Getting Started with LinkedIn

These days, it seems as if everything revolves around social media. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or some other internet invention, your networks are growing every day. As a student and soon-to-be-professional, however, there’s one network that you might not have tapped into that is sure to come in handy: LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with over 225 million users and a great tool for job hunting. Getting started on a new, professional profile might seem daunting, so we’re here to help.

Once you’ve created an account, here’s what to do:

Fill in all relevant information.

Make sure your school, year, area of study, and past work experience (if you have any) are visible on your profile. This gives others information on your credentials, and helps you appear in relevant searches. Including your school can also help you tap into your alumni network, which could have many opportunities. Be sure to also include contact information, so that any interested employers can reach out to you. Finally, make sure that everything on your profile is also appropriate. You don’t want that unprofessional photo you’re considering as a profile picture to be the first impression that a potential employer has of you.

Join groups.

Find groups relating to your school or other campus extracurricular. These are a great way to connect to alums and other people who might be especially interested in you and your job application. There are also specific groups for recent grads or current students, so be sure to look for those as well!

Build your network.

The core of LinkedIn and all other forms of social media is connecting to others. Find your friends, classmates, family members, and previous and current colleagues. You never know where a connection can lead you in your professional life!

Once you’ve built up your profile and network, you’re all set to go! You can search for jobs or read different employment and field-related articles. With LinkedIn, you can connect with colleagues and people in your field. And don’t worry if your profile still looks a little bare right now…it’ll grow with time and with more experience.

Let us know if you have any other LinkedIn tips to share below in the comments!

Written by Guest Blogger, Katherine Chang

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Shorty Award Nods & News Update

Shorty Award nominations are still in full swing and some new schools are movin’ up the ranks. NW Arkansas Community College and Boston University College of Communication are neck in neck with 66 and 70 votes respectively and Ole Miss refuses to be left behind with 61 votes on Twitter. Why should these schools be given the ultimate award in social media? Take a look at some of their campaign videos to find out!

The Case for BU COM – #COMstheBomb

Today’s top five:
1st – Northwest Arkansas Community College @NWACC
2nd –Boston University College of Communication @comugrad
3rd – University of MS @OleMiss
4th – University of Southern Florida @USFNEWS
5th – University at Albany @UAlbany

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Gettin’ Shorty With It

Vote Now! Voting just opened on Monday and already there’s some intense competition between the top Shorty Award Nominees. So many schools that have awesome social media campaigns aren’t even on the board or only have a few votes so make sure to start getting those votes in! Keep checking back and we will keep you updated with who’s in the lead. Check out our tips to help drive Shorty Award Votes!!!

Check out some clips of last year’s Shorty Awards with winners like Ricky Gervais, Conan O’Brien, Miss USA and Shaquille O’Neill: 2012 Shorty Award Clicks

There are a few changes in the top five as some contenders rose in the ranks and others experienced a slight set-back. As of today, the following are the leading Shorty Award nominees for #BNCollege category:

1st – Northwest Arkansas Community College @NWACC
2nd – University of MS @OleMiss
3rd – Boston University College of Communication @ComUGrad
4th – Eastern Kentucky U @NewsEKU
5th – University of South Carolina @UofSC

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Voting for the Shorty Awards is Now Open!

Depending on where you attend, college social media can either be really dull or the hot place to get the latest campus news and share campus trends, memes, and events. Schools like @OleMiss know it takes a whole lot more than a few Facebook posts to get students’ attention these days. With many schools posting on a range of different social websites from Twitter to Pinterest the heat is on in the competition to see which school will be crowned King of College Social Media.

As of today, the following are the leading Shorty Award nominees for #BNCollege category:

1st – University of MS @OleMiss
2nd – Boston University College of Communication @ComUGrad
3rd – Northwest Arkansas Community College @NWACC
4th – University of South Carolina @UofSC
5th – University of Southern Florida @USFNEWS

Voting just opened and doesn’t close until Feb.10, so keep voting on Twitter and check out ways to drive votes with our digital toolkit. Be sure to check back as we report on who’s in the lead and what sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Does your school have a rockin’ social media campaign? Vote Now!

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#WhatsTrending: Penny Laine Papers Water Bottles

What do you get when you cross health and hydration with…social media? These amazing water bottles from Penny Laine Papers, that’s what! These awesome foldable water bottles make a statement using social media’s best hashtags. With phrases like #eco-happy and #glamping emblazoned on the front, there’s one for any event.

