Saving Cash: A-List Style

Looks like the “in” thing nowadays is renting or buying used to save cash! Not only are students renting or buying used textbooks at their campus bookstores, but celebs are saving cash with used goods, too.  Here’s the lowdown on what A-listers are choosing to rent or to buy used.

Hospital Floors:  Not the first thing to come to mind when you think of items to rent, huh?  Well, Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban rented the entire top floor of a Nashville hospital for the birth of their baby, Faith.

Hot Rides: Snoop Dogg knows a great car when he sees one.  Instead of cruising town in a new, modern car, he turned to a classic– a used, 1974 Cadillac.  Nice.

Wedding Dresses: This was no “Milian” dollar wedding (yeah…I so just went there).  When singer Christina Milian and music producer The-Dream secretly married in Vegas in 2009, the couple rented their attire.  Milian reportedly spent $200 to rent a wedding dress, shoes and veil.  The-Dream, too, rented his tux, according to TMZ.  Gotta love Vegas!

Memorabilia: Many celebs see the true value in used items, like the late Elizabeth Taylor.  As a close friend of Michael Jackson, Taylor owned some of her friend’s memorabilia, like his famous white glove.  Used items are real treasures.

Porta-Potties:  And we mean serious porta-potties.  There was no way Chelsea Clinton’s wedding guests were going to use a typical potty.  These Johns had porcelain toilets that flushed, piped-in music and running water.

It’s Called “Vintage”: When it comes to fashion, it’s a vintage wardrobe, not “used” clothing, right?  Many celebrities love vintage styles and make old looks new again.  Julia Roberts has been seen wearing vintage looks from YSL to Valentino.

Homes:  This doesn’t come as a surprise, but yes, celebrities rent homes.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook recently rented a 5-bedroom home just a few blocks from work.  Other celebs, like Brangelina, rent homes while moving frequently in order to shoot films.  Oh, what a life they lead.

Cars:  Again…surprise, surprise– Celebs rent cars, too.  And not just luxury cars.  Ke$ha was seen in L.A. renting a car from Rent-A-Wreck. 

So the next time you rent or buy used textbooks at the bookstore, remember you’re saving cash in A-list style.


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