Graduation Gift Guide

For those who are graduating it is a time to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come.  For those not graduating– it’s a time to buy gifts.

Yes.  Graduation parties and celebrations usually call for a token, which honors this large achievement.  But what should you give the grad?  Here are some great gift ideas for graduates.  These items can be found at select campus bookstores.

Diploma frames by Framing Success are excellent graduation gifts.

  1. If you have money to spend, pick up a diploma frame.  The graduate’s campus bookstore sells frames, which are customized by school– a very nice touch.  Frames will run you anywhere from $100 to $200 though, so this may be a better gift for those without a tight budget.
  2. A great way to remember the past four-years is through photographs.  So, another wonderful gift for grads are framed, school pictures.  Again, this can cost about $130, so make sure you have budget for this gift.
  3. But, if you would still like to celebrate in photos, here is another option– a school photo album.  For just $20, your scholar can organize his or her memories in a safe place.

A nice pen goes a long way in the working world.

4.   As my dad says, “Everyone could use a nice pen when they start working.”  And it’s true.  Pick up a school customized ballpoint pen as a gift for just $17.

5.   Want to send your grad to special events in style?  Why not buy a pair of cufflinks?  Custom cufflinks are about $40.

6.  Many students survived school with the help of coffee.  Let your grad show their pride with each sip they take with a school alumni mug ($11).

7.  As a grad it’s essential to show school spirit on-the-go.  So, an alumni license plate frame is a must for $20.

Have other great gift ideas?  Share them with us in the comments below.


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