Productive Procrastination

What’s your technique? Watching countless episodes of Friends? Taking a nap? Going for a run? We all procrastinate, it’s a fact of life. According to a Microsoft study, 16 hours of a 45 hour work week are “unproductive”. It seems as though the more we don’t want to do the work, the lower we will stoop to procrastinate. With that being said, procrastination doesn’t have to be a negative. No matter what your professor tells you, putting off your work can help you. It’s all about productive procrastination.

I’ve separated some productive procrastination techniques into three categories: Midterms, Term Papers, and Final Exams.

First, we start with Midterms: Cleaning your room is a great start to get ready for midterm cramming. After finishing you’ll be happier and have a much better space to work in. If you’ve already cleaned your room, or that doesn’t interest you, how about going for a run? You’ll feel better about yourself, and be more motivated having completed something. If that doesn’t interest you either, perform a social media audit on yourself. Take a look through your Facebook profile and get rid of those embarrassing pictures. Move over to LinkedIn, add some alumni in the industry you are going into, find your friends and relatives, and anyone you have worked with in the past. You really never know who is going to put you in touch with the person who will get you your next job or internship. Finally, head over to Twitter, follow all of your favorite celebrities and industry professionals.

Term paper productive procrastination: This procrastination type really centers around personal development, and can be a great help to college students.  Most studies recently have shown that when you go to get a job, there’s a very good chance your potential employer is going to do a quick Google search on you. Knowing this, you can use it to your advantage! Search yourself and see what you find. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the first links was a personal blog that featured your thoughts on the industry you hope to be employed in? Sign up for a simple blog on a site like WordPress and blog about things that interest you. Post the link on your social media sites and reply to any comments you may receive.

Final exam procrastination: For final exam procrastination, you have got to come out of it with something to show for your time– that means learning a new skill. Whether you start learning a language, learn to build your own website, or teach yourself some magic tricks, you need to pick something that is enjoyable.  Leave a comment to tell us what YOU learned while procrastinating!

Good luck!

~Dylan H., guest blogger, procrastination guru


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