The Ultimate Movie Night

Daylight savings time is over and the days are now much shorter. We want to snooze later and get into sweatpants earlier, making a cozy, popcorn-filled movie marathon sound like a slice of heaven. We pulled together some of our best ideas for an awesome movie night in. Whether it’s with the girls, the guys, or that someone special, you’ll be thanking us later.

Revenge of the Nerds

Geeks’ Night In

Everyone loves the cult classics of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Give your favorite geeky movies a new dimension of coolness by using a smart phone projector that you can make yourself with an old shoebox and a magnifying glass.

Our Geeky Favorites: Zombieland, Revenge of the Nerds, Empire Records


Gore Fest ‘12

Once the American Horror Story nightmares are over, consider having a scary movie night. This works best if you invite close friends who share your taste in horror movies. Turn out the lights, turn up the volume, and pick a few awesomely freaky favorites. Check out this list of the top 100 horror movies that are sure to have you sleeping with one eye open.

Our Scary Movie Picks: 1408, 30 Days of Night, Psycho


Chick Flick Marathon

Hello, guilty pleasures! Thursday night may be ladies’ night but Friday is movie night. Make it a pajama party and up the snack ante with a fun dish like our pizza popcorn, homemade guacamole, or Pinterest-inspired pumpkin pie dip.

Our Girl’s Night in Guide: Bridesmaids, Coyote Ugly, She’s The Man, Bring it On (Marathon!)

Casino Royal

Date Night

The trick with picking a date night movie is finding something both of you will enjoy! If you haven’t been seeing the each other that long, you may want to hold off before unleashing your Harry Potter obsession—that’s what Sunday afternoons by yourself are for. And hey, if your honey doesn’t like your movie pick there’s plenty of other guys out there with good movie taste.

Our Cuddle Night Line-up: Crazy Stupid Love, Casino Royale, Almost Famous, Back to the Future

Grab a pair with your school's logo!

Settle in with your coziest sweats and get ready for your own film festival! Grab an extra-comfy pair from your campus bookstore, pick up some snacks, and you’re set. Which movie will you be watching?

Written by Guest Blogger, Alycia Terry

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Monday Motivation

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Safe Online Shopping this Cyber Monday

Shopping online is so easy that it’s kind of dangerous. We’re guilty of being suckers for Shoedazzle deals, steals and basically everything in between. If you’re experiencing the same kind of online shopping mania that we are, then it’s important to know how to keep your computer, money and identity safe from hackers and other unsavory-type internet characters.

1. If you are using your personal computer you definitely want to ensure your firewall is on, you’ve installed the most recent virus protection updates, and anti-spyware has been installed.

2. Shop secure sites that you know and trust (probably not the sites showing up on the side of your Facebook page). Make sure the website has the lock symbol in the URL when you are checking out, which signifies that the connection is secure.

3. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Yes, even on Cyber Monday.

4. Use a credit, not debit. Debit cards are the key to your bank account and filing fraud claims with the bank is a lengthy process, so put an extra buffer between your cash and online robbers.

5. Try not to shop online in a Wi-Fi hotspot. As tempting as it is to sit in Starbucks sipping your peppermint mocha latte and hunting down deals online, often these connections are unsecure and unencrypted according to which makes it easier for hackers to steal personal information like credit card numbers.

6. Keep good records and check your January statements thoroughly. We know it’s painful to look at the after-holiday bills, but ensuring everything matches up is a crucial step to safe online shopping. And then we can start talking about our New Year’s resolution to stop spending like Jay-Z. Maybe.

Written by Guest Blogger, Alycia Terry

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#WhatsTrending: Penny Laine Papers Water Bottles

What do you get when you cross health and hydration with…social media? These amazing water bottles from Penny Laine Papers, that’s what! These awesome foldable water bottles make a statement using social media’s best hashtags. With phrases like #eco-happy and #glamping emblazoned on the front, there’s one for any event.

Staying hydrated has never been more convenient – each bottle folds, rolls and flattens when empty for easy storage. In addition, they’re all dishwasher safe, freezeable, and can stand only when filled. So whether you’re #rockingout at a concert or #urbantrekking through the city, you’ll never have to worry about having a water bottle on hand.

So which one is our favorite? We can’t get enough of the #tooninjaforthis bottle because – really – how can you resist the hilarity of the hashtag?

Which one is your favorite? Where would you bring your water bottles? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget – these are available at select campus bookstores, so come by today!

