January is “Get Organized Month” – Closet Edition

I once had a floor-mate who was a neat freak’s nightmare.  When it came to clothes,  her sweaters and blouses littered the floor and her jeans and coats were draped over any inanimate object in the room (I once found pairs of socks lining her bookshelf!). To call her dorm room a DISASTER would be a complete understatement. Despite all of this, she insisted that she knew where everything was and that she liked her room a complete mess. Still, I had my reservations about the “method” of her madness. I found myself chuckling quietly every time I saw her scrambling hurriedly on her way to class only to find that all of her clothes were either completely wrinkled or simply nowhere to be found. Perhaps I feel a little guilty for finding amusement in her confusion or maybe it’s just that I can’t resist providing you with one final installment to the January is “Get Organized Month” series, but today I am bringing you what will be your Go-To guide for organizing that closet of yours. Get your hangers ready!


Think Big, Start Small – Before you dive right in, take a good look at all the storage that can be used for clothes. Are you particularly pressed for space and should consider getting rid of some clothes? Do you have plenty of drawer space but are limited in terms of what can go on hangers? Take these issues into account and then tackle them one section at a time.


Divide and Conquer – This might take some time, but will pay off in the long run. Divide all of the clothes that you want grouped together into categories and then divide them even more specifically. For example, group together all of your pairs of pants and then divide them into pants that should go on hangers and pants that can be folded. You only have limited space to hang up your clothes and limited drawer space so you’ll want to determine which clothes can go where.  From there, make the groups even smaller – shorts, capris, leggings, jeans, etc. Placing similar pieces together will save you a great deal of time in the end because you’ll already know where to look.

It’s time to get your closet in tip-top shape!

Personalize your Methods – When hanging up your clothes, consider placing your smaller categories under three “umbrella categories” – Work/Dress Clothes, Casual Clothes, Going Out Clothes. For me, this makes it easier to locate particular items. But, find out what works for you and organize accordingly!


Timing is Everything – Being able to quickly locate wrinkle-free clothing will be a huge time saver in college.  When hanging your clothes, place them neatly one after the other so they are all pressed flat. Jamming them in your closet will just tangle the hangers and mess up the clothes. The same goes for clothes that will not be hung.  Neatly fold and place them within their categories in your drawers/shelves. Not only does this look less overwhelming, you won’t run the risk of needing an iron at the last minute! After you do a load of laundry, re-fold the clothes and place them back how they originally were.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed by the task in front of you, think how refreshed you’ll feel once everything is in order. Organizing your closet might seem overly meticulous and time-consuming, but the time saved in the long-run will be well worth it! Plus, you don’t really want people stepping or sitting on your favorite outfit, do you?

Don’t limit your newly discovered organizational skills to the month of January – use them year round! You’ll be amazed to find how much time and energy you’ll save by staying organized as best you can. Looking for more tips or just want to share an idea? Post a comment below!

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