10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy

Renting just makes “cents” (pardon the pun!).

We know college students are on a budget and cutting costs is important!  So when we came across the Yahoo! Finance article, 10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy, we knew we had to share.  Since we offer textbook rentals, we understand that renting, rather than buying, presents an opportunity to save money.  Want a stunning dress to wear to a formal coming up? Planning a weekend camping trip but aren’t too happy about the growing costs? If you haven’t considered renting before, this article just might change your mind! We’ve highlighted a few items here but check out the full article for even more ideas.

Designer Dresses
Last January we blogged about renting all sorts of items (check it out here if you missed it!). A year later, we stand by all of our assertions, including getting all of your fashion needs for a fraction of the usual cost. Sites likes Wear Today Gone Tomorrow and Rent the Runway lend out dresses and accessories for up to 90% (yes, NINETY!) off their retail prices. Why shell out stacks of money for a dress you’ll wear once, when you can pinch pennies without sacrificing style?

Renting textbooks can save you OVER 50%!

College is expensive, but that doesn’t mean your textbooks have to be! Unless you plan to become very attached to that Advanced Cell Biology book (we won’t judge!), renting your textbooks is definitely an option to consider. Many Campus Bookstores offer textbook rentals that can help you save over 50%! During the semester, you get all the perks of buying a textbook without the financial commitment of doing so.

Camping Gear
Adding in financial responsibility doesn’t have to mean subtracting fun from your life! Fun weekend trips, like camping, don’t have to break the bank – especially when you can rent most of your gear! Sporting goods store, REI, offers a four-person tent for $55 for a weekend (that’s only $13.75 per person!). For those who camp only a few times a year, renting equipment is probably the best option.

For more items to rent instead of buy, check out the full article here! Is there anything that you prefer to rent? Post a comment and we’ll check it out!


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