The IT List: Neons with Neutrals

Pairing neutral pieces with neon pops of color is a great way to add some vibrancy to an outfit, without going overboard. But which neutrals really complement all of our favorite neons? Sure…black goes with everything, but it’s camel that softens the glare of a hot pink top. And though a crisp white paired with neon yellow gives off a summery feel, it’s gray that really makes it pop. We decided to compile a handy guide showcasing all of our favorite Neon & Neutral pairs.

The Pair: Neon Yellow & Grey

Something about a muted gray really makes neon yellow accents pop. We started with a monochromatic look – a grey collegiate tee from any Barnes & Noble College campus bookstore and a pair of grey skinny jeans. We added in a neon handbag and neon-capped ballet flats, which really stand out against the grey.

The Pair: Neon Pink & Camel

Hot pink can be hard to pull off (unless, of course, you’re Barbie). However, pairing highlighter pink accessories with a camel colored dress makes for the perfect combination. We took a Military Shirt Dress from Oasis and paired it with neon pink skimmers. For accessories, we opted for a neon pink statement necklace from BaubleBar and a cork-inspired clutch from J. Crew (to add some texture).

The Pair: Neon Orange & Egg Shell

Neon orange is no longer reserved for traffic cones and life preservers. In fact, when paired with a soft egg shell color, it can come out looking quite pretty. We took a brightly-colored River Island Skater Skirt and matched it up with a lacy crochet top from Awwdore. The neutral tone and intricate details of the shirt offset the attention-grabbing shade of the skirt. We finished it off with some adorable Steve Madden Oxfords and a funky geometric necklace from Forever 21.

The Pair: Neon Green & Navy Blue

The last color-duo we’ll be tackling is neon green & navy blue. The brightness of a lime green looks fabulous next to a deep navy. We took a vibrant pair of lace-trimmed neon shorts from Forever 21 and a flowy navy blue top from ModCloth. We also decided to break away from solid colors with a pair of navy & white striped loafers and finished off the look with silver triangular studs.

What neon & neutral colors do you wear together? Share your advice in the comments!

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Five Ways to Revamp Your Style (For Free!)

We all know that it can get expensive buying makeup, going to the salon, etc so I found this fantastic article by the ever-so-lovely Lauren Conrad about how to switch up your style… without spending a cent! You can read the full post here but I’ll give you the quick overview of everything.

1. Change the part in your hair.

You can give yourself a whole new look just by parting your hair in different ways. Play around with it and see which way you like best! (throwback to the 90′s zig-zag part, anyone?)

2. Try bold lips or a cat eye.

Tweaking things in your makeup routine can make you feel refreshed and help you break out of a routine. Try rocking a red lip or some winged-out eyeliner to instantly feel fabulous and daring.

3. DIY face masks

You may not know, but you can make face masks with things in your kitchen! There are so many different kinds that are for all skin types and skin problems. Check out this list of recipes here.

4. Natural Teeth Whiteners

Drugstore whitening strips can do some damage to your wallet, so an at home recipe mixes baking soda and lemon juice together. It creates a paste that you brush onto teeth and let sit for a about a minute before cleaning off.

5. Fix Your Posture

Learn to stand up straight! It can really change your attitude and mood if you’re standing confidently. Perfect posture is something we should all be striving toward!

What are some of your tips to change up your style without spending cash?

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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The IT List: Summer Essentials Part I

Beat the heat with these awesome styles for summer. Whether it’s vibrant shades that add a much-needed pop of color or trendy accessories that help you keep cool during the hot summer months, these items should definitely be on your shopping list. Keep reading for our Summer Essentials, Part I!

Orange Orange Orange! Orange is the HOT color this summer. Add this neon hue into your summer style by incorporating small pops of color in order to make a BIG statement.

Matte Lipstick

Pretty pinks, bold reds, and exotic oranges are just some of the colors that you can wear with matte lipsticks. Unlike sticky lip-gloss, matte lipsticks provide bold or subtle colors that stay on longer and without the mess.

The “Short-Suit”

This trend is one that’s a bit more daring. From the innovative take on the “Pant-Suit” comes a fun, trendy, and stylish new outfit that is perfect for almost any occasion. The short-suit can be styled for a business casual look to a day out in the city. Coming in many different patterns and materials, this trend is definitely one to try this summer.

Check out this article for more ideas about how to wear the “short-suit”!

The Floppy Hat

Nothing says summer vacation quite like wearing a big floppy hat by the pool.  The classic piece can be worn with a bathing suit, a sundress, or a t-shirt and shorts! It is an essential that is both cute to wear and useful! These hats come in many different colors, styles, and sizes so you are sure to find one that fits you. The floppy hat is a classy summer essential that can spruce up any outfit!

Which of these will be you trying out this summer? Don’t forget to check back this week for Summer Essentials: Part II!

