Made in the USA – Car Magnets from Natural Life

Sometimes, a few little words can brighten your whole day. Spread a little cheer each day with these #MadeInTheUSA car magnets from Natural Life. Natural Life is the ultimate place to find fun stuff and sentimental accessories. Founder, Patti Hughes had a deep passion for creating sentimental keepsakes. Eventually, she turned this hobby from a passion into a business. Since then, Natural Life has blossomed and now offers all sorts of free-spirited gifts that inspires their recipients to BE HAPPY.

With quaint designs and motivational messages, these magnets are the perfect accessory for your car. What is even more beautiful than the designs is that Natural Life is dedicated to bringing happiness to the places in the world that need it most. Many of their products are dedicated to a mission of philanthropy and community outreach. Now THAT is something worth supporting!

I would have to say that one of my favorite magnets features an Owl and the famed Beatles’ line, “Let it Be.” Check out all of the magnets they have and let us know your favorite!

Natural Life’s line of car magnets is available in select Barnes & Noble College campus bookstores.  Swing by and check them out for yourself! Add a little extra cheer to your life.

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Made in the USA: Whitney Howard Designs

If an outfit is a cake, accessories are the frosting: they might not be essential, but they sure make things a whole lot better. Our most recent Made in the USA obsession,Whitney Howard Designs, takes accessories we love – necklaces, rings, bracelets – and puts a little extra heart into them.

If you’re looking for a small gift that holds a big meaning, these accessories are for you. From “Inspire Rings” to “Keys to Your Heart“, these tiny trinkets pack a heartfelt punch. The entire collection is inspired by the designers’ desire to bring peace, love, gratitude and healing, to those who give and receive them.

One of our favorite pieces is the Quotable Cuff. Each has a tiny graphic and inspiring quote that will keep you motivated all day long. Stack them or wear each cuff one at a time! We love that these earth-friendly products are made from recycled pewter.

Swing by select Barnes & Noble College Campus bookstores and pick out gifts for all those close to you!

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Made in the USA: Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural Lip Gloss

We’re continuing our Made in the USA series with Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural Lip Gloss this week. The most interesting part about this installment is that the company’s back story is just as intriguing as its shimmery lip treatments. What began as a DIY experiment bloomed into an unbelievable mixture of talent and products. Mad Gab’s main focus now is creating and marketing all-natural products that are unique in appearance, effectiveness, and quality. We’re happy to carry their Wildly Natural Lip Glosses in select stores! Keep reading for more info.

Wildly Natural Lip Gloss uses both Shea butter and organic oils to moisturize without feeling sticky. Their natural color palette includes pink, plum, and bronze – the gloss will kick your smile up a notch without overwhelming your look.

So why do we love this “Made in the USA” product so much? It’s a cosmetic that both enhances natural beauty and encourages a healthy lifestyle.  All of Mad Gab’s products are made, packaged and promoted with minimal waste and each lip gloss comes in a clear-plastic recyclable tube. They’re pretty, both inside and out!

Want to try the glosses out for yourself? Stop by select Barnes & Noble College campus bookstores and pick up a tube!

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Made in the USA – Freakers

You’ve probably dressed up your pet before, so why not dress up your drink? Prevent that icky feeling you get from holding a condensation-soaked iced coffee with our latest obsession – Freakers. They’re like sweaters for your favorite frosty beverage and they’re part of our latest series, Made in the USA.

Few things are worse than that cold, drippy sensation that accompanies clutching a cold frappuccino or iced tea. Beyond that, those little cardboard sleeves sometimes just don’t cut it. With that in mind, Freaker USA has solved this problem with their array of fun and feisty beverage insulators. With names like “Baberaham Lincoln” and “The Dude”, they have somehow managed to take a mundane object and make it cool.

Which ones is your favorite? Post a comment or stop by select Barnes & Noble College campus bookstores and pick one up!

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Made in the USA – Pretty by Caren

You asked and we listened! Back in October, we posted a blog raving about one of our latest skincare obsessions, Pretty Please by Caren. Our stores got tons of feedback from you guys asking for the full-sized bottles of the Pretty Please Body Lotion. Well…your wish is our command! These fun – and pretty –  products are back for Round 2 in our Made in the USA series, large bottles included. Keep reading for the full scoop on these fresh fragrances and why we love them.

Hand & Body Lotion

Both of these moisturizing lotions are sure to make your skin feel nourished and smooth. The winter months can be harsh, so indulge your skin with the rich blend of olive oil and aloe vera. With splashes of juicy mango and wild freesia, you’ll smell as great as you’ll feel. Silky skin and yummy scents? We’ll take it.

Shower Sponge & Lip Balm

We still can’t get enough of this ingenious soap-infused sponge. It’s good for 15 washes and smells as fresh as can be. Lather up with these luxurious, moisturizing bubbles while you exfoliate and nourish your skin. Keep the lip balm with all of your everyday items. Swipe some on whenever you need a little boost!

Body Wash & Sparkle Spray

Our last set of items feature the same fresh fragrance we can’t get enough of. Lather up with the moisturizing body wash which will leave you smelling fresh and ready to go. Add a little shimmer to your day with the Pretty Please Sparkle Spray! You’re ready for whatever comes your way.

As if you haven’t fallen in love with these products already, the mission of Pretty by Caren is to educate young girls about the importance of protecting their skin. They use naturally-derived ingredients and all products are Paraben and Sulfate free!

Stop by select campus bookstores and see for yourself! This skincare line is pretty amazing!

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Made in the USA

No trend feels quite like home as much as the wave of Americana that’s been sweeping the nation. With a big nod to nostalgia, this trend celebrates all things that come from the land of the Red, White & Blue. We’re very excited to kick off our latest style series: Made in the USA. Each week we’ll be featuring a new product that’s – you guessed it – made right here in the United States. This week, we’re starting off with a set of tote bags that combine this trend with our other love – classic books.

Out of Print Clothing honors some of the greatest stories ever told through fashion and accessories. As their name suggests, they take iconic (and often Out of Print) book covers and feature them on their products. The result is a beautiful combination of literature and style. What’s even better – for each product sold, Out of Print donates a book to a community in need.

We’re thrilled to be carrying a few of their AMAZING tote bags in some of our stores. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Jane Austen or as intrigued by the mysterious Jay Gatsby as we are, you’ll be sure to fall in love with these bags.

The feathery Pride and Prejudice cover art comes from the original 19th century jacket designed by Hugh Thomson. However, if you’re anxiously awaiting The Great Gatsby film release this year, you can satisfy your Gatsby craving with the bag based off of the renowned 1925 first edition jacket by Francis Cugat. The Jane Eyre tote’s sweeping colors come from the Universal Library edition jacket.

These bags are available at select Barnes & Noble College bookstores so stop in today! Which bag will you be toting around? Post a comment!

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