” contest. More than 850,000 votes were cast before the duo won, beating out other popular female artists like Rita Ora and Dev. The retro-inspired Amy will grace the latest issue of the popular, music-centric magazine out today. Inside, the article will spotlight Karmin’s dedication, enthusiasm, and pure talent. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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Dorm Dilemma: Making a Small Room Look Bigger

“My dorm room is so spacious, I just don’t know what to do with it,” said no one ever. If you’re suffering from a serious lack of space, there’s no need to worry. There are tons of easy ways to make your small room look much bigger without making any crazy alterations. Keep reading for our top four tricks.

Tip #1: Let the [natural] light in. Pull back the curtains and the outside light will connect the indoors with outdoors. This makes the space appear larger because the room is no longer limited.

Tip #2: Clean up the clutter. Few things make a small room feel tinier than having clutter strewn all over. Getting organized will make your room feel bigger and make you feel better.

Tip #3: Make furniture into a 2-for-1. Whether it’s an ottoman that doubles as a storage space or a set of drawers that’s also an end table, it will save you plenty of space and open up the room.

Tip #4: Add some mirrors. Mirrors reflect light which will give your room depth (or the illusion of depth) as well as make it appear larger. Try stacking them in the creative manner we found on Pinterest (to the right).

How do you deal with a cramped space? Post a comment below and we’ll share it with our readers!

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Download Worthy: Flashcards+

How many times have you slaved over making a set of flashcards for what seems like a million terms your professor wants you to know? With this study app, you’ll have the useful study tools at your finger tips all the time. Flashcards+ brings you more than 10-million pre-made decks to help you study. If you can’t find the set of flashcards you need, customize your own! The app can now operate in and speak 22 different languages in order to help you practice pronunciation. Studying has never been more convenient! The app is free for both Apple and Android.

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The IT List: Ankle Boots

Our IT List items of the week are short and sweet. Ankle boots are the perfect footwear option for fall. They’ll keep your feet nice and toasty on brisk mornings but can be easily dressed up as well. From casual to dressy to edgy, there is a pair for whichever look you’re going for. Check out which ones we picked:

If you’re heading to class or venturing on an apple-picking adventure with friends, this casual pair of ankle boots is for you.

The items we picked: Blowfish Hatfield Bootie from DSW, Sandblasted Skinny Jeans, Stripe Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt, Vintage-Inspired Brown Horn-Rimmed Wayfarer Sunglasses

For a dressier look that’s perfect for fall, a sleek pair (like the ones below) will work beautifully. Give your peep-toe pumps a break and step out in these instead.

The items we picked: Michael Antonio Morea Bootie, Gold Blazer by H&M, Cutout High-Low Tunic Tank by Forever 21, Rizzo Leggings from Target, Wire Wrapped Teardrop Necklace

If the above two styles are too tame for you, try out a crazy pair like the ones below. Be careful though, they just might become the center of attention.

The items we picked: Anna Michelle Assassin Bootie, Mesh Sleeve Scuba Dress, Black Faux Leather Clutch, Silver Hoop Earrings by Nicole Miller

Which pair would you pick? Share your choice in the  comments below!

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A Share-worthy Showdown: “Call Me Maybe” vs. “Gangnam Style”

Is Carly Rae still the Viral Video Queen?

Ever since the catchy tune infiltrated the YouTube scene back in March, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” has been a seemingly insurmountable viral heavyweight. The music video alone boasts more than 270 million views, not to mention the countless millions who watched parodies done by everyone from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to the USA Olympic Swim Team. It seemed as though Jepsen’s bouncy hit was going to be the viral colossus of Summer 2012.

That is, until Psy burst onto the scene in mid-July…riding what seemed to be an invisible rodeo horse. And so, a viral showdown of epic proportions began.

Or is Psy the new King of YouTube?

With his eccentric dance moves and infectious song, the K-pop star’s popularity has been exploding throughout the United States, causing a viral supernova in the Social Media universe. The video is both confusing and addictive with overwhelming dance numbers that will keep you glued to the computer screen from beginning to end. We can’t explain it, we’ve just witnessed it.

Now, both videos are hurtling towards 300 million views. Our question for you is: which do you think will get there first?

