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Tabatha Coffey’s new book, “It’s Not Really About the Hair”, tells fans how she became the independent, strong and successful woman she is today.  We can all learn a thing or two about ourselves from the title.

But, not only does Tabatha give us valuable advice in her book, but she offered to give YOU one-on-one advice, too.

So, last week we received some great questions from our Facebook fans for Tabatha.  And this weekend, she sat down to answer them.

Here are your questions answered by Tabatha herself:

Q: Hello. Question: it’s easy to have dreams to work in any job we want (in this case beauty) but hiring managers always end up crushing our dreams somehow. How do you deal with this devastation when a hiring manager says that you’re not a fit despite your passion for beauty? –Emilia Vargas

A: Hi, I wouldn’t let anyone crush my dreams.  If one manager says no,that doesn’t mean another will say the same. I would make sure when I apply I know a lot about the products they are selling,the customers they have and show how passionate you are about the beauty industry.  Do your homework and Wow them,but most importantly don’t give up! I always want an employee that has passion and drive,because I can teach you the skill you need but I can’t teach you passion.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration? Maybe not just in business, but in life also?– Chris Werner

A: My Mother was my biggest inspiration.  She was tough,smart,got things done,and never gave up. I learned all those traits from her along with work ethic and to believe in yourself even when other people didn’t .

Q: I really want to know what you think is the best method to acheive platinum blonde, aka your hair color?!?– Haleigh Bettencourt

A: Let me preface that it does all depend on the hair type,natural level,etc. I believe in using low volumes of peroxide,small sections,keep product moist and keep reapplying. My natural level is light so I use an on-scalp lightener, 10 vol peroxide and I process about 35-45 min. I then tone my hair with a violet based toner diluted with clear. The key is also keeping the hair looking healthy so not overlapping the application,using a porosity equalizer to protect already colored hair and doing a reconstructive treatment after lightening process.

Q: Tabatha, if you could do anything differently during your early part of your career, what would you change and why? :)– Angela Calabro

A: I don’t have any regrets at all. I have always looked forward and have done things and made decisions so I never had to say “should have,would have,could have”.  Have I made mistakes? Sure, but it’s about learning from them and going forward.  I also believe if you listen to your gut it will lead you in the right direction.

Q: What would you suggest for a freshly licensed stylist to do first? –Sylvia Rivera

A: I know that when you first get your license you want to get behind the chair asap,but I think it’s really important and helpful to assist in a salon first. It helps build your confidence,skill level and understanding of how a salon runs.

Q: What do you consider the BEST method of advertisement… next to word of mouth of course…– Kerri DesCoteaux

A: You and your work.I  believe in getting out there, marketing yourself,cross promoting with other local businesses,offering your product to the right people so they can help promote you,and yes word of mouth. Social networking is also a great way to reach people and it’s free so it’s a wonderful promotional tool.

Q: I am thinking of going to a new stylist, a friend of mine has hair similar to mine and I always like her cuts. HOWEVER, the cut costs $15(and yes, it’s in a salon). I feel a little nervous about the small price(my wallet will love it, since where I go now costs $54). Any thoughts?– Amelia Kwasniewski Dombal

A: I think if you like your friend’s hair and it’s similar to yours, that is a great indicator. I wouldn’t let the price worry you,obviously you are not happy with your hair now ,because you’re thinking of  changing stylists. I would recommend making an appointment and having a consultation with the stylist or pop in and see how you feel about the salon. There are some great stylists out there that aren’t that expensive and some that are really expensive and aren’t that great!

Q: So I’ve been liscenced for over a year but have not found a good salon job.  I guess u could say I’m still a little intimidated by other hairstylists who have been liscenced longer than me and have more expierence.  I still practice a lot at home doing family members’ hair and I’ve never gotten a complaint about doing a bad job.  What do you think I should do to overcome my fear and insecurities and just start working at a salon?– Crystal Nunez

A: It sounds like you need more education/ training to feel really secure before you are behind the chair. I would recommend either taking a step back to move forward and be an assistant in a salon that offers education and mentoring.  It truly helps build not only skill but confidence, or go to formal classes and get  more education.The more you know the more confident you feel and that translates into clients.  I think it’s great you keep practicing at home but you need someone to critique your work and give you feedback because you’re second guessing your ability.  And just because your family and friends aren’t complaining doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Q: Tabatha, You give the salons wonderful support with your advice and suggestions, but who do you turn to for support in your moments of need? — Jean Hehn

A: I have a strong support system of friends who are wonderful and very supportive. I also really feel like my fans help me through really bad days.  When I see the messages people post on my FB page and the support I’m given from everyone it can truly turn a crappy day around for me and help to motivate me and keep me going.


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