Freaky Friday: Moravian College

Freaky Friday is back just in time for one of the most notoriously spooky days of the year – Friday the 13th. As a student at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I thought this was the perfect time to share some scary stories from my school.

Moravian has been around since the 1700s; in fact, it is the 6th oldest college in the country! It started out as an all girls seminary and is now a college and seminary for both men and women. The long-standing history of the school was more than enough to convince me there must be some spooky tales. I was definitely not disappointed – keep reading to see what I found!

It is rumored that Comenius Hall, the oldest building on north campus, is haunted by John A. Comenius, the person the building is named after! People say they have seen a light going back and forth on the top floor of the building.

A war nurse haunts the music building on south campus. Some students claim they feel a cold spot in the room or have seen her figure walking around. She is also notorious for opening and closing doors. I have a friend who claims he was the only one in the building when he heard her footsteps along with the sounds of doors opening and closing!

The residents of Bernie-Willie dorm are subjected to loud scratching and banging noises. One might be quick to blame neighboring rooms for causing the noise, but the cement walls that separate the rooms make the source of the sounds a mystery. Students living in this building have also claimed to have heard someone running back and forth on the roof.

I had no idea there were so many spooky stories from my school! Does your school have any ghostly tales? Share them with us in the comments below and you could see yours featured here soon!

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Freaky Friday: Shawnee State University

We searched high and low – and at the end of a rainbow – but much like a leprechaun’s elusive pot of gold, we could not find any Saint Patrick’s Day themed ghost stories to bring you this week. We did, however, find some very chilling stories on the campus of Shawnee State University. Keep reading to see what spine-tingling tales this Ohio university has for us this week!

Cold spots, mysterious noises and unidentified shadows plague the campus of Shawnee State. Our research uncovered reports of suspected ghostly activity in the University Library, Advance Technology Center and Massie Hall, to name a few. Most of the reported ghosts are believed to have previously haunted the neighborhood on which the campus now stands. Perhaps they are disgruntled with losing their former homes? Or maybe they have made a new home on campus? We need your help – we can’t decide!

Vern Riffe Center is claimed to be the most haunted place on campus. Many people believe they have seen shadows lurking in the hallway when it was otherwise unoccupied. Some claim they have heard a child’s laughter coming from the hallway while others have heard a woman’s voice in the auditorium after the crowds have gone home. We’re inclined to think the voice belongs to someone who wouldn’t let anything stand between her and the theater – not even death.

Do you have a story to share with us about the ghosts at Shawnee State University? Post a comment with your tale below & we might feature it here in a future Freaky Friday!

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Freaky Friday: Washington College

Our reader Ella told us to explore the ghost stories at Washington College and we are sure glad she did! One of the oldest colleges in the country, Washington College seems to also be one of the most haunted campuses we have come across yet. Keep reading if you think you can handle all of the ghostly tales we uncovered!

Middle Hall

The creaks and groans of Middle Hall are expected considering the building’s long history on the campus, yet one student’s end of the year surprise had no clear-cut explanation. Having hung up a brand new poster when classes started, it came as quite a shock to a WC student when he took it down to find what looked like the handprints of a child covering the back. The poster hadn’t moved from its spot all year, leaving most to believe this could be nothing but the work of the paranormal.

Minta Martin Hall

There are two spooky stories from this building; we’ll leave it up to you to decide which is more frightening!

The bathroom of Minta Martin once had stalls with doors on hinges that kept them shut. A female student was looking in the mirror when she saw all of the stall doors open at the same angle & then heard all of the toilets flush in unison. The hinges on the stalls would have made this physically impossible without someone – or something – holding them open, but the student did not stick around to find out the exact cause. I can’t blame her, I have goosebumps just thinking about it!

Our second story features another female student who was one of few people in the building to stay behind during a break. She woke up in the middle of the night to what felt like a cat walking on her bed, then proceeding to curl itself up to take a nap. When she went to sit up, her body felt as though something invisible was holding her down.

Have you had a run-in with one of the ghosts at Washington College? Share your stories with us in the comments below, we’d love to know more! Full posts →

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Freaky Friday: Illinois State University

We found this week’s story & we are dying (pun intended) to get more information about the ghost in the Milner Library at Illinois State University. The library was named for Angeline Milner, an adored librarian whom students often referred to affectionately as “Aunt Ange.” She took up her position at the school in February of 1890 and was instantly recognized for her passion and dedication to the school & its students.

After 37 years on the job, the story goes that she was in the biology section, organizing books when she collapsed and died some time after. Though her beloved library has since received a new home, those who work in the original building are convinced that her spirit lingered behind, intent on keeping up her life’s work.

Have you had an encounter with “Aunt Ange” or heard stories of her presence on the campus of Illinois State? Share them with us in the comments below for a chance to see them featured on The College Juice! Full posts →

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Freaky Friday: Rowan University

Unexplained creaks & thumps, flickering lights and a bathroom door that opens on its own are all signs that point toward the work of the supernatural. Students at Rowan University have more than one ghostly figure to blame for any odd occurrences in Bunce Hall. If an article on the university’s website is accurate, they may have as many as six! Fear not, though – those who have had a run-in with one of the many spirits that inhabits the building say they mean no harm…for the most part.

Perhaps the most well-known of the ghosts, one spirit is believed to be that of Elizabeth Tohill, the university’s first drama teacher. Bunce Hall houses the Tohill Auditorium, named for the teacher who seemingly never left. Affectionately referred to as Liz by students, there are claims that she has dropped in on rehearsals and performances in the auditorium, even being daring enough to take part in a chorus line!

The paranormal investigation group South Jersey Ghost Research was brought into the building in 2007 to find out if ghosts indeed were to blame for the mysterious chills and noises often experienced in Bunce. Using infrared motion sensors, voice recorders and other equipment, they found ghostly activity all over the auditorium – I have chills just thinking about it!

