Download Worthy: Venmo

“I don’t have any cash on me.”

“I only have twenties.”

“I’ll pay next time.”

How many times have you said those words to your friends, or had them said to you? Let’s face it – with no urgent need to keep cash on you anymore, it’s getting harder and harder to fairly split checks, cabs, tabs, bills, etc. That’s where Venmo comes in.

Venmo is a FREE app that allows you to pay your friends back instantly and safely – from your bank account to theirs, and vice versa. Just select a friend, choose an amount, send a message (optional), and hit send payment. I don’t know how I didn’t learn about this app until recently, but I won’t go another day without it. I intend on approaching my landlord about using Venmo for my rent payments too!

Venmo is now available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. How do you use Venmo? Tell us what you think!

Written by Blogger, Sandy Gomez

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Download Worthy: Impulse Save

Let’s be honest, saving money is hard! We’re young and we want to have fun (and it usually costs us money). It might seem too early to start seriously saving your money, but the earlier you start the easier it gets – and the more you’ll save. I came across this app called Impulse Save that lets you save your money right from your phone – how cool is that? What I find to be really great about this app is that you can also use it from your computer. Here’s the simple breakdown – you create an account and securely link your checking account. Then, you can create your saving goals and set the amount you want save each week, and then it will tell you how long it will take until your goal is reached. It’s super easy and extremely practical for all college students. It’s easy to spend your money, so why not let it be easy to save too!

Available on both iOS and Android.

Have you used this app before? Tell us what you think!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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Download Worthy: QuizCross

If you’re as obsessed with trivia as we are, you’ll be happy to hear about this app. QuizCross combines Trivia with the childhood favorite, Tic-Tac-Toe. Take turns answering trivia questions in order to win your square…three squares in a row means Tic-Tac-Toe! Topics range from science to sports to entertainment, so pop culture junkies and chemistry whizzes will both be satisfied. It’s the perfect app for your study break – fun AND challenging. Download it today and give your brain the workout it deserves!

It’s available for both iOS and Android…and it’s free!

Have you ever played before? Tell us what you think!

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Download Worthy: Viggle

You’ve probably checked into a location, but have you ever checked into a TV show? With Viggle, you can do just that. It’s a free app that gives TV-watchers rewards for checking into the shows they’re watching. Viggle automatically identifies (in a way reminiscent of the Shazam app) the television shows its users are tuned into and awards them points once they’ve checked in. Points can be redeemed via the app’s rewards catalogue for tons of different items, including gift cards and movie tickets. Feeling generous? Points can also be converted into donations to charity. Now THAT is cool.

What’s even more fun about the app is that users are encouraged to play along live. Answer trivia, see what others are Tweeting, and vote in polls. If you’re already watching the show, you might as well get points – right?

Have you ever used Viggle? Post a comment below and tell us your favorite feature!

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Download Worthy: Trello

Group projects are a common part of many college courses. Often, they entail weeks of seemingly-endless brainstorming and collaboration until the looming due date approaches. Make your team experience run more smoothly with the Trello app. Create boards, organize them by cards, and upload attachments – all in one place!

This free app helps your group improve communication by eliminating an influx of emails and keeping everyone on the same page. You can communicate with other team members in real time in order to gather opinions and assign tasks. Group projects are complicated enough – simplify them with this helpful app!

Looking for more tips to help you survive your next group project? Check out our guide here!

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Download Worthy: Flashcards+

How many times have you slaved over making a set of flashcards for what seems like a million terms your professor wants you to know? With this study app, you’ll have the useful study tools at your finger tips all the time. Flashcards+ brings you more than 10-million pre-made decks to help you study. If you can’t find the set of flashcards you need, customize your own! The app can now operate in and speak 22 different languages in order to help you practice pronunciation. Studying has never been more convenient! The app is free for both Apple and Android.

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Download Worthy: Ultimate Checklist

We all know the feeling: you have somewhere to be and haven’t packed a thing. Sometimes, the problem is getting started. Get a jumpstart on packing by downloading the Ultimate Checklist app. The app is pre-loaded with packing lists for more than 50 different occasions, from beach trips to Christmas parties to packing for college. Edit, export, and add to each checklist in order to personalize it for you needs or start from scratch and create your own (you can store an unlimited number of lists so don’t feel the need to skimp!). Share and email lists with friends and family and easily send them to the printer if need be. Packing has never been SO simple!

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Download Worthy: Evernote

We’ve all suffered from information overload at one point or another. From homework assignments to social media updates, our everyday lives are chock full of new information to process. Evernote is a free app meant to help you stay organized and increase your productivity, even on the go. Save things you like or any ideas you want to keep in mind. The best part is you can search through everything you have saved using a keyword or tag! Evernote is available for both iPhone and Android as well as NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet!

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Download Worthy: Pulse

As college students, it’s important to keep up with not only what’s happening on campus, but what’s going on in the world. Pulse is the app that can help you do just that! This application (available on the Nook and most smart phones) adds an interesting twist to usual news and social websites by pulling all of your favorites into one, easy-to-read patchwork. Personalize your news to encompass all of your favorite topics and Pulse will add new content every week. The great thing is that Pulse is socially-oriented as well! Browse Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, and YouTube from within the application and share interesting news stories with only two taps! Pulse comes FREE on both the Nook Color and Nook Tablet.

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Download Worthy: Write Notes

Customize all of your own notes!

Keep all of your notes and memos close at hand with this useful app, Write Notes! There are three different kinds of notes you can take: Simple, Sticky, and Handwritten. The Simple Notes allow you to choose color and text style, while the Sticky Notes allow you to move notes around, resize them, and even customize color and style. Add an unlimited amount of Simple Notes and up to 30 Sticky Notes!

The coolest feature is “Handwritten Notes.” Compose each note using your own finger – choose the line thickness and color that suits you and erase or undo when necessary. Instead of having Post-Its scattered all over your dorm, keep them in one, customizable spot!

Write Notes is also password protected with auto-recovery features and is available on your NOOK! Have you ever used this application? Post a comment and let us know what you think!

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