The IT List: Bookstore Chic

Imagine our excitement upon discovering the article on Hercampus discussing a fabulous trend at Fordham University: Bookstore Chic. The article commented on everything from Free T-shirts to fashion forward clothes and accessories. We are beyond thrilled to share some of what this blogger included on her list of favorites as well as add in a tip or two of our own. Check it out for yourself!
1. Free T-Shirts: Nearly every college or university is more than happy to present students with an array of free collegiate shirts. Whether you wear them to the gym or out (perhaps after reading our Stylish Ways to Wear Your Favorite T-Shirt post?), no one will be questioning your school spirit. Paying for cool clothes is definitely last-season.
**BNC Tip: Have an exorbitant amount of T-shirts you just aren’t going to wear? Check out our DIY Dorm blog post and turn them into cute pillows for your dorm room!
2. Lounge Wear and Hoodies: Sneak a peak into any morning lecture and chances are a good portion of the students are sporting comfortable clothing or a collegiate hoodie. Logo-ed yoga pants let students feel extra comfy without looking sloppy. This look (pictured left) gets two-thumbs up from us!
3. Our Pick: Style for a Cause! Our trend tables are always bursting with attention-grabbing accessories. The best part, however, is that many of these accessories don’t just look great, they support a great cause! From beaded bracelets to cascading scarves, the most beautiful parts of these pieces are the stories behind them (Keep your eyes peeled in June when we spotlight all of our favorites!).
Get the full Bookstore Chic article here. How do you incorporate bookstore items into your style? Post a comment below and we’ll share it!
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Save $5 At the Bookstore, You Deserve It!

It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments.  All that cramming, highlighting and writing has finally paid off with summer break just around the corner.  It’s also paying off with this coupon–  Print the coupon below and redeem in store.  You’ll save $5.00 off your purchase of $10 or more.  It’s our gift to you.

Click on the image below, print and you’re all set to save some cash.

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Want This: All Nighter Mug

Sleep is for the weak.

With this dose of caffeine, you'll be powered up all night long.

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Spring: It’s In the Bag

Budding leaves, blooming flowers, chirping birds and the smell of fresh-cut grass all mean one thing: Spring has (finally) arrived. As you begin trading in your chunky sweaters and heavy coats for tank tops and flip flops, you’ll likely consider giving your handbag collection a spring makeover, as well. Before you’re left wondering which bag to grab, consult our list for inspiration. We have solutions for just about every situation.

The mauve color of this Forever 21 Leatherette Matelassé Handbag is a pretty spring hue.


Formal Fun

For many college organizations, this is the time of year to hold a Formal. That typically means wearing a fancy dress, spending hours on hair and makeup and ultimately trying to recreate the magic of your prom experience. Forever 21 has a number of bags to complete the look you are going for on your special night, all within a reasonable price range.  Like this one– The color screams spring, the chain dresses up the bag and it’s the perfect size to hold your formal necessities.

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Shop Ethical Fashion With School House

It’s not just about size, color, long sleeve or short– It’s also about the message and story behind the clothes.

If you take a minute to stop and think about that tee you’re trying on, chances are it has traveled across open waters to land in the store you are browsing.  It was at the hands of a hard worker who depends on each stitch to feed his or her family. 

One Fullbright Scholar, Rachel Weeks, took time to think about those who were spending their days sewing and manufacturing her clothes and how many of them were poorly paid.

In 2007, Weeks traveled to Sri Lanka in hopes of bringing free and fair fashion to college campuses, according to School House.

Shop School House and make a difference.

So, to create quality garments while improving labor rights, Weeks teamed up with ALARM, a Sri Lankan coalition of labor rights organizations and trade unions, to launch School House. 

School House pays premium prices to its suppliers to ensure living wages are paid in the manufacturing facilities, according to the company’s website.   

So, when you shop School House, you are making a difference each day, t-shirt by t-shirt.  Shop School House at your campus bookstore today and contribute to the success of ethical fashion for all.

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Stay Trendy While Running Late

We’re all guilty of running late once in a while. Whether we wake up late, miss the bus or just plain lose track of time, it can be difficult to find an outfit that doesn’t make us look like a hot mess. Personally, sweats are my default on lazy days, but I realize they’re not always the most flattering.  So, when time itself is running faster than you are, consider this as your go-to look. And for those of you already wearing this ensemble on a regular basis– rock on.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring

Spring is right around the corner and what better way to kick off the season than with some cute new shoes? We picked five styles that are sure to make your feet the envy of your peers.

Flatforms – The New Height of Comfort

A new trend this season, Flatforms, combine the height of a platform shoe with the comfort of a flat. This new style is being paired with every look from casual to chic, day to evening. Check out some recent runway styles at fashionurbia.

These flatforms will set you back about $700, but affordable versions and similar styles will certainly be in high demand.

That’s the Spirit!

School Spirit is always in style and while we support mascot-inspired pedicures, we realize not everyone is THAT artistic. So, the next best thing? Spirited, Varsity flip flops.  Warmer weather is on its way so grab a pair and you’ll never be without pride.

For just $19.99, rock school spirit and show off that perfect pedi.

Make a Statement: Wedges

The Flatform trend may not be your style, so for those who look for the added height, statement wedges are the way to go. Added details and varied wedge widths have given this seasonal classic a 2011 makeover. For your spring wedge fix, feast your eyes on Shoeblog.    