Post a comment with your pick!

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The Art of Email

In the digital age we live in, sending an email is as common a form of communication as a telephone call (if not more so). Personal emails can be a little more laid back, but interacting with employers or professors poses a bit more of an issue. Check out these simple guidelines and email your way to success.

Don’t Use Slang, Emoticons, or Informal Language

Resist the urge to throw a smiley face or an abbreviation into an email with an employer or professor. Save all the new Emojis you’ve downloaded for your friends. Also refrain from including an “LOL” or “TTYL” – there is a good chance your professor won’t even know the meaning.

Include a Subject Line

Give the reader a heads up as to what is included in the email. If it’s an important message, include that too. Emails sent without subject lines often look incomplete.

Get to the Point

Nowadays, most people’s inboxes are flooded with emails each day so there is a grand likelihood that your message will only get skimmed. Keep it short and sweet – indicate your reason for writing and why it is important. Would you want to meticulously pore over a seven paragraph email? No? It’s unlikely your employer does either.


Like it or not, your emails act as another representation of yourself. Sending emails that are loaded with errors or don’t really make sense will make you come off as disorganized and unprofessional. Double-check your writing before you hit send.

Include a Signature

Be sure to include a signature that appropriately coincides with the message you have sent. Including a brief “Thank You” message, followed by “Sincerely, Name” is usually a safe bet.

How do you perfect the emails you send? Post a comment below and share your advice!

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Better Breakfast Month: Raspberry-Pineapple Parfait

We can’t believe September is already winding down. We’ve had so much fun celebrating Better Breakfast Month that the time just flew by! We’re here with one final installment that includes a recipe packed with Vitamin C, protein, and potassium. It’s a delicious way to kick off your day!

What You’ll Need:

2 8-oz. containers of non-fat Vanilla Yogurt
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 cup of fresh, frozen, or canned pineapple chunks
½ cup of granola

What You’ll Do:

Create the first layer with half of a container (4oz) of yogurt. Continue alternating ingredients with a layer of yogurt to form the tiers of a normal parfait. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Which of our breakfast ideas was your favorite? Post a comment below!

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Falling in Love with Alta Gracia

When she was given the chance to visit Villa Alta Gracia and meet the employees in person, Stephanie Rendon knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With a worker named Ana Maria as her trusty guide, she ventured around the town to visit the workers’ homes. Each encounter helped her understand how Alta Gracia really helps change lives.


She met Lucrecia, a mother of three, Maribel, a working mother and nursing student, and Ana Maria, an excellent tour guide and loving mother. Each of their stories were inspiring in their own way and all three were clear examples of how Alta Gracia has been a positive force in the area.

Stephanie includes that the trip was an eye-opener and that hearing the stories of the workers really makes an Alta Gracia purchase worth it. Read the rest of Stephanie’s story here to find out how Alta Gracia can change your life.

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DIY Dorm: Chevron Soles

Celebrities everywhere can be seen stomping around in their crimson-soled Louboutin’s. Well, for those of us that shop within a slightly lower (okay, much lower) price range, we’ve got an amazing DIY. Show your weary soles some serious TLC with this budget-friendly project that helps any pair of heels step it up.

What You’ll Need:

Nail Polish color of your choice
Tape (Scotch Tape works fine)
Pair of heels

What You’ll Do:

1. We went with this season’s favorite metallic, gold, to add some shine to our shoes. We used “The Next CEO” from Nicole by O.P.I. as our shade (available at select campus bookstores!).

2. Using Scotch tape, we lined the sides of the sole in order to prevent the polish from getting on the body of the shoe.

3. Now, using the tape, you’re going to form the stencil for the chevron pattern. Snip a few small pieces and place them zig-zagged (like pictured).

4. Using the nail polish, paint along the outline you just created with the tape. You may need to add a second or third coat, depending on your preference. Let dry and remove the tape.

5. Repeat this step towards the top of the sole. You may have to cut the tape thinner so that it does not peel off your previous lines.

6. Make sure all of the paint is dried. Peel off any excess tape and enjoy your new shoes!

Pick up Nicole by O.P.I. nail polish at select campus bookstores and you’re ready to get started!

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