Download Worthy: Ultimate Checklist

We all know the feeling: you have somewhere to be and haven’t packed a thing. Sometimes, the problem is getting started. Get a jumpstart on packing by downloading the Ultimate Checklist app. The app is pre-loaded with packing lists for more than 50 different occasions, from beach trips to Christmas parties to packing for college. Edit, export, and add to each checklist in order to personalize it for you needs or start from scratch and create your own (you can store an unlimited number of lists so don’t feel the need to skimp!). Share and email lists with friends and family and easily send them to the printer if need be. Packing has never been SO simple!

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Download Worthy: Seesmic

Updating and managing multiple social network accounts can get time-consuming. With Seesmic, the easy-to-use-app, you can view and update your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz all in one spot! You can also receive message notifications and share photos and videos as Facebook, and Google Buzz are all fully integrated. It’s also the best Twitter for Android client, with a simple, streamlined interface that includes all of the usual features like multiple account support, lists, retweets, Twitlonger, and conversation thread views.It’s available on both Nook and Nook Color tablets and comes at an unbeatable price – FREE!

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Download Worthy: Write Notes

Customize all of your own notes!

Keep all of your notes and memos close at hand with this useful app, Write Notes! There are three different kinds of notes you can take: Simple, Sticky, and Handwritten. The Simple Notes allow you to choose color and text style, while the Sticky Notes allow you to move notes around, resize them, and even customize color and style. Add an unlimited amount of Simple Notes and up to 30 Sticky Notes!

The coolest feature is “Handwritten Notes.” Compose each note using your own finger – choose the line thickness and color that suits you and erase or undo when necessary. Instead of having Post-Its scattered all over your dorm, keep them in one, customizable spot!

Write Notes is also password protected with auto-recovery features and is available on your NOOK! Have you ever used this application? Post a comment and let us know what you think!

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Download Worthy: Stumbleupon

For anyone who has ever clicked their way through Stumbleupon, I think we can all agree that the idea is pure genius. While using Stumbleupon, I’ve made my way through hundreds of awe-inspiring photographs, read interesting articles that I probably would not have found on my own, and discovered an abundance of other sites that fit my interests. So when Stumbleupon decided to go mobile, I could not have been more excited. This app gives you access to your favorite finds from wherever you might be– your mobile accounts sync with your StumbleUpon web account! It also makes it even easier to share any favorite discoveries with anyone via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Happy Stumbling!

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Download Worthy: Springpad

Meet your new Personal Assistant!

Want a personal assistant? With this app, you can have one! Springpad is the ultimate organizational app.  It not only lets you quickly save ideas and other bits of information you want to remember but it automatically categorizes it and supplements it with useful links and other enhancements. It enables you to share your notes and set reminders as well as receive alerts to related news, offers, and deals. It’s compatible with most phones and tablets and is absolutely free! Want to get started or learn more? Watch this short instructional video and you’ll be set.

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Download Worthy: Epicurious

Ever wish that instead of finding ingredients to match a recipe, you found a recipe to match the ingredients you already have? With the Epicurious App, your problem is solved! The app allows you to search through more than 30,000 recipes as well as create and access shopping lists. The best part? You can see the number of people who have made the recipe and would be willing to try again! It’s compatible with both Apple and Android phones in addition to your NOOK Color. Happy Cooking!

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