House Music Takeover

Kaskade at Syrucuse University.

Why does it seem like every time we go home and turn up our music, parents ask “what is this stuff”?  The new type of “stuff” that is blaring through college campuses is House Music and it seems like everyone is joining the craze. I remember it like it was yesterday– I was at a Armin Van Buuren concert and was left in awe. The music brought everyone together.  It didn’t matter who you were, what you were wearing, who you were with– the music made us all one.  An insane, high-tech light show, awesome beats and simple chorus…that IS house music.

My good friend and fraternity brother, Louis Ghanem, is a house music fanatic that is completely dedicated to the culture. Since he was 15 years-old, he has gone to every Ultra Music Festival, traveling from coast to coast to attend them.  “What makes Ultra, Ultra, is the fact that all the best DJ’s are in one place so you can experience their unique styles and go crazy and have fun all packed into 3 days…The excitement and the energy is like nothing else I have seen or felt, the light shows are just icing on the cake,” Louis said.


Armin van Buuren

More On House Music (Thank you Forbes!)

“House music originated in the clubs of Chicago in the early 1980’s, but hasn’t picked up steam in the US until now, according to Forbes.  Its popularity really grew in the UK and other parts of Europe back in 1999, according to boss DJ Armin Van Buuren. It’s now gaining traction in the US starting with David Guetta, a respected house DJ, who “wanted to close the bridge between Europe and America in the music industry”. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that this genre and David Guetta, Kaskade and a couple more DJ’s started to grow in the US, and Forbes Magazine pointed out its success for two reasons.   The first– improved technology.  DJ’s can now create multiple songs a day by saving beats instead of re-making them every time; they just pull them from list of tracks.  Also, with the help of recent social media, DJ’s are able to use Twitter and Facebook to sample new songs and announce new releases and show dates.  The second key was leveraging current popular musicians in promoting the genre.   Famous Artists and up & coming musicians would sing back up vocals in House songs and give their own unique flair.  This was a big part in making house music so popular in a short time.”  – from the Forbes article, House Music has Become a Global Phenomenon


Kaskade at Syracuse University.

You can see how popular House music has become with concert attendance doubling in size and adding show dates to fulfill demand for tickets. Some of the larger, more popular concerts include; Ultra in Miami, Electric Zoo in NYC, Electric Daisy in NYC and Vegas, Cosmic Opera ,Camp Disco in upstate NY, World Eclectic Music Festival (WEMF) in Canada, digital dreams in Toronto, Club Life College Invasion tour– not to mention all of the smaller, local concerts that are always going on. The Ultra concert is a crazy three-day outdoor festival that recently brought masses of college students to the beaches of Miami. Tiesto had a show in California at the HomeDepot center that, to him, was a normal concert – 26,000 of his close friends in attendance, but to everyone else was the largest one-man show in United States  history.

Colleges now bring DJ’s to their campuses to perform concerts.  Syracuse University had Kaskade perform for their annual Block Party Concert. I have noticed that websites such as used a house music tour to visit different campuses across the US. They called it The Black Out Tour (referring to the types of lights, of course) and it was a mind-blowing experience for everyone’s ears and eyes.  I would go to again in a heartbeat.

House music continues to grow on every college campus.  The possibilities are endless for this new genre of music, and I recommend you join the craze if you haven’t already.  At least give it a try—it might surprise you!

Written by Guest Blogger, Stephen Brooks


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