It’s Easy Being Green On St. Patrick’s Day

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, a day for all things Irish and green. The saying goes that ‘Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day,’ so we have come up with a list of ways in which you can take part in the celebration. Not to worry, we’re not expecting you to pick up a bagpipe or show off your jigging feet. Consider this more of a beginners guide to participating in the craic (an Irish term for fun).

Many bagel shops will be serving green bagels today. Hurry in before you miss out!

Green bagels & eggs

Many bagel shops make batches of green bagels on or around Saint Patrick’s Day. Stop by your local bagel store to pick some up—if they have any left! For green eggs, a few drops of food coloring are all you need to turn your meal into a festive dish.

Shamrock Accessories

Shamrocks are commonly associated with the Irish .  Pins, headbands, stickers and many other items can be found on the shelves of major retailers. Wearing some sort of shamrock-decorated accessory today will ensure you are in the spirit of the holiday.



This loaf of Irish soda bread is made from a family recipe passed down by my grandma. It looks like the college team is enjoying it!



Soda bread

Though it is not green, I had to show this off (I baked it myself)! It is made with baking soda, which lends to the name ‘soda’ bread and typically has raisins. Your local bakery may have slices or loaves to celebrate the holiday, but you can make your own too with this recipe.

Green treats

Select McDonald’s locations are serving a green, minty milkshake called the Shamrock Shake. Find a location near you by consulting .  For Irish-inspired cookies, basic sugar cookies with shamrock-shaped cookie cutters are sure to be a treat anyone will enjoy. For decorating tips, take a look at the variations from or create your own!

Use some Gaelic () terms

We already taught you that craic (pronounced ‘crack’) is used by the Irish to refer to a fun time. You’ll sound like a true green-blood with these key phrases:

Erin Go Bragh (air-inn guh braw) = Ireland Forever

Sláinte (slan-tuh) = Used as a toast typically meaning ‘Health’

Cead Mile Failte (Kade meeluh fallcha) = A hundred thousand welcomes


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