Rhapsody and Barnes & Noble College Team Up to Give College Students Unlimited Streaming Music with a Special Back to School Promotion

We at Barnes & Noble College are happy to have partnered with Rhapsody to get college students back in the school groove—without breaking the bank. Students can get all the music they want, online and on mobile, for as little as $4 per month for the Freshman offer, available only on college campuses.

College students can pick up a one, two, three or four year Rhapsody membership for up to a 58 percent discount at select Barnes & Noble campus bookstores for a limited time.

The exclusive Rhapsody student offers include:

  • One year membership for $79.99 ($120 Value)
  • Two year membership for $139.99 ($240 Value)
  • Three year membership for $179.99 ($360 Value)
  • Four year membership for  $199.99 ($480 Value)

With Rhapsody, students will experience unlimited streaming without ads, exclusive content and playlists curated by editors, and Rhapsody radio for those times when your brain hurts too much from all-nighters (studying or otherwise!) to think about what to play next. Plus with the Rhapsody app, students can download as much music as they want to listen when they are out and about.

Music makes every moment better, whether it’s waking up to make an 8am class, late night study sessions, going to the gym or hanging out with friends. The musical adventures are endless with Rhapsody’s 20 million track catalog.

Head to your Barnes & Noble campus bookstore and start listening to music that goes where you go.

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Concert Watch 2012

Many people think of summer as the prime time for concert-goers, but fall is actually a big season for music too. Tons of artists offer shows throughout the US and – with the weather still mild – it’s definitely a fun weekend activity.  Just figure out what type of show you want to go to and check for a city near you!


The Black Keys (mostly in the West, NYC end of September)

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (October – early December)

The Black Keys will be touring mostly out west but will make an appearance in NYC at the end of September. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will be keeping busy from October to early December as they make their way throughout the country. Get your tickets!


Kelly Clarkson and the Fray (September)

Popular music fans can get a double dose of fun this fall. Kelly Clarkson will be touring with the Fray throughout September. It should be a good show as both artists are major pop heavyweights.


Wiz Khalifa (October – November)

In the rap arena, the big name this fall is Wiz Khalifa. His new album, O.N.I.F.C., hits stores mid-September and he’ll start touring not long after. It will definitely be interesting, so stay tuned.


Zac Brown Band (September – November)

Jason Aldean (September – October)

Carrie Underwood (September – December)

Country fans will not go without this fall. Jason Aldean and Zac Brown Band will start touring in September and country superstar, Carrie Underwood, will continue performing through December. Grab your cowboy hat – you’re in for a good show!


The Who (November – February)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (September – December)

Foo Fighters (September)

Rock fans of all eras will be satisfied this term. Veteran rockers will be thrilled to see The Who traveling from November to February, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers make their way throughout the country during the earlier fall months. The Foo Fighters will be playing in September so don’t miss out!


Aviici (September – October)

Tiesto (October – December)

If you’re looking for your EDM fix, Aviici and Tiesto – two of the biggest names in the genre – are here to satisfy your craving. Both will be touring throughout the majority of the fall, so check for a city near you!

Which show will you be heading to? Did we miss any? Post a comment!

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Christina Aguilera – Ready for Her Comeback

A sneak peek at her new video!

Christina Aguilera, the pop princess with the booming voice, is ready for a huge comeback this year with her new album. During the past few years, Christina went through tough times with her very public divorce and the media critiquing her personal life and physical appearance. However, Christina has moved on and recently told Access Hollywood that she is in a good place.  Her new album is coming out and has been somewhat of a “rebirth” for her.

The album features the work of many well-respected producers and songwriters, most notably Max Martin. Martin is the production genius behind Britney Spears’ mega hit “Baby One More Time…”

Christina Aguilera on "The Voice"

Christina’s debut single off the album is called “Your Body,” a pop/dance track that has a tad bit of R&B flavor. She has mentioned the album will be very similar to her older album (Stripped), because it will have “pop ballads” and “dance pop songs.” Between her upcoming album and a new season of The Voice, it’s shaping up to be a stellar year for Miss Aguilera.

Do you think the album will end up on top…or just flop?

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New Albums Set to be Released

The summer season is always filled with tons of new music. However, this fall is shaping up to be a whirlwind of new melodies and fresh lyrics. What’s even better is that the next few months are not just brimming with new songs, but with album releases. Whether you like the folksy crooning of Mumford & Sons or the whiplash-inducing lyrics of Kanye West, your musical appetite will definitely be satisfied. We’ve got a list of some of our top picks for the Fall. Check them out…and share your own!


Kanye West’s new album, Cruel Summer, is set to release on September 4th. The artist will pair up with Skrillex in one of his new songs, though the album has not released the tracks as of yet.  Love him or hate him, West is one of the more consistent artists these days, producing very popular songs in each of his albums.

