Your Summer Fitness Guide

Many colleges offer free or discounted gyms, which is great for students to stay fit on campus.  But, when you go home for break, you may find it tough to exercise on a budget.  But, during the summer months, you don’t have to sacrifice your workout routine if you don’t have access to a gym. Instead, consider these alternatives to lead an active lifestyle and our suggestions for the gear to keep you moving.

Sleeveless tops will help keep you cool as you enjoy an outdoor workout. These Champion tops from Target run between $10 – $13.

Get Outside

The most wallet-friendly way to get in a workout is to go for a run outside. Most people find it more difficult to run outside than on a treadmill, but not without added benefits. The elements to contend with help you increase the number of calories burned during the same period by anywhere between 5 and 12 percent, according to Women’s Health Magazine. If running is not your favorite activity, join up with some friends for a walk.

This Under Armour backpack won’t weigh you down as you tackle the terrain. Check your Barnes & Noble College store for availability.

Take a hike

Pack a lunch, plenty of water and sunscreen and head for the hills this summer. You can find trails to explore at, which allows you to search for nearby trails by zip code. Be sure to stick to the path and follow all safety protocol designated by the park, including finishing your hike in daylight hours.

Under Armour shorts, available at many campus bookstores, are light-weight and breathable, perfect for an intense gym session.

Gym Buddy

Many gyms allow members to bring a friend in for a trial period, which may cost a small fee or, if you’re lucky, nothing at all. If your parents belong to a local gym, see if you can tag along for a session or to take a class. You can search for gyms near you, and then do a little research on which ones offer guest passes and how you can obtain one. If yoga is your forte, try to find a local studio.

How do you stay fit in the summer months? Share what works for you in the comments below!


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