Decisions, Decisions: Textbook Choices

Students have more options than ever when it comes to textbooks, and we know it can be confusing trying to decide which to choose. As a service to students, b&ncollege bookstores guarantee a book for every student, in the correct edition indicated by the professor. Here are the benefits of each type of book to help you decide which is best for you.


The best benefit of new books is that you are guaranteed to be the first student to use the book. If you like to take notes and highlight in your book without the distraction of previous marks, new books are perfect for you.


The original money-saving option, used books are helpful if you like to see what information other students thought was important and therefore marked in the book. These are also a good fit if you decide to keep the book at the end of the semester as a reference.  Used books also save you over 25% as compared to new books.  And at the end of the term, you can sell your books back for cash, too.  This is a great option to help you stick to your textbook budget.


The price for rental books is incredible – you can save more than 50% as compared to new. You’ll have the book the entire semester, so you won’t miss out on any crucial study time. Plus you can purchase it two weeks into the semester if you think you will want to keep it.  Like to highlight and take notes in your books?  You can note that book up just as you would a purchased text!  When it’s time to return your book, we’ll send you helpful reminders, too so you won’t miss your due dates. We heart rentals!


As with all books, the latest textbook format is the e-book. Digital books are great to help cut down on what you carry around campus – all you need is your laptop and you are good to go. They are also a great way to cut down on spending—You can save up to 60% on digital textbooks!  Download NOOK Study (free) to take notes, highlight and annotate (and so much more) in your e-books, too.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Ok—It’s not a textbook option, but this a great service, so we had to throw it in here.  Lowest Price Guarantee applies to in-store book purchases when another local brick-and-mortar store is selling the same version of a book, for a lower price. b&ncollege bookstores will match that price, making your textbook shopping convenient and hassle free. Ask a bookseller in your store for details on the program!

Which textbook option will you choose this semester? Tell us which is your favorite and why in the comments below.


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