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Simple Ways to Go Green: Part I

04-15 Going Green Featured
Saving the planet should be a year-round mission, but with Earth Day rapidly approaching, we're feeling particularly inspired to go green. Gather some inspiration of your own with our list of Simple Ways to Go Green below.  Full posts →
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The Original Right Pack

Getting everything in order for the new term seems to be on everyone’s minds lately. With the next semester sneaking up, getting top-quality supplies couldn’t be more important.

We’ve always been big fans of the JanSport Right Pack. It’s big enough to fit a laptop or stash a few textbooks, but never feels bulky or over-sized. The pockets are perfect for keeping smaller items organized, while the padded straps keep your shoulders in tip-top shape.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that this bag we’re so fond of was actually invented by college students! Back in the late 1960′s, a few friends from the University of Washington were looking for a way to keep their things dry despite the rainy Seattle weather. A few years later, the Right Pack was born. With its signature suede and sturdy leather bottom, the Right Pack has endured the test of time (and rightfully so!).

We love hearing tales of success and JanSport’s origins are just that. With their business first set up above a transmission shop, their team has come a long way. Their story just goes to show that a dream, an idea, and hard work go a long way.


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#StudentsDoingGood Spotlight: TCU Frogs for the Cure

We know that students are ready to change the world – for good. That’s why we’ve been focusing on Students Doing Good all semester long! From action shots of students volunteering to random acts of kindness on campus, we’ve been asking for your photos with the hashtag #StudentsDoingGood. The pictures have come pouring in and we couldn’t be happier to aim the spotlight on all of the students who are making an impact.

As most of you know,  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though October has finally faded into November, the Frogs for the Cure at Texas Christian University are still continuing the fight! For the past nine years, they’ve partnered with Susan G. Komen to raise awareness, provide education, and get their community involved in the fight against Breast Cancer. The Frogs are currently competing in the Pink Glove Dance Video Contest where they have the chance to win $25,000 for Susan G. Komen!

The “Pink Glove Dance” began at the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon back in 2009. The Medical Center posted a video that went viral. It showed 200 people dancing and ultimately was featured on several media outlets. They made a sequel and, eventually, the Pink Glove Dance Video contest was born.

This year, TCU Frogs, alumni, and parents teamed up with Baylor All Saints and the band, Green River Ordinance. They put together their “Purple Reigns Pink” video, set to the Green River Ordinance song, Rise Up. With dancers clad in “Rise Up” T-shirts and pink gloves, the video features TCU’s school color (purple) turning into pink – showing solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Check out the Frogs’s PGD video, posted below. Want to vote in the contest? Vote here and help support their worthy cause. It only takes a minute! First-time voters need to register their email address but, once you’re all set, you can vote once per day!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Rise Up tee, they’re available online here or in-store at the TCU Campus Bookstore. For more information about how to get involved with TCU Frogs for the Cure for Komen, check out their Facebook page or website. Together we can bring an end to breast cancer…forever!

We can’t wait to see more amazing examples of #StudentsDoingGood! Don’t forget – for each photo submitted with the hashtag, Barnes & Noble College will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity. Keep up the good work!

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Rhapsody and Barnes & Noble College Team Up to Give College Students Unlimited Streaming Music with a Special Back to School Promotion

We at Barnes & Noble College are happy to have partnered with Rhapsody to get college students back in the school groove—without breaking the bank. Students can get all the music they want, online and on mobile, for as little as $4 per month for the Freshman offer, available only on college campuses.

College students can pick up a one, two, three or four year Rhapsody membership for up to a 58 percent discount at select Barnes & Noble campus bookstores for a limited time.

The exclusive Rhapsody student offers include:

  • One year membership for $79.99 ($120 Value)
  • Two year membership for $139.99 ($240 Value)
  • Three year membership for $179.99 ($360 Value)
  • Four year membership for  $199.99 ($480 Value)

With Rhapsody, students will experience unlimited streaming without ads, exclusive content and playlists curated by editors, and Rhapsody radio for those times when your brain hurts too much from all-nighters (studying or otherwise!) to think about what to play next. Plus with the Rhapsody app, students can download as much music as they want to listen when they are out and about.

Music makes every moment better, whether it’s waking up to make an 8am class, late night study sessions, going to the gym or hanging out with friends. The musical adventures are endless with Rhapsody’s 20 million track catalog.

Head to your Barnes & Noble campus bookstore and start listening to music that goes where you go.

