The IT List: Bright-Eyed and Fresh-Faced

Brighten up and look alert.

In college, it seems we never have enough time or sleep. However, this doesn’t mean you have to step out without looking your best! With these quick and easy tips, you can roll out of bed and head to class without looking like you just woke up.

1. Brighten Up: Being a student often means late nights at the library and out with friends. Just because you’re tired, however, doesn’t mean you have to show it!  Give your complexion a warm glow with a luminescent highlighter (we love Benefit’s Watts Up!) on your cheeks and brow bones. You’ll look fresh-faced and ready…even for your early morning classes!






CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm





2. Ditch the Dark Circles: Late-night studying got you down? Ditch the under eye luggage that comes with being a night owl with this Anti-Puff Eye Roller from Garnier. Simply roll it under your eyes to get a bright-eyed and alert look at any time.

3. Beat the Bed Head: Struggling with a serious case of bed head and need a remedy ASAP? Why not try a dry shampoo? Simply spray over hair, wait a minute, and comb through. Formulas, like Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray, absorb the oils that make hair look greasy and leave hair looking freshly washed.

4. Flash your Pearly Whites: Looking happy is the best way to convince everyone – including  yourself – that you’re ready to take on the day! Perfect your grin with CoverGirl’s Award-Winning NatureLuxe Gloss Balm.  This lightweight sheer color (with SPF!) has just a hint of shine that will attract all attention to your best asset – your smile! Pick it up at select campus bookstores.

Think you’ll be trying out any of these tips? Let us know what regimen you use to keep yourself looking fresh in the comments below!

Written by Guest Blogger, Natalie B. – Indiana University’s Beauty Guru


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