Home for the Summer – How to Make it Work

All student think that by the time they get home from college, their parents will be anxiously  awaiting their arrival with new rules, curfews, and chores. I know that I am always excited to go home until I remember how – dare I say, persistent? – my parents can be about cleaning my room, walking the dog, and keeping a constant eye on where I am and who I’m with. With that being said, have we ever thought of our parents’ point of view and how they actually feel? Probably not. Perhaps it is time we put things in perspective and start seeing why they do the things they do.

Cabrini College posted advice on how to ease into living at home. Their number one thing to do was to simply pitch in. Is it really that difficult to clean up your own mess, take out the garbage, and do your laundry? We do it for ourselves at college, so why can’t we do it at home?

They also make a point to not forget about respecting your parents.  You may talk to your friends differently than you do your parents, so keep this in mind. When I asked my mom what bothers her the most when I come home from school she said, “You’re home with your parents, not your friends.  Adjust how you speak and speak with respect. It usually takes you a few weeks, but I guess you could be a lot worse…” I can’t deny this—it’s true.  Definitely something I could work on!

It can be a tough adjustment.  We all come home after months of complete freedom — no curfew, no nagging.  However, we need to realize and accept that there are rules when we come home. If we don’t agree with those rules, we should calmly talk to our parents.  I wasn’t happy about one thing – my curfew – so I made it a point to have that conversation in my house. The reasonable negotiation? “Call when you are going to be home late so we aren’t worried,” my parents said.  That’s not so bad!

I think my friend’s mom put it the best way.  I asked my friends’ parents on Facebook what we could do to be better college kids and here’s what Dawn had to say (well said):

What can we take out of all of this? Be respectful, help out a little, and spend time with your parents — they love you!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata


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