Applying Via E-mail? Write a Cover Letter

We live in a land of technology. So it should come as no surprise that most employers request job applications to be submitted online or via email. Although this sounds simple enough, there are several blunders job hunters seem to make.

In order to ensure you appear stellar in your e-mailed job application, follow these simple cover letter tips:

1. Use a cover letter. A cover letter is what you use to “sell” yourself to an employer. It is where you can really let your personality shine.  If you opt to not use a cover letter when submitting your application via email, you’re “selling” yourself short. You aren’t giving yourself an opportunity to truly entice the employer to read your resume.

2. Copy and paste. Do not rely solely on attaching your cover letter to the email. Instead, copy and paste the cover letter directly into the email. This will ensure the person who opens the email will see it (and read it).

3. Keep it short and sweet. You are writing a cover letter, not your autobiography. While you need to get the necessary information in the letter, don’t add details that are irrelevant. You don’t want the reader to lose interest.

4. Explain why you’re the best fit for the job. This is your chance to explain why you are better for the role than anyone else. Review the job description and mold those duties together with your past experiences and abilities.  Showcasing your strengths and how they are relevant to the position will make the reader want to review your resume.

5. Customize. Generic cover letters typically do not work. As stated in Tip 4, you need to analyze each position’s responsibilities and how they fit with your strengths. If you use a generic cover letter, which can be sent to any and all employers, you will not show how you are the best fit for that specific job. It takes time, yes, to write several cover letters, but in the end, the benefits are worth it.


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