Pro-Tech-t your Tech

You’ll have valuable electronics to carry around campus and it can be nerve-wracking when you consider how easily they can get damaged. Here are our suggestions for how to keep your stuff safe and to put your mind at ease.


Stowing all your books, electronics and personal items in a sturdy backpack is the first step to keeping everything protected. JanSport backpacks come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and most importantly, sizes, so you can choose the one that will work best for you. The backpack featured here has a compartment designed specifically for toting laptops as well as a water bottle pocket. This classic black JanSport backpack costs $44.98 and can be found at select campus bookstores.

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Decisions, Decisions: Textbook Choices

Students have more options than ever when it comes to textbooks, and we know it can be confusing trying to decide which to choose. As a service to students, b&ncollege bookstores guarantee a book for every student, in the correct edition indicated by the professor. Here are the benefits of each type of book to help you decide which is best for you.


The best benefit of new books is that you are guaranteed to be the first student to use the book. If you like to take notes and highlight in your book without the distraction of previous marks, new books are perfect for you.


The original money-saving option, used books are helpful if you like to see what information other students thought was important and therefore marked in the book. These are also a good fit if you decide to keep the book at the end of the semester as a reference.  Used books also save you over 25% as compared to new books.  And at the end of the term, you can sell your books back for cash, too.  This is a great option to help you stick to your textbook budget.


The price for rental books is incredible – you can save more than 50% as compared to new. You’ll have the book the entire semester, so you won’t miss out on any crucial study time. Plus you can purchase it two weeks into the semester if you think you will want to keep it.  Like to highlight and take notes in your books?  You can note that book up just as you would a purchased text!  When it’s time to return your book, we’ll send you helpful reminders, too so you won’t miss your due dates. We heart rentals!


As with all books, the latest textbook format is the e-book. Digital books are great to help cut down on what you carry around campus – all you need is your laptop and you are good to go. They are also a great way to cut down on spending—You can save up to 60% on digital textbooks!  Download NOOK Study (free) to take notes, highlight and annotate (and so much more) in your e-books, too.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Ok—It’s not a textbook option, but this a great service, so we had to throw it in here.  Lowest Price Guarantee applies to in-store book purchases when another local brick-and-mortar store is selling the same version of a book, for a lower price. b&ncollege bookstores will match that price, making your textbook shopping convenient and hassle free. Ask a bookseller in your store for details on the program!

Which textbook option will you choose this semester? Tell us which is your favorite and why in the comments below.

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Back to School Software Picks

Spring may be the season when everything is new again, but for college students, the fall brings a wave of new experiences and opportunities. Start this school year on the right foot with the programs and software that will help make all of your academic efforts a success.

The savings at are incredible-- students save up to 85% off the manufacturer's price!

1. Microsoft Office is essential in college as you will need to create presentations and write papers no matter your major.

2. All computers need anti-virus software and Norton is among industry leaders for reliable protection. Consider updating to the latest version and never worry about losing your work.

3. NOOK Study is a program for your e-books that lets you take notes, highlight and so much more, right on your laptop or PC.  It is free to download and the awesome features will make e-books your preferred textbook format.

4. If you have ever thought about getting the Adobe Creative Suite, now is the time to do it. Those with majors in the creative field, use these programs and your skills can only improve.

5. FileMaker Pro will help you work with data so that your presentations and reports are turned into the work of professionals. This is a great tool for those who work with large amounts of data, such as finance or statistics.

With the exception of NOOK Study, which can be downloaded here, all of these products can be found at This site has all of the software you need to impress your professors with professional-style reports, graphics and more, in addition to software that protects your computer from harmful viruses. The savings for students is beyond incredible – you can get up to 85% off the manufacturer’s price!

Which programs will you use this semester? Tell us which ones help you the most in school in the comments below.

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This Is Just Fabulous

This site is true to its name– feeds every shoe addicts’ appetite.

I just signed up and I’m slightly obsessed with this website now.  To sign up, you take a shoe personality quiz, which determines your shoe style.  Then, each month, 5 pairs of shoes are chosen by the JustFabulous experts–just for you.  Plus, the shoes are only $39.95!  Love it.

Can’t wait to see which shoes are chosen for me next!

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Monday Morning Money Back

Summer is sadly on its way out, but for college students, this is the exciting time of year when everything is new again. A new school year means new professors, new friends, and the chance to chase down the glory of a football championship.

To help kick-off football season, we are bringing back Monday Morning Money Back at select campus bookstores. It is super easy to take advantage of this great deal: if your team wins their game, everyone receives an in-store discount on select merchandise! Stock up on spirit gear now so you are ready to cheer on your team at their first home game and celebrate your victories with us all season long.

When your team wins, head to the bookstore Monday morning to get your discount!