Staying hydrated has never been more convenient – each bottle folds, rolls and flattens when empty for easy storage. In addition, they’re all dishwasher safe, freezeable, and can stand only when filled. So whether you’re #rockingout at a concert or #urbantrekking through the city, you’ll never have to worry about having a water bottle on hand.

So which one is our favorite? We can’t get enough of the #tooninjaforthis bottle because – really – how can you resist the hilarity of the hashtag?

Which one is your favorite? Where would you bring your water bottles? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget – these are available at select campus bookstores, so come by today!

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#SuccessAfterCollege: ‘Granny is my Wingman’ Author on Writing Your Own Dreams

The vivacious and droll Kayli Stollak, a twenty-five year-old New York University (NYU) graduate, film and television production major, and humanitarian reached celebrity status earlier this year when her blog ‘Granny is my Wingman’ caught the attention of thousands, including television producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The blog details Kayli’s slightly scandalous and always witty adventures in online dating—with Granny. I got an exclusive interview with Kayli in which we discussed her career, her college life, and the trials and tribulations of her online dating endeavors.

After a break-up with her boyfriend of four years, Kayli hesitantly turns to “the world wide web of dating,” and drags her “s— talking, adventure seeking, gossipy yenta,” along for the ride. Both hilarious and relatable, it’s no surprise these ladies’ exploits resonate with readers and has received offers to be made into a television show and a book.

Earlier this week, we caught up with Kayli and found that she is equally awesome and relatable in real life. Besides the blog, she also founded R.E.A.D., an organization which provides impoverished sub-Saharan communities with textbooks, school supplies, and scholarships. Keep reading to find out what Kayli has to say about life after college, starting an aid organization, and her road to success.

What was your major at New York University? Did it change at all throughout your college career?

I majored in Film and Television Production at Tisch. My major didn’t change but my concentration was all over the place. First I thought I was going to be a cinematographer, then an editor, a producer, and at the very end a writer.

What curricular activities/organizations were you involved in as a college student?

[Going out] and dancing. Kidding… sort of. NYU doesn’t provide the typical college experience because rather living in a campus you’re living in a city. Outside of school I always had internships and jobs but I was never oober-involved with NYU life besides in my classes and film shoots.

According to your interview in Teen Vogue, you decided “on a whim” to volunteer at an orphanage in Nairobi, which eventually led you to found READ. Was founding an aid organization something you’ve always wanted to do?

As odd as it sounds given my track record, no. I’ve always been super interested in the people I meet and when I ended up volunteering at the home in Nairobi and getting to know the kids who live there, they changed something in me. After they educated me on their situation and what they needed to break the cycle of poverty, I was sold. Volunteering in a foreign country can be an eye-opening experience but when you leave you must decide if you’re going to bury away what you learned or do something to make a change. When I came back to the states I knew I needed to take the steps to form R.E.A.D.

How did you spend your first summer after college?

On a motorcycle with my ex-boyfriend driving through England, France, Spain, and Portugal… And less exciting: working in a production company that I had been interning at through college as well as cocktailing in a nightclub.

After graduation, you worked a part-time job (or maybe more than one). What advice would you give to college graduates who are still searching for a permanent position in their field?

I worked a lot of jobs, but my main source of income came from cocktailing. My advice, do not give up and do not become comfortable in any professional situation unless it is exactly what you want for yourself or more then you ever hoped for. It’s easy to get stuck in a position because the money is good or it feels convenient – DON’T! Intern if you have to, get creative, but don’t lose sight of what you want to become.

When your blog initially took off and you began writing the pilot, were you working on other projects that had to be put on the back-burner? If so, did you feel that you were taking a risk in doing this?

I was actually in a professional limbo of sorts. I was working on writing some other things but all of my income was coming from cocktailing so when I started the blog it was a gamble, probably more for my ego then my career. I was beyond lucky that it took off the way that it did but if it hadn’t I would have tried starting something else until I found something that worked.

What is your favorite accomplishment to date? Does this set the bar for your future accomplishments?

Although I’m crazy pumped about my upcoming book and the TV show in development (I do high kicks and fist pumps every morning from excitement), I have to say the charity brings me the most pride. R.E.A.D. has eight kids in university and three schools we supply books for. Although my personal professional accomplishments are incredible, watching these kids who have more ambition then anyone I’ve ever met have the chance to make something of themselves is really inspiring.

