Download Worthy: Venmo

“I don’t have any cash on me.”

“I only have twenties.”

“I’ll pay next time.”

How many times have you said those words to your friends, or had them said to you? Let’s face it – with no urgent need to keep cash on you anymore, it’s getting harder and harder to fairly split checks, cabs, tabs, bills, etc. That’s where Venmo comes in.

Venmo is a FREE app that allows you to pay your friends back instantly and safely – from your bank account to theirs, and vice versa. Just select a friend, choose an amount, send a message (optional), and hit send payment. I don’t know how I didn’t learn about this app until recently, but I won’t go another day without it. I intend on approaching my landlord about using Venmo for my rent payments too!

Venmo is now available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. How do you use Venmo? Tell us what you think!

Written by Blogger, Sandy Gomez

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Simple Ways to Go Green: Part I

Saving the planet should be a year-round mission, but with Earth Day rapidly approaching, we’re feeling particularly inspired to go green. Gather some inspiration of your own with our list of Simple Ways to Go Green below. 

1. SWITCH TO COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT (CFL) BULBS – This is an easy fix and largely beneficial to you off-campus students that are paying your own utilities. These cool-looking light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than your traditional incandescent bulbs and only consume about ¼ of the energy, which means saving some major money in the long run. Getting paid to save the planet? Don’t mind if I do.

2. UNPLUG TECHNOLOGY THAT GLOWS – Did you know that electronics that are powered off are still responsible for an average of 25% of home electricity bills? Pick up some power strips at the store and plug in items like your TV, printer and cell phone charger. When you’re running out for the day, simply flip the switch on the power strip. This quick fix could save you close to $200 a year, while simultaneously helping our environment. Do it, or the robots win.

3. USE BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER – Whether you’re taking notes in class or printing a study guide, it’s important to use the front and back of each page. It’s a painless adjustment – just set your printer’s settings to double-sided printing. Think of how many trees – and coins – we could save if we cut our paper usage in half! So many trees. So many coins.

4. DON’T RUN WATER WHILE BRUSHING – This may seem insignificant, but a little water wasted by a lot of people really adds up. If everyone in the U.S. rid themselves of this bad habit, we could save nearly 1.5 BILLION gallons of water in one day. That’s more than the total amount of water used in New York City in 24 hours. Mind = blown.

5. INVEST IN YOUR OWN TRAVEL COFFEE CUP – This is a great idea for all you coffee addicts- not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you can actually save money too. Most coffee shops will gladly fill your reusable cup, and many will even offer discounts. (*Hint hint – if your school has a Barnes & Noble College Cafe, swing by with your reusable mug on Earth Day for a discounted coffee!). And if you need MORE proof that the coffee gods smile upon recycling: travel mugs keep your coffee hot for much longer than paper cups. The last sip CAN be as equally delicious as the first. Ah, #science.

Stay tuned for more tips! We’ll be back with Part II later this week. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Environmentally Friendly Pinterest Board!

Written by Guest Blogger, Sandy Gomez

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Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition

What could be better than world-class creative software? How about world-class creative software at a student-friendly price — plus a US$160 Barnes & Noble gift card!

We’re excited to announce an INCREDIBLE deal that’s available in select Barnes & Noble College Stores now through March 3, 2014. Get a US$160 Barnes & Noble gift card when you buy Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition. Now you can create like a pro, but pay like a student — and get a whole bunch of books, eBooks, movies, and other items on your wish list too!

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition is perfect for any student who wants to create something amazing. Why? You get access to the latest versions of every Adobe creative tool — including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC — plus new features and updates as soon as they’re released. You also get a free Behance ProSite, which makes it easy to share your work with recruiters and the larger creative community.

Get in touch with your creativity.

Creative Cloud gives you every tool you need to experiment with any creative medium and find new ways to express your ideas. Create posters for your club, presentations for class, t-shirts for your favorite cause, videos for your band, or anything else you can imagine.


