Tips for Saving Gas

Summer is all about concerts, amusement parks, days at the beach, and other fun excursions, which means a lot of time in the car. Gas is anything but cheap these days and while the easiest way to cut down on spending is to carpool and share the bill, this may not always be a feasible solution. Here are some ways to help you enjoy all of your summer activities while getting the most bang for your buck at the pump.

  1. Reduce weight. Pack only what you need for a trip and remove forgotten items you’ve been toting around in your trunk or backseat.
  2. Avoid speeding. Cars generally get better gas mileage when going the speed limit on the highway. Set cruise control when you can to keep your pace steady.
  3. Don’t ride the brakes. Forbes says driving with your foot on the break can impact fuel efficiency up to 35%.
  4. Check tire pressure. Maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires not only helps improve fuel efficiency, it is important for keeping you safe. Measure tire pressure before setting out on a long trip and adjust it accordingly.
  5. Pay cash. Look for gas stations that give a discount if you pay cash, and be sure you have enough to fill up.
  6. Use the right gas. If your car manufacturer doesn’t recommend premium gas, you’ll be wasting money to fill your tank with it. Stick with the suggested grade to get the best value.
  7. Skip weekend fill-ups. Daily Markets suggests that the best days to buy gas are Wednesday and Thursday, while the worst are Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Do you have additional tips for saving money on gas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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