Poll: Students Prefer College Over Life Of Royalty

Friday morning made history– It also made the beginning of a beautiful love story for one young couple. As we all were glued to our televisions (or live streams) we watched the poise and grace of the newly named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The nuptials went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and all those watching were filled with hope. Kate has now turned every little girl’s dream into a reality– to become a princess. But is that really the life we all wish to lead? A life of royalty?

The marriage of William and Kate made us think: Would we rather marry into a life of fame and royalty or choose the life of a college student, able to determine one’s own future? We took to our Fan Page on Facebook to see what current college students would choose.

The royal wedding captured our hearts Friday morning.

“Royalty. Duh!” was Hamilton College’s Nicolas’ reaction. And hey, when you marry into a life of royalty, there are perks– “I could only imagine her wardrobe!”, Meighan at Penn State Worthington-Scranton said.

But, overwhelmingly it seemed the response from students was “no”, they do not want to marry into royalty but choose their own fate.

Sharon at Urbana University “would rather do ANYTHING than be a Royal. All the rules and restrictions. That is no way to live.”

Lee at the Culinary Institute truly values his hard work in order to attain his goals.  By working with determination he has “more of an appreciation for it, and I know that I have ‘earned’ it, rather than by the silver spoon.”

Still, some wouldn’t mind being famous, but they would rather be famous for their passions and efforts.  Kenya at USF Tampa said, “I dont want to be famous because I married into royalty. I want to be noticed and praised because of something I personally did to better the world in one way or another….”

Although every little girl dreams of being a princess or many want fame and fortune, it looks like most students out there are content with what their future has in store for them– because they will choose it.

So tell us: What would you choose?  To pave your own way with your college degree or marry into fame and fortune?


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