Build your resume.

Looking for a job or internship? With Photoshop or Illustrator skills on your resume, you can get recruiters’ attention. And by building personal websites, mobile sites, and iPad apps, you can get them talking about an offer. You can even create a customized portfolio of your work using Behance ProSite — and did we mention it’s FREE with your Creative Cloud membership?


Stay ahead of the curve.
Why wait to get your hands on new features? With Creative Cloud, you get instant access so can always keep your skills current and your work on the cutting edge. And you can access an ever-expanding library of video tutorials that help you master the new stuff fast.


Be a team player.

Creative Cloud comes with 20GB of cloud storage and automatic file syncing, so you can access your work and share files with classmates and professors from your desktop, laptop, or tablet — anytime. Your next group project just got easier.


Don’t forget — you can get a US$160 Barnes & Noble gift card when you buy Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition in select Barnes & Noble College stores! Check with your store today — savings end March 3, 2014.

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Download Worthy: GoBank’s Nearest Bank Branch is in Your Pocket

GoBank, the bank used by designers on this season’s Project Runway , is a bank account designed to be opened and used on your mobile phone. You can download the free app to your Android or iPhone, sign up, then do all of the normal banking activities you’re used to (and a few you’re not). You’ll never have to step foot into a bank branch again.

Check your balance without logging in, pay your cable bill or rent, send and receive money to and from friends and fam—you can do it all on the app. Want to pull out cash? No need to log in, just tap on the ATM Finder, and it will list all the free ATMs around you. There are over 42,000 scattered over the U.S. (Ahem, that’s about twice as many as Chase and Bank of America according to info from their websites.) Another bonus? No overdraft fees.

You can use your GoBank debit card to make purchases. Choose their standard card for free, or design your own for $9 with a photo from your phone, computer or Facebook. Right now, if you head into your campus’ Barnes and Noble bookstore before July 31, you can pick up a GoBank info packet, along with a promo code for a free photo debit card. Or, just use the code below. Check out all of their Simple Fees at

GoBank offers a little extra flavor when it comes to money management. Members are free to choose what they want to pay for their monthly membership fee, anywhere from $0-$9. They’ll receive the same features, no matter what.

GoBankers can also build a budget to better understand their money situation, then ask the Fortune Teller if they can afford it. The Fortune Teller is an animated dog named Professor Dog, who exists in real life as the CEO’s favorite pet. You can view Professor Dog, affectionately nicknamed “PD”, on GoBank’s Instagram account.

Like what you hear? Follow GoBank on Twitter, “Like” them on Facebook, then download the free app. You can sign up for an account in between classes… depending on your thumb size of course.

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Download Worthy: Impulse Save

Let’s be honest, saving money is hard! We’re young and we want to have fun (and it usually costs us money). It might seem too early to start seriously saving your money, but the earlier you start the easier it gets – and the more you’ll save. I came across this app called Impulse Save that lets you save your money right from your phone – how cool is that? What I find to be really great about this app is that you can also use it from your computer. Here’s the simple breakdown – you create an account and securely link your checking account. Then, you can create your saving goals and set the amount you want save each week, and then it will tell you how long it will take until your goal is reached. It’s super easy and extremely practical for all college students. It’s easy to spend your money, so why not let it be easy to save too!

Available on both iOS and Android.

Have you used this app before? Tell us what you think!

Written by Guest Blogger, Chloe Leach

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We Are More Than Just a Bookstore. We Are a Support System.

We Are a Support System. Navigating college can be tough. There is so much to do and there are so many places to be. That’s why it’s nice to have one place you know you can count on – your campus bookstore.

It’s Your CHOICE On Textbooks. From rentals, to used, to new, to e-Books…there is a textbook option to fit every budget. Whether you’re looking to save big or to start the semester off fresh, there is a book for you.

Sell Back Your Books for Instant Cash Back. Finals week is the best time to sell back your books. Keep your textbooks in good shape throughout the year and you’ll be all set to sell them when you’re ready.