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The IT List: Delicate Jewelry

If you’re like me, then you’re not always sure which accessories to add to an outfit. This latest jewelry trend might be delicate, but it leaves a strong impression. Statement pieces have been all the rage for a while, but dainty jewelry is starting to make its mark. The best part? You can mix-and-match and layer until it really looks exactly how you want it to. Keep reading to see some of my favorite pieces…

Delicate Necklaces

I love the simplicity that a dainty necklace can bring to an outfit. They give the right amount of attention to your neckline without taking over your entire outfit. Different lengths are great for layering and will still maintain that delicate quality. Check out some of these super cute delicate necklaces that I’ve found!

Square necklace from Urban Outfitters ($14), Initial necklace from Forever 21 ($3.80), Heart necklace from J. Crew ($19)

Dainty Rings

I find dainty rings to be really feminine and perfect for any time of year. They don’t take over your hand, but they’ll still make your manicure pop. I’m really into the midi rings that I’ve been seeing around that only go down to mid knuckle. The good thing about these delicate rings is that you can really play around them and stack them up and they don’t look too cluttered or crazy. These are some of my favorites:

Rose gold knuckle set from Brandy Melville ($4), Arrow ring from Lulus ($11), BP. small stone ring from Nordstrom ($6), Heart ring from Nordstrom ($11)

Tasteful Bracelets

I’ve never liked having anything on my wrists because it always felt so bulky to me, but delicate little bracelets feel barely-there while still adding to what you’re wearing. They aren’t noisy like bangles and they aren’t bulky like cuffs, which is perfect for me! Here are some of the ones I love:

Love bracelet from ($19), Handcuff bracelet from ($9), Alex and Ani College Logo Charm Bangle from select B&N College bookstores ($32)

Which do you prefer, delicate or statement jewelry?

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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Finding the Right Mentor for You

As much as we’d like to get to where we want on our own, it often take the support of others to really propel us forward. We get the help of family, friends, and other supportive people. In particular, mentors can play a large part in shaping who we are and what we become. A mentor can be found in many forms, such as a teacher or an older classmate or friend. An article in “I Want Her Job” looks at how to find a mentor to guide your endeavors.

How to Find (And Keep) the Right Mentor For You:

1.)   Figure out what you want

What goal are you going for? What areas do you need guidance in? What kind of mentorship are you looking for?

2.)   Get the Coffee

Make as many connections as you can. You never know who you’ll find to help you or who you can help.

3.)   Create (and keep) the Relationship

Once you’ve found someone who you can see as a potential mentor, it’s time to create the relationship. Reach out to them, and remember that a relationship is a two-way street.

Be sure to check out the full piece for more helpful mentor advice!

Written by Guest Blogger, Katherine Chang

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College Care Packages

Whether you’re already back on campus or getting ready to head to college for the first time, sending (and receiving) care packages to friends at other schools can be a fun way to keep in touch. Not sure where to start? Here are some great snack ideas that your friends will definitely appreciate:

  • Bottled water
  • Candy bars
  • Gum
  • Canned soups
  • Cereal and oatmeal
  • Granola bars
  • Chips
  • Brownie mix
  • Rice crispy treats
  • Homemade cookies
  • Ramen noodles
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels or party mix
  • Protein bars
  • Tea or lemonade mix

For Health and Hygiene care package ideas click here!

Please let us know your favorite items you always ask for in your care package!

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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Writing the Perfect Email

Nowadays, we’re so used to texting, Facebook chatting, and abbreviating everything under the sun that composing a proper email becomes a daunting task. HerCampus posted a great article about composing a professional email. Take a peek at some of their tips and check it out before you accidentally include “lol” in the next email to your professor. Full posts →

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Summer Book Club: World War Z

The AMC monster-hit (pun intended), The Walking Dead, has led me to realize that I am a surprisingly big fan of the zombie genre. I think what draws me to this topic is the survivalist aspect of the entire subject. Zombie epics tend to focus on how characters adapt to the dangerous new landscape, survive despite the horrifying twist in human nature, and work towards an ultimate solution.

I was intrigued when trailers for the movie, World War Z, began appearing and wondered how it would hold up. I was pleasantly surprised by the film – it was fast-paced and thrilling. These zombies were different than their The Walking Dead counterparts, but equally as interesting to watch. The movie also focused on the global nature of the pandemic, whereas The Walking Dead zeroed in on a group of survivors in Georgia. My interest was piqued…I decided to purchase the book by Max Brooks.

The format of the book was one thing I found most impressive and most interesting. It isn’t written as a regular narrative but, instead, as an oral history of “The Zombie War”. The main character travels all over the globe and takes down the testimonies, memories, and recaps of all those who experienced this undead nightmare first hand. By weaving together the stories of many people from many countries and many backgrounds, Brooks pulls together a fascinating story of human nature and national survival. Though the entire “story” is set ten years after World War Z has ended, the detailed accounts from each character make the reader feel as though they are living through it with them. Each person’s story revolves around the same major event and, yet, each story is vastly different than the one before it.