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Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you are living in a dorm or moving into an apartment, space for all of your belongings is hard to come by. You are going to want to bring a ton of clothes, shoes, towels, etc, but fitting it all in a tiny room can be a daunting task. Select campus bookstores sell storage items just for this purpose.  So take a look at our tips for maximizing your storage space, then head to your store’s website to choose the items that will be the most helpful to you.

Tiered hangers utilize the vertical space in your closet that would otherwise go to waste and keep your pants from taking up valuable dresser space.

Adjustable bed risers increase the space under your bed, allowing you to fit extra storage containers.

The see-through plastic of this under-the-bed container will help you remember what you put in each one without needing a search party and they can be easily stacked on top of each other.

Rolling drawers can be easily moved if they get in your way and are great if you have a semi-private bathroom so everyone has a place to keep their toiletries. No fighting over who gets the bottom drawer!

Folding may not be the most fun chore in the world (I, for one, much prefer to hang my clothes). However, until you are ready to part with your beloved tees and find new uses for them, make space in your dresser by effectively folding your shirts as demonstrated in this helpful video.

How do you stay organized and clutter-free? Share your thoughts with us below!

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Tricks of the Trade

College classes do a great job in preparing students for the real-world.  However, in today’s competitive job market, good grades are not enough to help you land a job. To supplement your GPA and work-related activities, consider subscribing to a trade magazine. Trade magazines are a great way to stay on top of news in the industry you wish to join post-college and you may find job listings in them as well.

Not sure which magazines to look for? Ask a professor for recommendations or ask someone who works in the industry now. If you are unsure what you want to do after graduation, gather recommendations from current professionals and browse the publications’ websites to help narrow down your choices. Many magazines allow you to read a limited number of articles online, which is great for a college student’s tight budget. If the magazine offers a free email newsletter, sign up for that so you are alerted when new content is posted.

Are you subscribed to any professional magazines? Share your recommendations with us (and your peers) below!

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Tech to Help you Succeed

Your back to school shopping list likely consists of the typical supplies: pens, notebooks, folders, whiteout, etc. No matter how proficient you are at taking notes, it was my experience that it’s hard to keep up with all of the note taking in class.  Lucky for you, there is a solution – Livescribe smartpens, available at many campus bookstores.

I’m sure there are many pens or devices out there that allow you to hand-write your own notes while simultaneously recording the audio around you. One of the many cool functions of the Echo smartpen is that it then allows you to go back to your hand-written notes and playback the exact audio that was recorded when the notes were written, simply by pressing on the words on your paper!  So if you miss a part of a lecture, you can easily fill in your notes at a later date with the recording. You can also import your notes into your computer and then search them by topic or keyword.

I don’t believe I am technically savvy enough to convey all the amazing features this pen has to offer, but these videos are very helpful for those of you who need more information. The only question I am left with is this: Why did I not know about these pens when I was in school?

Additional tutorials are available here.

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Tote-ally Awesome!

Totes are tote-ally versatile (yes, I went there!). A cute tote can hold all of your school supplies, function as an overnight bag or haul your beach necessities, at the very least. No matter the activity you have planned, consider making one of these stylish totes your new favorite bag.

Vera Bradley’s new colors are on our Fall wish list.

Vera Bradley is known for their floral patterns in the season’s hottest colors. We love the mix of summer and fall friendly colors in the Safari Sunset pattern.  You can shop the latest colors and styles at select campus bookstores. In case you need help choosing between all the convenient styles, consult Vera’s ‘Top 10 Styles for School’. I loved the Clip Zip ID case while at school; it was very easy to attach to any bag so I always had my school ID on hand.

This hand-painted grocery tote is just $10 on

A simple trip to the grocery store takes on an eco-chic vibe when you can ditch plastic bags for a reusable tote. You can find some unique styles on, which will allow you to distinguish your bags easily from those of your roommates. has this and other totes by Merona®, with prices starting at $16.99.

Summer is not over yet and if your summer is anything like mine, you’ve had a bag packed at all times for impromptu activities. This Merona® Print Tote has a zipper closure, which is great for the beach to help keep out sand and it’s also perfect for keeping everything in place during the times you’re hastily packing for a last-minute trip.

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Style Tips for Summer Interns

Here in NJ, as in many parts of the country, we are in the midst of a summer heat wave. The rising temperatures and humid air may seem like the perfect time to ditch the suit jacket and break out sleeveless dresses, but what happens when you get to work? If your office is anything like ours, it can only be described as freezing. To combat the cold air while maintaining an essence of professional style, consider keeping one (or more!) of these suggestions in your car or at your desk – your chattering teeth will thank you.

Old Navy cardigans come in several colors and styles and prices start at around $27.

1. Dresses and blouses alike are easy to pair with a cardigan. Think about what colors you typically wear to work and keep one handy that will match all of your outfits for the week.

2. An important meeting may come up at the last minute, so having a suit jacket on stand-by will ensure you are ready to liaise with your boss or other company higher-ups. Full posts →

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