The IT List: Mint Green

Pastels are usually a spring fashion staple and this year is no exception, with one color in particular popping up on and off the runways. Mint green is proving that it looks good on more than just mint chip ice cream! From Vera Wang‘s high-end dresses to simple nail polishes, this hue is adding a fun freshness to the upcoming season. With its cool undertone, it complements any skin tone and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. College Fashion and Fashion Bomb Daily both deemed it one of the top 5 Hot Color Trends for Spring 2012! Check out some of our favorite “minty” items and feel free to share you own!

From shoes to shirts to bags, it has never been easier to integrate color into your wardrobe. We love mint green paired with pale yellow or a light orange, but don’t forget to work in some neutral shades as well. You don’t want pastel overload!

To make this trend extra simple, we’ve included some of our favorite pieces for inspiration:

Get the looks:

ModCloth Blouse
Converse AllStars
O.P.I. Nail Lacquer
Crossbody Purse by Mossimo
Dangly Earrings by Forever21
Heels by Seychelles

How do you plan to work this trendy shade into your wardrobe? Share your ideas or questions with us below!

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The IT List: Nautical

The Nautical trend has long been associated with goofy figures like the cartoon sailor, Popeye, and the awkward Gilligan, but we’re here to prove that this fashion statement can actually be more chic than cheesy.  Cherry red and navy blue are the perfect hues to make any outfit pop and with its clean, crisp stripes, this trend will have you turning heads on land and at sea. Whether you’re heading to class or to a party, you’ll be fashion-forward. Read on for our tips and ideas for how to pull off a Nautical look three different ways! The best part? Many of these items are available at select campus bookstores!

*Products vary by store.


Though you want to be comfortable while attending class, it’s important not to come across as sloppy. Pairing a navy blue blazer with denim and a striped tank is an easy way to take a casual outfit and make it look more polished. Red and blue accessories, like the headband and scarf shown, add some finishing touches while sandals are the perfect shoe choice to keep you comfortable. Don’t forget your red backpack!

*Products vary by store.


Just because you’re working out, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion forward. Yoga pants and a red and white striped tank top are fitted but not confining and athletic sandals can be kicked off easily once you reach the gym. Keep stray hairs out of your face with a trendy headband and stash your collegiate water bottle and yoga mat in a red, white and blue striped tote bag. If you think it might be a little chilly on the walk to and from your workout, don’t forget to pick up a college hoodie from your campus bookstore!

*Products vary by store.


Just admit it – parties are a lot more fun when you’re excited to show off your outfit! Offset fitted red skinny jeans with a flowy blue top and laid-back grey flip-flops. Adding some neutral (but trendy) accessories – like a beaded necklace and some bangles –  takes the outfit up a notch, without being too flashy. Throw on a fedora and grab a clutch and you’ll be good to go!

Whether you can’t get enough of all things ocean-related or have never even set foot on a boat, we know you’ll love this season’s Nautical trend! With our easy-to-follow guide, you’re all set to pull off this look. Have any other outfit ideas you can’t wait to share with us? Post a suggestion below!

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Campus Obsessions

Each year, the trends (or obsessions!) change drastically! For example, freshmen year we just had to have a Vera Bradley backpack (and accessories…available at many on-campus bookstores) and this year there are simply more important things for a college student to rock (like American Apparel V-necks, eye-popping scarves and feathers in our hair.)  Trends aren’t just for apparel, though.

Everyone got Twitter accounts last year, and this year we are tweeting up a storm! With Twitter we all feel like celebrities. We tweet anything and everything, even to-the-minute details like if we flossed, or forgot to, and people actually read it.

Even though followers can’t see you tweeting, it’s still important to look good going to class. Let it be known that I am a boot junkie and not ashamed of it! You can spice up any outfit with a great pair of boots. We love rain boots in bright colors to make rainy days a little more fun.  They work really well in the snow too if you put those fuzzy insert things in them… (I don’t know what they’re called!) If you have unlimited access to your parents’ funds then go with Hunters, otherwise many on-campus bookstores have great rain boot options! And for those beautiful fall days without snow or rain, who wouldn’t love to wear Tory Burch boots? Actually, who wouldn’t love anything Tory Burch to take you from ordinary student to glamorous fraternity socialite?

Sometimes being fraternity socialites just isn’t enough for us though, and we crave a little more entertainment. When we do, there is nothing more fun than to hunker down in our Victoria’s Secret PINK campus sweats with a large popcorn and watch those housewives! Our obsession with housewives started with Desperate Housewives but now it has expanded to the Real Housewives (Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New York City, etc.). We love hearing about their juicy drama and plastic surgeries gone wrong. They have everything money can buy (and more), and though we would NOT want to be them, we do love to take a break from our own reality and live vicariously through them!

Unlike the Housewives with nothing to do but socialize and shop, being college students we have insane schedules. We stay up all night socializing and then up all day studying. So, having a good caffeine source is a must. Starbucks is always a good option, but this year we have a new coffee obsession. We love iced lattes in those cute little glass bottles.

Jump on board with these obsessions and find out why we love them so much!

~Natalie B., Indiana University Fashionista


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The IT List: Dolman Sleeves

A fall trend we love this year is the dolman sleeve top.  The perfect dolman top has extra large arm holes and cinches off in a tight cuff around the elbow, bonus points if it hangs off the shoulder.  These tops are comfy and can be flattering to any body shape.  With roots in both yoga wear and 80’s fashion, it’s no wonder this style is a hit.

If you want to try this look, finding the right silhouette for your body shape is important.  While the dolman is an especially forgiving silhouette for large upper arms, it can swallow-up shorter torsos.  To avoid looking frumpy, pick thinner, drapey fabrics over chunky knits for a slimmer look.  The jersey off the shoulder look to the right would be flattering on any body type!  Pair with a statement necklace and skinny jeans to dress it up, yoga pants or leggings for lounging or a trip to the gym.

What do you think about this trend?  Would you wear a dolman top as is or layered with a tank top?

Written by Guest Blogger Jennifer Hazzard

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Would you wear a Pinny?

It looks like the biggest trend at the shore this summer is pinnies.  So what is a pinny?  Don’t worry– I had no idea so I Googled it, too.  Once I had a visual I couldn’t stop seeing them in parks, at the pool, even my local grocery store.

A pinny is a mesh sleeveless, usually reversible, lacrosse-type jersey.  I polled some of my girl friends and most confessed to stealing them from boyfriends and brothers to wear  working out or as a cover-up at the pool or beach—and I can see why.  The light-weight material would be crazy comfortable in this 90+ degree heat wave.  Plus, it’s reversible, we’re talking two tank tops for one!  I wish I had one of these when I was at the University of Delaware.  It would have been perfect for tailgating in August and September.

So my question is when, where, and how would you wear a Pinny?  How would you accessorize it?  Is this strictly a boardwalk or pool-side garment, or would you rock it in Philosophy 101?

Written by Guest Blogger Jennifer Hazzard

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The IT List: Crew neck sweatshirts

We can't help but fall for this spirited Camp David crew neck.

While we believe hooded sweatshirts will always be a campus favorite, crew necks are making their way into our hearts this fall. We love the more fitted silhouette this style shows off and the feminine details make them ultra-chic. Crew necks are perfect to layer over t-shirts while cheering on your team during a football game or under a heavy jacket when the colder weather approaches. Pick up this hot trend at your campus bookstore today and be amongst the fashion-forward this fall.

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