Freaky Friday: The College of New Jersey

Despite its innocent and well-kept appearance, The College of New Jersey (formerly known as Trenton State College) is not exempt from its share of ghost stories. There are two well-known ghosts on campus and many students have described interactions with each.

The first and most well-known campus ghost is rumored to be the remaining worldly impression of a TCNJ (or rather, Trenton State) graduate student named Sigrid. Practicing the piano on the stage of Kendall Hall late one night, she allegedly met her death in a mysterious act of violence. Since then, students report hearing eerie music played late at night, even when no one is at the piano.

The second ghost is a familiar companion to many students whom reside in Norsworthy Hall on the far side of campus. According to an article in the TCNJ Campus Paper, The Signal, the building, specifically room #216, is haunted by the dormitory’s namesake, Naomi Norsworthy. Supposedly, she is known for moving furniture and knocking objects over, much to the dismay of several residents. Naomi graduated from the College in 1895 but sadly died of cancer before the age of forty.  Her spirit has roamed the halls of Norsworthy ever since.

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