To hear more of Kayli’s awesome story, check out her blog at What do you think? Post a comment below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Alycia Terry

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25 Twitter Hashtags That Will Help You Get a Job

Looking for a job after college can be intimidating. At times, it can feel like you’ve reached a dead end and don’t know where else to look, but don’t give up! It’s simply time to get creative. Edudemic has a list of career-based Twitter chats and their corresponding hashtags! Job-hunting can be as simple as logging into your Twitter account.

This chat offers great advice when it comes to applications, interviews, and any other topics you might want to discuss. It takes place every Monday at 10pm EST so join in!

YouTern, an extremely useful internship resource, hosts this weekly chat every Monday at 9pm EST. They discuss all things internship-related, from networking to building a solid resume.

Want advice regarding HR topics, recruitment, social media matters and more? Check out the #NextChat hashtag on Wednesdays at 3pm EST.

For the full list of career-focused hashtags, read the article here. Do you know have any other social media advice for us? Post a comment below!

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Karmin: From Covers on YouTube to the Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’

Here at The College Juice, we love a good Social Media success story and right now, no one is a better example than Karmin. This musical duo, made up of Berklee College of Music alums, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, blew up the social media universe when they posted their cover of “Look at Me Now” on YouTube. Since then, they scored a record deal, an SNL performance, and two singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. For the engaged couple, however, the best is yet to come.

Recently, they were announced the winners of Garnier Fructis and Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock” contest. More than 850,000 votes were cast before the duo won, beating out other popular female artists like Rita Ora and Dev. The retro-inspired Amy will grace the latest issue of the popular, music-centric magazine out today. Inside, the article will spotlight Karmin’s dedication, enthusiasm, and pure talent. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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A Share-worthy Showdown: “Call Me Maybe” vs. “Gangnam Style”

Is Carly Rae still the Viral Video Queen?

Ever since the catchy tune infiltrated the YouTube scene back in March, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” has been a seemingly insurmountable viral heavyweight. The music video alone boasts more than 270 million views, not to mention the countless millions who watched parodies done by everyone from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to the USA Olympic Swim Team. It seemed as though Jepsen’s bouncy hit was going to be the viral colossus of Summer 2012.

That is, until Psy burst onto the scene in mid-July…riding what seemed to be an invisible rodeo horse. And so, a viral showdown of epic proportions began.

Or is Psy the new King of YouTube?

With his eccentric dance moves and infectious song, the K-pop star’s popularity has been exploding throughout the United States, causing a viral supernova in the Social Media universe. The video is both confusing and addictive with overwhelming dance numbers that will keep you glued to the computer screen from beginning to end. We can’t explain it, we’ve just witnessed it.

Now, both videos are hurtling towards 300 million views. Our question for you is: which do you think will get there first?

Post a comment with your pick!

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Rules to Pin By: Pinterest Etiquette

It’s easy to forget your manners when you’re stashed away behind the protection of a computer screen. However, social media sites – like any other social interaction – require a certain level of courtesy and respect for others. As one of the newest social-networking favorites, Pinterest is no exception. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll be “Pinterest Perfect.”

Give credit properly. If you pin an image from a certain site, make sure it links to that site. Don’t try to misdirect your followers by using someone else’s image and linking to your own site. It’s unethical and misleading.

Don’t pin images that are too small or too large. The point of Pinterest is to share quality photos of varying topics that will engage other users. Pixelated or blurry photos will look sloppy so take the time to resize.

Report inappropriate content. Pinterest does not allow nudity, images that convey hateful messages, or any posts that encourage users to harm themselves or others. Report anything that goes against these rules.

Include a caption. Captions give context to what you’re pinning. Include a small description to back up your images.

Refrain from “over-pinning.” Please, please PLEASE stop yourself before going on what I like to call a “Pinge” (Pinning-Binge). It fills up your followers’ feeds and often looks like spam. Fifty pins in an hour is unnecessary.

Spread the love. Don’t hesitate to like and comment on the pins of others. Pinterest is a social-networking tool so interacting with other users is encouraged. Like you would with Facebook or Twitter, keep it positive!

What other Pinterest “rules” do you swear by? Share them with us in the comments!

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