I am definitely convinced that these ghosts are real, but am I alone? Do you know more about the ghosts at Rowan University? Share your stories with us in the comments below! Full posts →

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Freaky Friday: University of Tennessee at Martin

There is a group at the University of Tennessee at Martin that certainly believes in the presence of the paranormal in their midst. They call themselves the Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Martin, PRISM Paranormal for short, and with a Facebook page boasting over 4,000 fans, it is clear they have made a name for themselves on campus.

This past fall, the group hosted events around the campus of UTM including their 4th Annual UT Martin Haunted Adventure and several ghost hunts around Halloween. The description for one such ghost walk says there are stops at campus buildings including Clement Hall, Pacer Pond & the quad, however there is little information about the ghosts that reside in each on the fan page.

PRISM Paranormal’s influence extends far beyond UT Martin’s border, with their website housing case files from clients all over northwestern Tennessee and the surrounding area. Anyone who believes they have spirits dwelling in their home within their service area can request an investigation or cleansing. The site also provides clear signs to aid potential clients in identifying a true haunting.

Despite all of the research and investigations PRISM Paranormal has conducted, I can’t help but remain a skeptic. So I want to hear from anyone who has taken a tour or participated in one of PRISM Paranormal’s events! Did the group convince you of the existence of the paranormal? Or are you now further convinced that ghosts do not linger among us? Tell me what you know about the ghosts at UT Martin in the comments below!

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Freaky Friday: University of Mississippi

Having grown up in New Jersey a mere 20 minutes from where the New York Giants play, it is safe to say that I have Super Bowl fever. As I count down the hours until game time, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to explore the ghosts of my beloved quarterback, Eli Manning’s, alma mater. Without further ado, I bring you the tales of ghosts at Ole Miss.

The Lyceum

The University of Mississippi opened its doors in 1844, not long before the start of the Civil War. Consequently, the school’s early history is defined by its students’ participation in the war and the campus’ involvement. Those who were wounded or near death as a result of local battles were housed in the Lyceum, one of the school’s original buildings. It was also where students who served in the war took their classes. To this day, unexplained sounds in the building are attributed to its agonizing past and believed to be caused by “traumatized soldiers returning to the comfort of a happier place.”

William Faulkner

Faulkner and Ole Miss shared Oxford, Mississippi as their home for more than 30 years. Though Faulkner did not receive a degree from the university, he took a few classes there and the school later purchased his home, which is now a destination for literature and history-buffs alike. Visitors to the grounds have said a man’s cries can be heard along with unidentified footsteps and mysterious banging. The spookiest part of all is the claim that his writing has appeared on the walls, which is believed to have been written by Faulkner’s ghost. Creepy!

Have you heard of these stories at Ole Miss? Do you know of more freaky tales we should cover? Tell us in the comments below and your story could be featured here!

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Freaky Friday: Boston University

This week’s hunt for ghosts at Boston University has left me convinced I must be missing out on the real hair-raising campus stories. Given the city of Boston’s rich history and ties to the Revolutionary War, my expectations were sky-high for some truly spine-tingling tales to share with you. What I found, instead, has me convinced that further investigation is necessary. Take a look at this video of an allegedly haunted dorm at BU and answer this question for me: is this the best ghost story on campus? Share your tales of other-worldly encounters at Boston University in the comments below!

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Freaky Friday: Saint Louis University

A quick Google search for ghosts at Saint Louis University brings up more than 2 million results…literally. Luckily for me, a dedicated Facebook group created by students of SLU was among the first few links I researched, and here I found all of the information I needed for this week’s Freaky Friday post.

It became clear from browsing the posts that the Saint Louis University Paranormal Investigators were on to something. The group previously hosted ghost-seeking events on campus and shared pictures of the outings as well as details about the mysterious sounds they heard. One picture of a staircase on campus has a caption that claims an elderly woman’s ghost has been seen there before, yet it is unclear if she was out to play the night the picture was taken.

Other activities were documented on the page, including a viewing of the movie The Exorcist, yet their fan page has not been active in about a year. Maybe they stumbled on to something that kept them from continuing their ghost-hunting efforts? Do you attend Saint Louis University? Do you know why the Paranormal Investigators group appears to be no longer active? Share what you know with us, below!

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Freaky Friday: Temple University

As someone who ‘misplaces’ things often (No, Mom, I didn’t lose my phone, I just can’t find it right now!), I found the ghost in this story from Temple University to be extremely helpful. Whether there is truth behind this tale or not, I will be heading into the New Year hoping to encounter a ghost like this one!

The Conwells

During the early days of Temple University, founder Russell H. Conwell lived in a house on the site where Peabody Hall now stands with his wife, Sarah. Three years after her passing in 1910, Conwell began seeing her spirit in their bedroom. At first he was convinced that his long work hours had caused his eyes to play tricks on him. After several weeks of continuing to see his wife in their house, he finally sought treatment from two different doctors, both of whom attributed the visions to his hectic work life.

Desperate to prove that the vision was real, he asked the spirit for assistance in locating his army discharge papers, which had been lost for 25 years. With the spirit’s help, he located them, stashed behind a bookcase in their library, in a box that had belonged to his late wife.

To further prove the spirit’s existence, he next asked a servant to hide a gold pencil where he wouldn’t readily find it. When his wife came back, she was able to locate it for him on a shelf in their medicine chest.

Sources say that the last time Conwell saw his wife’s spirit was during the same year when she first appeared to him. My guess is that she was there to help him recover what he had lost and when her work was done, she went on her way. What do you think about this story? Do you know other ghostly tales from Temple University? Tell us about them!

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