Written by Guest Blogger, Sydney Sheehan

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Made in the USA: Whitney Howard Designs

If an outfit is a cake, accessories are the frosting: they might not be essential, but they sure make things a whole lot better. Our most recent Made in the USA obsession,Whitney Howard Designs, takes accessories we love – necklaces, rings, bracelets – and puts a little extra heart into them.

If you’re looking for a small gift that holds a big meaning, these accessories are for you. From “Inspire Rings” to “Keys to Your Heart“, these tiny trinkets pack a heartfelt punch. The entire collection is inspired by the designers’ desire to bring peace, love, gratitude and healing, to those who give and receive them.

One of our favorite pieces is the Quotable Cuff. Each has a tiny graphic and inspiring quote that will keep you motivated all day long. Stack them or wear each cuff one at a time! We love that these earth-friendly products are made from recycled pewter.

Swing by select Barnes & Noble College Campus bookstores and pick out gifts for all those close to you!

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The IT List: New Year’s Eve Style

Finding the right New Year’s Eve outfit is as important to many people as watching the ball drop in Times Square. We know you’ll be filtering tons of Instagram photos and uploading tons of pictures to Facebook – so make sure you do it in style! We’ve got outfit ideas for whatever is you’ll be doing at the stroke of midnight.


You’re ringing in 2013 with 50 of your closest friends! We decided to go bold as a way of welcoming in the new year. A sparkly, champagne-colored dress paired with both a fuschia necklace AND pumps is fun and bright without looking tacky.


Sky-high heels and a glittery dress might not be ideal for spending the last few minutes of 2012 with Grandma. Instead, try a sparkling sweater with skinny jeans and a plain tank. Black boots will keep you comfortable while statement earrings will add a little flash. Hellooooo 2013!


Whether crowds aren’t your thing or you just want to relax while you count down to midnight, you can still look festive on a new year’s eve staying in. Pair comfortable leggings with a cushy pair of black loafers. On top, throw on a draped metallic sweater for a look that’s super comfortable, but still has a New Year’s flare.

Which ensemble will you be sporting this New Year’s Eve? Post a comment below and we’ll share it with our readers!

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Preppy Chic – Our Character Inspiration

We love that “Preppy Chic” has been making a splash again this season. The clean-cut style that generally includes collared shirts and loafers (and plenty of argyle) has gone through a real revival throughout the past few years. Gone are the pedestrian shades of yore – newer and brighter colors have made their way into the threads of this classic style. We decided to take it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite (and craziest) TV and movie prepsters for even more fashion inspiration. Check out our list and let us know your favorites!

Steff a.k.a. James Spader in Pretty in Pink

Part snobby rich kid, part angsty teenager and total jerk, even Steff’s horrible personality couldn’t stop us from appreciating his outfit choices. Though his morals were an absolute mess, Spader’s ensembles were always perfectly preppy throughout this 80’s classic.


Tracy Flick a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon in Election

Tracy Flick might be a manic and manipulative election candidate, but you have to admire her drive. The extreme example of “preppy,” Tracy’s outfits held real potential. A little less uptight, a little more colorful and she’d be on her way to being a regular fashionista.


Carlton Banks a.k.a. Alfonso Ribeiro in The Fresh Prince if Bel Air

Will Smith might have been the Fresh Prince but his cousin, Carlton, almost stole the show as the Preppy King. Despite being awkward and overbearing, Carlton was always dressed to the nines.


And the queen…Blair Waldor a.k.a. Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl

This “Queen B” is not only the reigning monarch of the Upper East Side, she’s the ruler of our Prepster inspirations. She never has a hair out of a place or an accessory out of season. With perfectly placed bows in her hair and the chicest school uniform around, Blair sits on the preppy throne with ease.

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The IT List: Ankle Boots

Our IT List items of the week are short and sweet. Ankle boots are the perfect footwear option for fall. They’ll keep your feet nice and toasty on brisk mornings but can be easily dressed up as well. From casual to dressy to edgy, there is a pair for whichever look you’re going for. Check out which ones we picked:

If you’re heading to class or venturing on an apple-picking adventure with friends, this casual pair of ankle boots is for you.

The items we picked: Blowfish Hatfield Bootie from DSW, Sandblasted Skinny Jeans, Stripe Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt, Vintage-Inspired Brown Horn-Rimmed Wayfarer Sunglasses

For a dressier look that’s perfect for fall, a sleek pair (like the ones below) will work beautifully. Give your peep-toe pumps a break and step out in these instead.

The items we picked: Michael Antonio Morea Bootie, Gold Blazer by H&M, Cutout High-Low Tunic Tank by Forever 21, Rizzo Leggings from Target, Wire Wrapped Teardrop Necklace

If the above two styles are too tame for you, try out a crazy pair like the ones below. Be careful though, they just might become the center of attention.

