Cheryl Burke of DWTS Answers Your Questions

Last week, Barnes & Noble College Facebook Fans had the chance to ask dancer and author Cheryl Burke their questions.  From insight into the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” to dance tips, here are answers from Cheryl herself.

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Q: I’ve been a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars 🙂 but my question is who would u guess to see in the finale this season just based off rehearsal and professional partner? – Monica

Cheryl: I haven’t seen any of the other celebrities/couples dance.  We’ve been training outside of Los Angeles.  I can say that Chris has huge potential and people should be prepared to be surprised.

Q: Hi Cheryl, anxious to read your book! Isn’t it frustrating as a dancer, when/ if you have had/ get a partner on Dancing, that either doesn’t want to practice, or really doesn’t have talent, or do you think with the right coach and trying, anyone can at least look better? Do you think it’s fair that some of the competitors in the past have had dancing experience/coaches? – Kathy

Cheryl: Our job as professionals on Dancing with the Stars is to take a celebrity without ballroom dance knowledge and transform them.  Some celebrities have more of a starting point than others but that’s not how I approach my job.  I train my celeb to be the best dancer they can be.

Q:  First off, congrats on having such a successful career in dancing. Im sure you and Jericho are going to kick butt. My question is what kind of stretches would you consider when you are doing latin dances? – Edward

Cheryl: I actually don’t normally stretch before I start rehearsing.  I just start out slowly and work on basics and go from there.

Q: Cheryl, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions! How hard is it to come up with a different dance each week and each year coming up with all kinds of new ideas? Best of luck with both the book and this season of DWTS! – Zac

Cheryl: It’s a lot of pressure to make sure every dance looks unique while still staying true to the core of the dance.  I get inspiration from lots of different sources though and just spent some time touring with Forever Tango which was really invigorating!

Have questions for the dancing champ?  Join us for a Live Twitter Interview on March 17 at 8:30pm ET!  You’ll have the chance to tweet your questions to Cheryl and you may win a signed copy of her new book, “Dancing Lessons”.  Be sure to use #CherylBNC to chat with us!


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