Be Merry! Holiday Break Is In Sight

With things like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter distracting the modern college student, it seems impossible that anything else can be devised to detract our attention from studying. Then, the holiday season comes along with all of its glorious food, shopping, and general sense of merriment…What a great distraction.

There’s nothing like the first snow of the year to distract you from your study sessions. Here in cold and desolate Binghamton, NY (yes there is more to New York than just New York City… shocking), it’s been unseasonably warm for most of this winter so far. I think the sun even peeked out a few times, and temps have hit the low 60’s in November. You’d think that people would be rejoicing because of this, but we yearn for the snow. So when it finally started snowing not too long ago, dancing, snowmen and the always-popular guy-laughing-and-writhing-in-pain-from-sliding-down-hills-on-lunch-trays were in mass abundance. Having to stare at a finance textbook for hours on end while the fluorescent lighting in the library flickers overhead is not an encouraging alternative.

So how does one study in the midst of all this? I’d like to share a few tips with you all to ensure you maintain your sanity during the never-ending era known as FINALS WEEK.

1.)   Plan out your study schedule

It can be a little overwhelming when you first plot out your finals week. Take it one step at a time. Figure out when are the best times to study for each of your finals and which finals are going to require the most amount of nose-in-the-book time.

2.)   Don’t go at it alone

I’m not someone who typically likes to study with other people. Maybe it’s because I like to talk or that I get distracted easily, but I generally prefer studying alone. However, it still helps me to study with other people occasionally, especially when it is in a subject area in which you are not proficient.  If your friend can explain a concept to you, he is mastering his knowledge and you gain a good understanding as well. #Winning.

3.)   Plan out your study breaks

I’m not talking about surfing Facebook or “texting your friends for a half hour breaks.” I’m talking about doodling or taking a walk outside breaks. When I go online for a break, I always start out with a half hour and it always extends just a little bit longer. And then a bit longer after that. And a bit longer (you know where I’m going with this). Learn to take some offline breaks that have an endpoint so you can feel refreshed when you start your work again.

Also, call your family up during a break. It can be nice to hear your mom or dad’s voice during a high stress time, such as finals week. In addition, it reminds you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which brings me to my final tip.

4.)   Incorporate the holidays into your life during finals week

An occasional reminder of all the joy of the holidays will help you see through the difficult time at the end of the semester. I personally love putting on A Charlie Brown Christmas when I get home at night from a day of studying in the library. Decorating your room, putting a festive background on your computer, or listening to holiday jingles while you take a break are other little ways to remind you of all of the happy times and good food that lie ahead during your winter break.

~Guest Blogger Ethan Z., Binghamton University, Festive Finals Multi-Tasker


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