The items we picked: Anna Michelle Assassin Bootie, Mesh Sleeve Scuba Dress, Black Faux Leather Clutch, Silver Hoop Earrings by Nicole Miller

Which pair would you pick? Share your choice in the  comments below!

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The IT List: Graphic Sweaters

If you’re looking for a bold – but fun – fashion statement to make this fall, look no further than these graphic sweaters. They’ve been popping up all over and the bright, unforgettable patterns are hard to miss. They’re warm and fuzzy without being boring. Which one do you like?


If you’re looking for a sweater with an extra dose of cute, you might want to try one of these graphic choices. There’s one for the animal-lover in all of us.

Our picks: Master of the House Sweater by ModCloth, ASOS Panda Sweater, and Bough House Sweater


Wear your heart – or star – on your sleeve in a graphic sweater like one of these. The bright colors go perfectly with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some flats.

Our picks: Knitted Start Motif Jumper, J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Heart Me, and Mossimo Supply Company Long-Sleeve Stars Sweater


There are tons of graphic sweaters for whatever preference you may have. Whether it’s a vivd pattern or a quirky saying, there is something for everyone.

Our picks: Altitude Adjustment Sweater, Nevermind Sweater, and Vibrant Retro Print Sweater

Which sweater is your pick? Post a comment!

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Style That Gives Back: Bridge for Africa Telephone Wire Bracelets

Believe it or not, we’ve reached the final installment of this summer’s Style That Gives Back series (we’re tearing up!). Each week we spotlighted some of our favorite Fair Trade items from all over the globe. From Colombia to Kenya to Thailand, these items came to us from all over and we couldn’t have been happier to share their stories with you. In this final post, we’ll be featuring the fabulous Telephone Wire Bracelets from Bridge for Africa.

Bridge, which stands for Building Resources to Inspire Dignity, Growth and Empowerment, began in 2003. By chance, an African woman and an American woman met in South Africa. There, they discussed the extraordinary art that comes out of the African continent and the lack of rewards the talented artisans receive for producing it. From this realization, they envisioned a non-profit organization focused on fixing this problem. And so, Bridge for Africa was born.

Today, this organization is a respected producer of contemporary crafts, jewelry, and artwork in the American market. As proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, they offer fair wages, equal working opportunities, and a commitment to safe working conditions. Their goal is to provide stable work and a living wage to all of their talented artists. They promote sustainable development in Africa and hope to help provide hope for future generations.

The Telephone Wire Bracelets are not just colorful statement pieces but chic additions to any outfit. Worn alone or in sets of two or three, they’ll capture everyone’s attention with their vibrancy. These unique items are all handmade and available in select campus bookstores. Swing by today!

Fashion for a cause never goes out of style. Look good. Do good. Feel good.

For a look back at all of our past installments of Style That Gives Back, check below:

Global Handmade Hope’s Patchwork Coin Purses
Thanda Zulu Beaded Jewelry
Aluminum and Brass Hollow Earrings by Global Handmade Hope
SEAsTra Open Weave Scarves
Tagua Flower Cuffs
The Leakey Collection I AM Charm Bracelets
Cana Flecha Cuffs
Acacia Healing Hearts Bracelets
The Leakey Collection Beads for Learning
Kamibashi String Dolls

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Dorm Decorating 101

With so many different styles to choose from, trying to figure out how to decorate your dorm room can be overwhelming. We did some research to find out the hottest trends for this year. The trends we’ve included below are some of our absolute favorites and are sure to make your room the place to be!

Bed Bath & Beyond Trend: “Calypso”
This trend is all about attention-grabbing patterns. The Calypso Duvet cover (only $79.99) is the main attraction with its vibrant coloring and large pattern…you’ll have a hard time looking away! The purples, oranges and greens all complement each other really well and bring a warmth to the room.


PBDorm Trend: “Vintage Rock”
For all of you music fanatics out there, if you’re looking for that “vintage rock” vibe for your room, this trend is the way to go. Liven up your wall space with posters of your favorite groups or concerts. Take the music edge one step further and add old records to the walls as well. Tie the room together with a quilt that features neutrals colors – PBdorm ($119.00) has a great example that fits with this theme perfectly.

Target Trend: “Zebra”
Animal print has been huge this year, with black and white zebra patterns stealing the spotlight. Go for a twist on this trend by adding a pop of color to a zebra bedspread whether it be by colored sheets or a hot pink bed rest (available at select campus bookstores). Target offers a great deal with their zebra print style; You get 1 Pillowcase, a Comforter, 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Sham, 1 Flat Sheet, and a Bed skirt for only $59.99. That is definitely something to go wild over.

How is your dorm room decorated? What are some great places to go dorm shopping? Let us know in a comment!

Written  by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus

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