Shop Ethical Fashion With School House

It’s not just about size, color, long sleeve or short– It’s also about the message and story behind the clothes.

If you take a minute to stop and think about that tee you’re trying on, chances are it has traveled across open waters to land in the store you are browsing.  It was at the hands of a hard worker who depends on each stitch to feed his or her family. 

One Fullbright Scholar, Rachel Weeks, took time to think about those who were spending their days sewing and manufacturing her clothes and how many of them were poorly paid.

In 2007, Weeks traveled to Sri Lanka in hopes of bringing free and fair fashion to college campuses, according to School House.

Shop School House and make a difference.

So, to create quality garments while improving labor rights, Weeks teamed up with ALARM, a Sri Lankan coalition of labor rights organizations and trade unions, to launch School House. 

School House pays premium prices to its suppliers to ensure living wages are paid in the manufacturing facilities, according to the company’s website.   

So, when you shop School House, you are making a difference each day, t-shirt by t-shirt.  Shop School House at your campus bookstore today and contribute to the success of ethical fashion for all.

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New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Supports Your Campus

Following Wednesday night’s big announcement, there is no doubt Jimmy Fallon has made it big time– He has joined the ranks of just a few celebrities in having his very own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

With a salty, caramel swirl, chocolate-covered potato chip clusters and fair trade vanilla bean ice cream, “Late Night Snack” is the perfect salty and sweet combo to fulfill your midnight cravings.

But, besides the flavor celebrating Fallon’s 2-year anniversary with the show, an even more important message was dished by the ice cream creators– That proceeds from the sales of “Late Night Snack” will benefit Fair Trade Universities.

Campuses, which are fair trade friendly, selling fair trade foods and apparel, will receive money for their schools to continue their good work, according to the ice cream men. 

And we are thrilled to see Ben & Jerry are supporting such a great cause.  Your BNC campus bookstore also believes in selling fair trade products.  Fair trade means those working to manufacture and create goods are paid a fair wage for their labor.  From brands like Alta Gracia to School House collegiate gear, wear your school spirit on your sleeve while also making a difference in people’s lives.

So when you have the munchies or need a little pick-me-up, why  not buy a “Late Night Snack” and help your campus do good, one scoop at a time.

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