Style Tips for Summer Interns

Here in NJ, as in many parts of the country, we are in the midst of a summer heat wave. The rising temperatures and humid air may seem like the perfect time to ditch the suit jacket and break out sleeveless dresses, but what happens when you get to work? If your office is anything like ours, it can only be described as freezing. To combat the cold air while maintaining an essence of professional style, consider keeping one (or more!) of these suggestions in your car or at your desk – your chattering teeth will thank you.

Old Navy cardigans come in several colors and styles and prices start at around $27.

1. Dresses and blouses alike are easy to pair with a cardigan. Think about what colors you typically wear to work and keep one handy that will match all of your outfits for the week.

2. An important meeting may come up at the last minute, so having a suit jacket on stand-by will ensure you are ready to liaise with your boss or other company higher-ups.

The subtle color and pattern of this Merona® scarf from Target will not detract from your professional attire.

3. A scarf is easy to wrap around your shoulders when you feel a blast from the AC.

4. Drinking hot coffee may not be a wearable idea, yet as I type this post between piping caffeine-filled sips, I can assure you it helps!

5. If all else fails, plan to wear long sleeves that can be rolled part way up your arm to make commuting in the heat a bit more bearable.

How do you stay warm in the office? What are your style tips for professional summer wear? Share with us below!


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