Exclusive Excerpt: Tabatha Coffey’s “It’s Not Really About the Hair”

You gotta love Tabatha Coffey.  The no-nonsense attitude and tenacious personality of the Bravo TV star wins you over in a heartbeat.   But how did Tabatha, of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” gain such independence and strength?  She tells all in her new book, “It’s Not Really About the Hair”.

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From tales of her childhood to stories of entrepreneurship, everyone is sure to learn a thing or two about gaining a sense of self and achieving one’s dreams.  Take it from the excerpt below, “Living the Dream”, where Tabatha helps you decide what will make you happy in life.

Living the Dream

It isn’t easy to “live the dream,” but for some people it’s even harder to figure out what “the dream” is. I knew early on that I wanted to be a hairdresser, but if you’re one of those people casting about trying to figure it out or saying, “Oh well, I’ll just go to law school,” then I have a few key questions that you should ask yourself:

• “What makes you miserable?” While this might not seem like the logical starting place, it is. You’d be amazed how many law school graduates hate practicing law. They should have asked themselves this question before they applied.

• “When you have a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, how do you spend it?” Now, if your answer is in bed with a bowl of cold cereal, I can’t necessarily pinpoint your dream—other than to say it involves Cap’n Crunch. But even reading the newspaper tells you something. Maybe you want to report the news or deal with politics. Maybe you like the sports page and will become the manager of the New York Yankees. And that brings me to my second point:

• Dream big. Leave it to others—whether it’s your sworn enemy or your mother—to tell you something can’t be done. If you have a dream, supersize it. It’s healthier than a Happy Meal and doesn’t cost you anything. Go after your dream like it’s the biggest deal you have ever seen and treat it like a monster to be tamed. If it’s easy to attain, then it might not be your dream after all.

Excerpted from It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty by Tabatha Coffey. © 2011, It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


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