You might also want to check out: Busta Rhymes Year or the Dragon (August 21st), Wiz Khalifa O.N.I.F.C. (September 18th)


Mumford & Sons “Babel” coming out into stores September 25th has been in the works for a while.  The band started writing songs for this album over the last two years.  Dwane says, “the album is full of aliveness.”  The group has been on tour, constantly traveling all around the world.  The band’s main theme of the new album will focus on being away from loved ones as it was felt by the band members.

You might also want to check out: Dave Matthews Band Away from the World (September 11th), Imagine Dragons Night Visions (September 4th), Matt and Kim Lightning (October 2nd)


Taylor Swift’s album, “Red” is rumored to come out on October 22nd. She said the name came from all the different emotions she has experienced from her crazy relationships. Recently released was the single “Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

You might also check out: Christina Aguilera’s new single Your Body (September 10th) and Nelly Furtado’s The Spirit Indestructible (September 18th)


Deadmau5’s album will be set to release on September 14th. The album titled, >Album Title Goes Here<, is available to be viewed on iTunes.  However, only one of his songs called, “Professional Griefers” (feat. Gerard Way) is available to buy.

You might also check out: Major Lazer Free the Universe (November 6th), Calvin Harris Calvin Harris (October 29th)


Akon is excited to release his new album Stadium September 11th. It will be his 4th album released in his career.  He described the album as “a piece of everything.”

You might also check out: Trey Songz Chapter V (August 27th), and DJ Khaled (August 21st)

Which album will you be picking up?

Written by Guest Blogger, Matt Goldberg

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Spice Girls Reunited!

Five of Great Britain’s favorite ladies definitely spiced up the Closing Ceremonies this past Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the Spice Girls! My sister and I used to watch their movie, Spice World, all the time when we were younger. The girls – Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Posh – reunited once again at the London Summer Olympics 2012! Their performance reminded us why we love their “Girl Power” so much.

Catch the full performance here. What did you think?

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata

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Top 30 Summer Songs


Billboard picked their top 30 “Summer” songs of all time this week. While some of the songs on there are not what I would have picked, most of them are on point.  There’s a great mix of artists, from Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry all the way to Nat King Cole and The Beach Boys.

All of these songs were on the top Billboard Hot 100 chart for weeks as number 1. Katy Perry topped the list with her hit summer single “California Gurls.” This was no surprise; this song was a huge smash (it’s SO catchy!).The band, The Lovin’ Spoonful, was Number 2 on the list with their single “Summer In The City,” a hit from 1966.

Heading to the beach? You might want to add some of these songs to your iPod! Are there any artists or songs you would add?

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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Spotlight On: Rachel Crow, Putting a Stop to “Mean Girls”

The young teen sensation from the X-Factor, Rachel Crow, has come out with her brand new single, “Mean Girls.” As the title suggests, the song encompasses a strong message about bullying and I think it’s great that Rachel is raising awareness about this serious topic. The powerful message is only complemented by Rachel’s powerful voice and strong story-telling lyrics.


The song was produced by Toby Gad (who Rachel co-wrote with), Matt Squire, and Jonas Jerberg and was written in only three days! On HELLOGIGGLES, Rachel said “I really want [“Mean Girls”] to not only inspire kids who have been bullied, but I also hope to inspire the kids that do the bullying to stop that behavior.”

Rachel’s titled EP will be coming out today! So make sure you check out the rest of her singles. She will also be touring with the talented boy band Big Time Rush. This is just the start of her successful singing career and I cant wait to hear more about this talented young artist.

What do you think of her new single “Mean Girls”?

Written  by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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Hot Summer Event: Summer Beats Concert Series

Billboard and Pepsi are coming together for their first ever “Summer Beats Concert Series” featuring Billboard’s chart-topping artists. There won’t be many tickets available, only about 1000 tickets for each event. If you’re like me and DYING to see this concert, then don’t fret because you’ll be able to watch right on Twitter (for free!).

This will be Pepsi’s first enhanced live stream and it will all be in real-time so you won’t miss a beat! I really like the social aspect of this – I can’t wait to be able to interact with everybody while the concert is going on.

If you really want to see the show in person, Pepsi has also recently teamed up with Viacom to hand out free tickets. Don’t miss your shot to win – after all, how cool would that be? If you want to win, all you have to do is tweet images of their “Live for Now” moments using a designated hash tag. If you win, you’ll become the official Pepsi NOW Correspondent on the site.

The first concert is on Tuesday, June 26th in Los Angeles, the second will be held in Nashville at the end of July, and the last concert will be held in New York City in late August.

What artist would you like to see performing at Pepsi and Billboards summer concert?

Also, what do you think of the concert going live on Twitter? We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so post a comment below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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