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Thurgood Marshall College Fund – 12th Annual Leadership Institute and Recruitment Fair Featured Student: Natina McKessey

Our latest Featured Student from the Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s 12th Annual Leadership Institute and Recruitment Fair comes to us from Medgar Evers College. Natina McKessey, originally from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, is a very involved student dedicated to the organizations she belongs to.

As a member of the Women’s Volleyball Team and the Vice Chairwoman for International Student Affairs (part of the C.U.N.Y Student Senate), Natina is both an athlete and an advocate. She feels it is important to work alongside a variety of different people and to learn from all of the groups you are involved with. She is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the VP of Career Placement within the A.A.F, a senior class representative, President of the Radio Nation Club, and a Malave Leadership Academy Fellow! Natina divulges that giving back and building new relationships are what motivate her to be so involved.

So how does someone so busy stay on top of their studies? Natina keeps herself in check by staying honest and realistic. She understands how important it is to prioritize and manage her time properly – and it shows!

Stay tuned for more of our Featured Students. We love being able to share their amazing stories with all of our readers!

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Monday Motivation

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Preppy Chic – Our Character Inspiration

We love that “Preppy Chic” has been making a splash again this season. The clean-cut style that generally includes collared shirts and loafers (and plenty of argyle) has gone through a real revival throughout the past few years. Gone are the pedestrian shades of yore – newer and brighter colors have made their way into the threads of this classic style. We decided to take it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite (and craziest) TV and movie prepsters for even more fashion inspiration. Check out our list and let us know your favorites!

Steff a.k.a. James Spader in Pretty in Pink

Part snobby rich kid, part angsty teenager and total jerk, even Steff’s horrible personality couldn’t stop us from appreciating his outfit choices. Though his morals were an absolute mess, Spader’s ensembles were always perfectly preppy throughout this 80’s classic.


Tracy Flick a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon in Election

Tracy Flick might be a manic and manipulative election candidate, but you have to admire her drive. The extreme example of “preppy,” Tracy’s outfits held real potential. A little less uptight, a little more colorful and she’d be on her way to being a regular fashionista.


Carlton Banks a.k.a. Alfonso Ribeiro in The Fresh Prince if Bel Air

Will Smith might have been the Fresh Prince but his cousin, Carlton, almost stole the show as the Preppy King. Despite being awkward and overbearing, Carlton was always dressed to the nines.


And the queen…Blair Waldor a.k.a. Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl

This “Queen B” is not only the reigning monarch of the Upper East Side, she’s the ruler of our Prepster inspirations. She never has a hair out of a place or an accessory out of season. With perfectly placed bows in her hair and the chicest school uniform around, Blair sits on the preppy throne with ease.

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DIY Dorm: T-Shirt Scarf

There are few things we love more than a good upcycling project. When our Guest Blogger sent us this fun DIY, we were eager to share it with our readers. Keep reading for easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to turn an old T-shirt into a brand new scarf!

What You’ll Need:

Puff paint

What You’ll Do:

1. Start out decorating the ends of the t-shirt with puff paint

2. Once the paint has dried, cut the shirt across (cut below the arms but give yourself enough room to cut strips).

3. At the bottom of the shirt, cut approximately 1 inch strips all the way across (getting close to making fringes!).

4. Hold the shirt down and pull each strip towards you to create the fringe effect. Stretch out each strip to make them longer (don’t pull too hard or else they might rip off).

5. Once you’ve created the fringe, you can then either single or double wrap your new beautiful t-shirt scarf you just made: easy and inexpensive fashion!

Written by Guest Blogger, Aksa A. of RIT

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Monday Motivation

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Windows 8 On Campus

Microsoft recently released their newest operating system, Windows 8. Taking full advantage of emerging technologies and packed with exciting new features, this Windows is completely revamped and ready to change your computing experience. We know that simply reading about these amazing new features can’t compare with experiencing them for yourself first-hand. This is why we are SO excited about the Windows 8 Campus Tours going on right now. Keep reading for more information!

Students and faculty at select campuses will get to see all of the exciting new highlights of the Operating System up close and personal. At these special Windows Kiosk’s, users are encouraged to browse the system and check out product demos.

Students at Troy University checked out Windows 8 for themselves.

From the dynamic new Start Screen to easy-to-use Sharing tools, those who were lucky enough to attend this exciting event were able to find out just how this reinvented Windows will make it easier for them to stay connected.It’s evident that Microsoft understands how important it is to have a computer that reflects who we are and what matters to us. PC’s are such a big part of today’s world and now they can be personalized to match our needs.

Whether you choose a tablet or a PC, it's a Windows that's more YOU.

What do you think of the Windows 8 Campus Tour? Are you looking forward to trying out the new Operating System? Post a comment and share your thoughts below!

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