Freaky Friday: Texas Tech

I set out on this week’s ghost-hunt expecting to read tales reminiscent of old-western style shoot-outs in abandoned, tumbleweed ridden towns. Though my imagination was running wild with images of pistol-drawing cowboys and on-lookers spilling out of saloons, I found no indication of such stories – much to my dismay, I might add.

Instead, I read about haunted buildings on the campus of Texas Tech including the Horn Residence Hall. The most compelling story I came across is that of a ghost who Texas Tech librarian Rob Weiner dubbed the “Memphis Man” in an interview with

Some say Horn Hall is home to one of Texas Tech’s alleged ghosts.

The story begins with a man waiting for a bus at the corner of Memphis and 66th Streets on a particularly cold and icy morning. When the bus tried to stop to let the man on, it slid on the ice and collided with him, killing him on the spot. Weiner says that as you approach the intersection from the south end of Memphis, it appears as though a man is leaning on a utility post, yet a closer look reveals that the image is a circuit breaker near the pole.

The practicality of this explanation has not stopped students from passing down instructions for viewing the alleged ghost over the years. Neil, a contributor to, was a student at Texas Tech in 1993 when he and his friends first heard the tale and decided to see for themselves if there was any truth behind it. They were given instructions to take Memphis up to 69th street at night then make a U-turn and slowly head back towards 66th with the car’s headlights off. As they approached 66th, the silhouette of a headless man began to take shape in front of them, leaving the group of friends to firmly believe in the spooky tale.

Do you believe in the “Memphis Man”? Are there other, more famous ghostly tales at Texas Tech? Share your stories with us below!

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