Don’t Just Study, NOOKstudy

Carrying around a heavy backpack filled with textbooks can really bring you down.   With classes that require you to bring your books to class, plus everything else you need to stay prepared (like notebooks, folders, pens, and highlighters), that bulging bag certainly adds extra strain to your back.  You’ll also get a massive headache in the event you leave something you need at home!

*Sigh* What is a student to do?

The solution to this decade-old problem is simple – NOOKstudy.

NOOKstudy is a free computer application through which you can purchase e-textbooks. Say good-bye to days of worrying about dry pens and losing notes and handouts.   With NOOKstudy, all you need to succeed is your computer.

Designed with students in mind (since it was designed by students themselves), NOOKstudy has features that make reading your text on the computer comparable to having the book in-hand. Highlighting in different colors and taking notes directly in the e-book help you stay organized.  Adding tags to your ebooks allows you to quickly go back to a section when needed, too. The platform also allows you to utilize websites and search engines to look up definitions or formulas when you need more clarification.

And there’s more!!

With the Import function, you can add your course syllabus, handouts and any other notes to the program, so everything you need for class is in one place. And when you do need them in-hand?  You can print your notes to bring to class or share with friends by exporting to a Word or Text file.

As if the convenient user features weren’t enough, another benefit of using NOOKstudy is the savings eTextbooks cost up to 60% less than traditional textbooks! Students and professors alike are embracing the digital age with NOOKstudy. See what students have to say about the advantages of NOOKstudy and let us know your thoughts below!


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