Brooks underlying social commentary is subtle, though very much present. The tale leaves readers with eerie thoughts of “what if?” – what if this really happened? What if I had to live through this? What if we didn’t respond quickly or effectively enough?

Another thing that I enjoyed was the difference between the book and the film. The film operates from the perspective of one man and how he travels the globe to help combat the pandemic, unlike the book which operates as an oral history from dozens of different perspectives. As a film, I felt this way of story telling was much more effective. It pulled general themes and specific events from the book, but lured the viewer in with action and a personal attachment to the protagonist. Because it was very different that the book, the differences were not bothersome but, rather, quite welcome. It felt like the same story told from one perspective, rather than many.

Have you read World War Z and/or watched the film? What did you think?

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The IT List: Gameday Boots

It should come as no surprise that one of our favorite times of the year is when football season starts up again. With a whole new batch of games on the horizon, an entire new array of school spirit & tailgate apparel becomes available. One of our favorite items for the new season is the handcrafted Gameday Boots. The school logo and intricate embroidery give a delicate, spirited appeal to the typically rugged footwear. We pulled together some stylish inspiration for whatever type of game you’re attending this year!


Homecoming is the perfect time to go all out with your school spirit. A loose tee and leggings are super comfortable without losing their stylish edge. Sunglasses will keep the sun off your face while the boots add the finishing touch.

Get the look: LSU Tigers Burnout Hi-Low Raglan Tee from LSU Bookstore, Aviator Sunglasses from Forever21, Gold Necklace from H&M, Gameday Boots from LSU Bookstore, Team Dynamics Game Faces Temporary Tattoos from LSU Bookstore

A Night Game

Stay comfy and cozy during a late-night game. We opted for jeans and a fleece crew to ensure maximum comfort while you cheer on the team. This pair of boots seemed like the perfect, spirited complement to the rest of the outfit.

Get the look: Gameday Boots from University of South Carolina Bookstore, H&M Jeans, South Carolina Elite Fleece, Reeds Hoop Earrings

Tailgating All Day

Some games just call for an all-day tailgate! Stay cool and comfortable in a breezy sundress with matching spirited shades. You’ll be ready for any photo-op with your logoed boots!

Get the look: Blue Eyelet Sundress from Madewell, Gameday Boots from WVU Bookstore, Key Necklace from Forever 21, Billboard Shades from WVU Bookstore

How would you wear your Gameday boots?

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Products We Love: Blogger’s Picks

When it comes to makeup, I have to admit, I’m a bit of a beauty junkie. I find myself inside Sephora every time I’m at the mall and I’m always in the makeup aisle at my CVS. I’m like a kid in a candy store! Since I spend a lot of my time trying out new products and playing around with different looks, I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite products. These are my tried-and-true go to makeup items.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain ($8)

I currently own three of these and I am obsessed! The pen-like applicator makes it’s so easy to use and I find that the stain really lasts all day. It doesn’t dry out my lips and all of the colors they have are amazing. These are perfect for almost any occasion – day or night!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation ($12)

What I really like about this foundation is that it comes in two formulas – one for dry/normal skin and one for oily/combination skin. There are 20 different shades so it’s easy to find a color that’s perfect for you! It’s a lightweight formula, but still has amazing coverage and looks natural.

Covergirl’s Clump Crusher by Lashblast Mascara ($7)

This really lives up to it’s name! This is my favorite mascara to reach for when I want a natural look for my lashes. The wand really separates the lashes so there aren’t any clumps, but still gives a little bit of fullness. I really like the black-brown shade because it’s not too harsh for a daytime look, but it still makes your eyes look amazing.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen ($7.80)

I am a big fan of dramatic winged eyeliner for a nighttime “going out” look and I find it very easy to achieve with this eyeliner pen form Revlon. The fine tip point glides across the lid very well and is easy to build with, so this can be used for both natural and dramatic eye makeup. I like how opaque the black is on the lid and the formula is very long lasting so it won’t fade! **Check your campus bookstore for all your CoverGirl necessities!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ($27)

I use this eyeshadow palette everyday because it’s so simple, but so versatile. It has 6 eyeshadows that are all matte except for the first color (Venus) that has a little shimmer in it. It has everything I need to take me from day to night and the packaging is small enough to take on the go. The pigmentation in the shadows is amazing, they’re easy to blend, and they last all day!

What are your makeup must-haves? Tweet us your favorites using the hashtag #bncollege!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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