Mobile Apps Keep Students On Track

March ushers in a surge of activity among college students. Spring break is upon you, basketball season is at its peak and summer vacation will be here before you know it! So, to keep track of those millions of important dates and deadlines, here are some mobile apps that are sure to make this semester a breeze.

HomeWork is one app that will help you keep all dates and deadlines in one place.

The HomeWork app is a helpful tool that allows you to list all homework assignments and exams by date. Plus, indicators show which are done and have yet to be completed. You can also set up daily and weekly schedules to keep you on track. Some users complain that it does not allow you to enter different class times for different days, but one user, who gave the app 5-stars on the Android Market website, says HomeWork “trumps all” when compared to similar apps. HomeWork is free to download and free to use.

Described on the Android Market as a “schedule management helper for busy school life,” Class Buddy Lite will help you manage your semesters and courses– Free. With features that allow you to log your class attendance and calculate cumulative GPA, it’s sure to keep school top of mind this semester.  While numerous users gave it glowing reviews, many were also unhappy with the inability to add assignments and due dates. So, for those looking for more features and functionality, Class Buddy Pro may be the way to go. For 99 cents, users get added features as compared to the free version, including the ability to add tasks to an event and an expense tracker.

When it comes to course and schedule organization, BNC Facebook fan Elena H. recommends iStudiez Pro.  The app is available for the iPhone & iPad and for Macs in the near future.  iStudiez offers multiple screen views including a Planner, Calendar and an Assignments screen. Classes can be color coded to avoid confusion and when an assignment is completed, it’s removed.   The Grades area lets you put in different weights for different assignments and you can assign your own value ranges for the standard A-F letter grades. With all of this functionality, this app can be downloaded from Apple’s website for $2.99.

Which apps do you use to stay organized on campus?


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