Download Worthy: Viggle

You’ve probably checked into a location, but have you ever checked into a TV show? With Viggle, you can do just that. It’s a free app that gives TV-watchers rewards for checking into the shows they’re watching. Viggle automatically identifies (in a way reminiscent of the Shazam app) the television shows its users are tuned into and awards them points once they’ve checked in. Points can be redeemed via the app’s rewards catalogue for tons of different items, including gift cards and movie tickets. Feeling generous? Points can also be converted into donations to charity. Now THAT is cool.

What’s even more fun about the app is that users are encouraged to play along live. Answer trivia, see what others are Tweeting, and vote in polls. If you’re already watching the show, you might as well get points – right?

Have you ever used Viggle? Post a comment below and tell us your favorite feature!

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Preppy Chic – Our Character Inspiration

We love that “Preppy Chic” has been making a splash again this season. The clean-cut style that generally includes collared shirts and loafers (and plenty of argyle) has gone through a real revival throughout the past few years. Gone are the pedestrian shades of yore – newer and brighter colors have made their way into the threads of this classic style. We decided to take it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite (and craziest) TV and movie prepsters for even more fashion inspiration. Check out our list and let us know your favorites!

Steff a.k.a. James Spader in Pretty in Pink

Part snobby rich kid, part angsty teenager and total jerk, even Steff’s horrible personality couldn’t stop us from appreciating his outfit choices. Though his morals were an absolute mess, Spader’s ensembles were always perfectly preppy throughout this 80’s classic.


Tracy Flick a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon in Election

Tracy Flick might be a manic and manipulative election candidate, but you have to admire her drive. The extreme example of “preppy,” Tracy’s outfits held real potential. A little less uptight, a little more colorful and she’d be on her way to being a regular fashionista.


Carlton Banks a.k.a. Alfonso Ribeiro in The Fresh Prince if Bel Air

Will Smith might have been the Fresh Prince but his cousin, Carlton, almost stole the show as the Preppy King. Despite being awkward and overbearing, Carlton was always dressed to the nines.


And the queen…Blair Waldor a.k.a. Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl

This “Queen B” is not only the reigning monarch of the Upper East Side, she’s the ruler of our Prepster inspirations. She never has a hair out of a place or an accessory out of season. With perfectly placed bows in her hair and the chicest school uniform around, Blair sits on the preppy throne with ease.

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Summer is Here – What Shows are you Watching?

Summer has just begun and there are a ton of entertaining shows on television.  Get ready to be hooked to your DVR. Here are some shows and events that might catch your interest:

-“Whale Wars,” Friday nights at 9:00PM ET on Animal Planet

Pretty Little Liars airs on ABC Family

-“Pretty Little Liars,” New Episodes Tuesday at 8:00PM on ABC Family

-“Anger Management,” Series Premiere starts June 28th Thursday at 9:00 PM ET on FX

-“Modern Family,” Wednesdays at 9:00PM on ABC

-“MLB All Star Game,” July 10th at 7:30 ET on FOX

-“Wilfred,” Series Premiere Thursday June 28th at 10:00PM on FX

-“True Blood,” Sunday nights at 10:00 PM on HBO

Workaholics airs on Comedy Central

-“Workaholics,” New Episodes Tuesday at 10:30PM on Comedy Central

-“Futurama,” Wednesdays at 10:00PM on Comedy Central

-“MLB Home Run Derby,” July 9th at 8:00PM on FOX

-“ NBA Draft,” Thursday June 28th at 7:00PM ET on ESPN

What will you be tuning in to?  Comment Below.

Written By Guest Blogger, Matt Goldberg

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