These American Retro wedges are to die for this season. At about $500, they are but a dream. *Sigh*

Flip-Floppin’ Cool: Havaianas

Bright colors, fun patterns and effortless comfort define the Havaianas brand. With spring break right around the corner, pick up a pair at your campus bookstore to show your pedis wherever your travels may take you.

The Havaianas Slim Turkish print liven up any wardrobe for just $30.

Rain, Rain– Stay As Long As You Want

You know what they say, ‘April showers, bring May flowers.’ As you gear up for the wet weather, don’t be the only one on campus sporting rain-soaked pants and grass-covered feet (Ew.). Available in a wide variety of colors and styles (and of course, spirit!) your feet will stay dry, warm and totally in-style.

School spirited rain boots are available at many campus bookstores for $49. So, pick up a pair and make a splash.

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Exclusive Excerpt: Tabatha Coffey’s “It’s Not Really About the Hair”

You gotta love Tabatha Coffey.  The no-nonsense attitude and tenacious personality of the Bravo TV star wins you over in a heartbeat.   But how did Tabatha, of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” gain such independence and strength?  She tells all in her new book, “It’s Not Really About the Hair”.

Available at your campus bookstore now

From tales of her childhood to stories of entrepreneurship, everyone is sure to learn a thing or two about gaining a sense of self and achieving one’s dreams.  Take it from the excerpt below, “Living the Dream”, where Tabatha helps you decide what will make you happy in life.

Living the Dream

It isn’t easy to “live the dream,” but for some people it’s even harder to figure out what “the dream” is. I knew early on that I wanted to be a hairdresser, but if you’re one of those people casting about trying to figure it out or saying, “Oh well, I’ll just go to law school,” then I have a few key questions that you should ask yourself:

• “What makes you miserable?” While this might not seem like the logical starting place, it is. You’d be amazed how many law school graduates hate practicing law. They should have asked themselves this question before they applied.

 • “When you have a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, how do you spend it?” Now, if your answer is in bed with a bowl of cold cereal, I can’t necessarily pinpoint your dream—other than to say it involves Cap’n Crunch. But even reading the newspaper tells you something. Maybe you want to report the news or deal with politics. Maybe you like the sports page and will become the manager of the New York Yankees. And that brings me to my second point:

 • Dream big. Leave it to others—whether it’s your sworn enemy or your mother—to tell you something can’t be done. If you have a dream, supersize it. It’s healthier than a Happy Meal and doesn’t cost you anything. Go after your dream like it’s the biggest deal you have ever seen and treat it like a monster to be tamed. If it’s easy to attain, then it might not be your dream after all.

 Excerpted from It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty by Tabatha Coffey. © 2011, It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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Save Cash By Renting or Buying Used

Does buying always trump renting? I don’t think so! Does buying used mean you’re not getting the best of the best? Not in my consumer-wise opinion! Buying brand spankin’ new–not to mention purchasing something you may only need for a short period of time– isn’t always the best way to go, especially on your wallet.

There are plenty of rental and “used” options, which will leave your bank account oozing with cash. Take it from me– I’m definitely thrifty when it comes to purchase decisions. Renting items and buying used products has put some of the more luxurious things in life at my fingertips– like a Louis Vuitton bag and Dolce & Gabbana dress (don’t kid yourself– you never have to pay full price!).  Here are some great things to rent or to buy gently used, which will take your savings to a new level. 

This Milly dress retails for nearly $400. But, you're a smartie so you'll rent it for just $50!


Rent Designer Dresses, Jewelry and Accessories: For special occassions, you want a special dress, right?  I mean, you don’t want to post pictures to Facebook wearing the same dress for the zillionth time.  But who has the money to keep buying new frocks (not me!)? So, for those date nights and formals, visit RentTheRunway (RTR).  You can rent designer looks at 90% off retail prices. From dresses to necklaces to earrings, this site has it all.  RTR helps you look chic, fresh and financially savvy in a new, hot wardrobe.   

Buy Gently Used Clothing and Accessories: When you’re on a tight budget, even the sale racks can be your worst enemy.  Sure, you can score some deals on new, everyday clothes, but it’s hard to find those brands you drool over.  In comes, Plato’s Closet to save the day!  This retail store sells gently used clothing from brands like Abercrombie, bebe and Lucky Brand.  From shorts to jeans to dresses, transform someone else’s lost trend into your personal style.  With store locations around the country, your inner-fashionista is sure to spend an entire day browsing the racks and saving up to 70% on the same clothes you would see at the mall. 

Rent this Louis for about $50!

Rent Designer Handbags, Watches, Sunglasses:  Avelle’s Bag Borrow Or Steal is like my personal oasis.  You can rent top designer accessories!  Some scenarios as to why this site is amazing: If you’re going on vacation and want a pair of gorgeous Coach shades, you can rent a pair for $13/week.  Have a job interview and want a fabulous Louis Vuitton handbag (that shouts, “Hire me and I’ll make you a million bucks!”), rent one for $26/week.  Or how about a watch to match that power-suit? Again, rent a diamond Charriol for $67/week!  This site is perfect for the student on a budget. 

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Official: iPhone Coming to Verizon 2.10.11

The headline speaks for itself.  The iPhone is finally going to be available on Verizon come February. 

Students rejoice!  Do you have an iPhone?  Will you be getting one in February?

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