College Car Matching Game

The car you drive says a lot about you and your personality– and according to an article by MSN, it can say a lot about the college you attend, as well. Take a look at this list of cars they deemed best suited for the following schools and tells us if you agree with their picks.

Touted by MSN as one of the three biggest schools in the country, you’ll fit right in at the Ohio State University with a Chevrolet Silverado 1500.


It makes sense to us for the Sunshine State to have a car that lets in a lot of natural light. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the top pick for the University of Florida.


Georgia Tech’s home city of Atlanta is at the heart of where country roads meet city streets, making their ideal vehicle one that can do it all. The Dodge Charger is the right fit for this southern school.


Playing on the engineering and technology-adoring student body of MIT, the Toyota Prius came out on top. These students are expected to like the ability to customize aspects of the car as well as the ever-improving technology.


Texas is one of the largest states, which MSN considered when choosing the Ford Fiesta SFE as their match for the University of Texas. The benefit of the 40-mpg gas tank is not lost on native Texans, who are accustomed to driving hundreds of miles and will appreciate the savings this fuel efficient vehicle provides.

For the complete list of colleges and their matching vehicles, see the full article.


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