Need It. Find It. Do It. Done. We’ve got everything you need for the best semester yet. Find YOUR campus bookstore here.

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Download Worthy: Viggle

You’ve probably checked into a location, but have you ever checked into a TV show? With Viggle, you can do just that. It’s a free app that gives TV-watchers rewards for checking into the shows they’re watching. Viggle automatically identifies (in a way reminiscent of the Shazam app) the television shows its users are tuned into and awards them points once they’ve checked in. Points can be redeemed via the app’s rewards catalogue for tons of different items, including gift cards and movie tickets. Feeling generous? Points can also be converted into donations to charity. Now THAT is cool.

What’s even more fun about the app is that users are encouraged to play along live. Answer trivia, see what others are Tweeting, and vote in polls. If you’re already watching the show, you might as well get points – right?

Have you ever used Viggle? Post a comment below and tell us your favorite feature!

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Windows 8 On Campus

Microsoft recently released their newest operating system, Windows 8. Taking full advantage of emerging technologies and packed with exciting new features, this Windows is completely revamped and ready to change your computing experience. We know that simply reading about these amazing new features can’t compare with experiencing them for yourself first-hand. This is why we are SO excited about the Windows 8 Campus Tours going on right now. Keep reading for more information!

Students and faculty at select campuses will get to see all of the exciting new highlights of the Operating System up close and personal. At these special Windows Kiosk’s, users are encouraged to browse the system and check out product demos.

Students at Troy University checked out Windows 8 for themselves.

From the dynamic new Start Screen to easy-to-use Sharing tools, those who were lucky enough to attend this exciting event were able to find out just how this reinvented Windows will make it easier for them to stay connected.It’s evident that Microsoft understands how important it is to have a computer that reflects who we are and what matters to us. PC’s are such a big part of today’s world and now they can be personalized to match our needs.

Whether you choose a tablet or a PC, it's a Windows that's more YOU.

What do you think of the Windows 8 Campus Tour? Are you looking forward to trying out the new Operating System? Post a comment and share your thoughts below!

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Download Worthy: Ultimate Checklist

We all know the feeling: you have somewhere to be and haven’t packed a thing. Sometimes, the problem is getting started. Get a jumpstart on packing by downloading the Ultimate Checklist app. The app is pre-loaded with packing lists for more than 50 different occasions, from beach trips to Christmas parties to packing for college. Edit, export, and add to each checklist in order to personalize it for you needs or start from scratch and create your own (you can store an unlimited number of lists so don’t feel the need to skimp!). Share and email lists with friends and family and easily send them to the printer if need be. Packing has never been SO simple!

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Top 10 Colleges for Tech

In a world where keeping up with the constantly-changing technological landscape can seem impossible, these tech-savvy colleges and universities have made extraordinary efforts to stay up to speed.  We came across this article on Mashable and knew it was worth writing about. Check out some of the schools that made the list:

Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech’s College of Computing has launched a program aimed at bringing in more female engineering students and diversifying the engineering discipline. In conjunction with their Advanced Technology Development Center, they have raised more than a BILLION dollars in financing to help entrepreneurs grow more than 130 tech companies.

Hamilton College – Imagine attending a school where there is almost one computer for every two students. At Hamilton College, that vision is a reality. The college’s IT Services department is dedicated to providing current software and devices for faculty members to use in the classroom. In addition, personal computers must meet minimum requirements before they are allowed to access Hamilton’s Wi-Fi  Network. It’s no surprise that many of the school’s graduates have been recruited by technological leaders like Google, Apple, and IBM.

Washington University in St. Louis – Washington University’s school of Computer Science and Engineering boasts more than 80 courses, but the school doesn’t just want an extensive technology department. They want to work technology into all facets of campus life. The high-speed campus network connects all of their campuses and provides links to Internet2 and National Lamda Rail.

Want to see what other schools made the list? Check out the full article on Mashable here.

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